Saturday, November 17, 2012

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I love to talk to people . I listen intently to what they say. As a matter of fact they are my “university, the “University of People” It is a university without walls ,not marred by any dogma , not corrupted by media nor influenced by any interest groups. The “University of People” teaches me the way it is . It is reality and it is truth . And so I have come to acknowledge it as my ultimate learning center . Often during my conversations with my university I take notes because some of the sayings I gather are so very profound. However my weakness is that often I neglect to write the names of the persons who shared their thoughts with me. Consequently I share their thoughts with you without due recognition of their names. I express my gratitude to all those who teach me every day the things I need to learn so as to help those in need. Thank you. Enjoy !
Your belief system can kill you.
The side effects of the Paw Paw program is good health.
Your sense of passion is compelling. By Glen
There is a new religion happening out there called “prevention”
You want your cancer to heal overnight. How long do you think it takes for an athlete to get a medal at the Olympics? By Jacquelyn
How can you have healthy babies if you , yourself are not healthy.
What do you want in your health. Write it down. Writing it down makes you think about it and moves you into action.
Esteem is making a difference for someone else.
Good health requires good food but today we don’t even know what “good food “ is.
Taking drugs today is a socially accepted behaviour in our culture. We just don’t know what we are doing . We’re on auto pilot. A concerned 24 year old man
Nobody teaches us health and the doctors tell us there are no other options. Sheena,
Media constantly bombards us with going to a doctor to get a drug or a supplement. I‘ve tried it and it doesn’t work. I am realizing it’s all fake. Sheena
It’s the quality of foods not the calories that count.
Regarding Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury “ This book is so wonderful.’ David
I purchased your book( Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury) and felt that I indeed had found the magic bullet. I am now one of your disciples and I spread the word whenever I can.
If you knew a heart attack would happen to you in 1 month how willing would you be to take your health to the next level today ?
You can choose to subsidize your illness or invest in your wellness.
IF you don’t have enough cholesterol then you don’t have strong cell walls. If you don’t have strong cell walls then fungus gets into these weak cell walls. Carol

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