Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A lady worked in an office where mold/mildew was a serious problem. When I saw her she was feeling miserable with an allergic reaction which wouldn’t go away. Her eyes were red and runny, and she had to constantly wipe her red, runny nose. I could see that she had a respiratory infection, and that it was a “wet” condition. That calls for AL-C. So she used AL-C, 4 capsules 3 times a day for the allergic wet condition, and Echinacea and Golden seal capsules, 8 per day, for the infection. In a few days she was fine.
My experience: This winter I got home from a trip, and was very tired. I got a bad cold and my nose was constantly running down the back of my throat, causing it to feel very sore and raw. I was using infection fighting herbs, but thought maybe I’d try the Chinese ones for myself to see what would happen. I used the AL-C, since I had a wet condition. The first day, my nose stopped running down my throat, so my throat started to feel better in a matter of hours. I continued using my Echinacea and Golden Seal capsules for the infection, and got better quickly.
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12