Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heart and Circulation


The pamphlet has excellent information on the above, so I am just going to share with you my favorite products.
MC: This is by far to me the most important product I take. Without it I lose my stamina and strength. It helps not just the heart, arteries, and circulation, but it supports the adrenals. I have used it for maintenance for years at 4 per day. If I go hiking or doing something strenuous, I take more. I can hike all day when I use it. About a year ago I thought I should stop taking it for a while, so I did. About 5 days later I was doing physical work outside. After a few minutes I had to sit down. I had no stamina and strength to continue. I thought, “What in the world is the matter with me?” Then I remembered that I had stopped taking the MC. I went in and took some immediately, and about 40 minutes later was able to resume my work without any problem.
MC can be used as a base product for heart/artery/circulatory problems. If a person has a weak heart, it can be taken with Hawthorne for the heart muscle. (If the heart muscle is weak from taking statin drugs for high cholesterol, it must be used with additional COQ10, as high cholesterol drugs deplete the body of COQ10, leading to congestive heart failure. High cholesterol drugs are the leading cause of congestive heart failure.) If arrythmia is the problem, I would use MC, Hawthorne, and 4 or more per day of Magnesium Complex.
Posted by Carol Nilsson 3/12