Monday, February 8, 2021

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Monday Feb 8/2021

 Comments from Others

Hi Donna, I enjoy listening to your Monday Conference calls.  I would like to help my mother who has problems with her eyes and is at risk of losing her eyesight. I want to thank you for your eagerness to help and concern for others health and wellness, your cheerful positive attitude.  So thank you,  Bonnie

 Thank you for your love, wisdom, strength, and energy. HIl   

 I am enjoying the TAFYH program… my mom has noticed a ton of health benefits, so I am grateful she joined too. Her inflammation is down, her arthritis pain is gone, she is sleeping without aids and many other healthy changes are happening. Shelly

 Gratitude for learning about the Laws of Nature. Wendy TAFYH student’

 Gratitude for what I am learning which brings me confidence and control. Chad

Gratitude for making it through 2 weeks and feeling better and consistent results with blood sugar; Shawn

Gratitude that Health is something we do for ourselves not something that is done to us. Gayle

Gratitude that my blood pressure is now normal and I have lost a few pounds. Donna

 I am enjoying the TAFYH program… my mom has noticed a ton of health benefits, so I am grateful she joined too. Her inflammation is down, her arthritis pain is gone, she is sleeping without aids and many other healthy changes are happening. Shelly

 TAFYH team 60 has 5 people registered in it. There is one more spot if anyone on this call wishes to do TAFYH.

 What I Learn from Conversations

As you all know I talk to a lot of people during the week. Its really interesting what I learn from them. This week one lady started taking LBS11 for constipation and it made a difference. However the conversation was such that she thought she should not continue to take LBS11 because there might be some sort of danger in taking it. It amazes me the fear that people have about taking God given innocent herbs that have been proven to be effective since the beginning of time but with a prescription drug, well, that is all safe and that is okay. The reason a drug is a prescription is because it is dangerous. It is a poison and it has side effects. Yet as in Fay’s situation she took Synthroid for 20 years and no doctor ever questioned the Synthroid that was causing her to have chronic fatigue, depression, intestinal issues and breathing problems. Not one doctor!! Just this past week I talked to 2 women who are taking this drug and feeling ill, tired, bloated. Once again no one questions the drug. No one questions the doctor. These women ended up going to doctors, specialists and one lady went to 10 different ND.
So then I discover that ND’s are not allowed to tell anyone to question their prescription drugs. I am here to say they can poison you, Its called side effects!


Gastrointestinal Health credit goes to Steven Horne

The medical model is trained in treating diseases. You first get a diagnosis followed by prescribed codes for the right treatment. They are treating names. It just doesn’t work that way. What they don’t know is that 50% of the time it is a gastrointestinal problem. All chronic degenerative conditions are the result of a GI issue. There are actual marketing companies that come up with new names of diseases for new drugs.

It all starts with acid indigestion. So off to the drug store to purchase antacid pills. Pretty soon that does not work so off to the doctor to get acid blockers.

6 million Americans take antacids 2014

170 million Americans take acid blockers 2014

But neutralizing the acids does not solve the problem. The stomach secretes HCl for digestion purposes. Lack of HCl leads to poor absorption of minerals and proteins which of course results in structural issues. Stomach acids also control the bacteria that enters the digestive tract. With a lack of HCl there is no control of the bacteria and that leads to dysbiosis. It is way more common to have low stomach acids than too much stomach acid. The older you get the less stomach acid you have. Now note it takes zinc to make HCl! Everyone should be taking Zinc!

How do you know if you have low stomach acids?

If foods sit in the stomach

If there is acid indigestion

If there is gas, bloating and belching

Then you have lack of stomach acids HCl.


You are not absorbing your minerals.

You have too much bacteria in the intestines

You have an elevation of cortisol.

Solution is to take Protein Digestive Aids and Digestive Enzymes and have a glass of water with Lobelia. Take Zinc.

Drink Water with a pinch of salt.. The chloride in salt helps to make HCl.

Now what happens when you get an infection?

You take an antibiotic.

The antibiotic lowers your probiotic bacteria and the result is:

Leaky gut

With pain in multiple joints, chronic allergies, hives, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, food allergies, chemical sensitivities.

The antibiotic then crosses the blood brain barrier and you end up with leaky brain. The probiotic bacteria is totally robbed from the brain and the result is migraine headaches, brain fog, chronic depression.

With a total deficiency of probiotic bacteria, the end result is SIBO small intestinal bacteria overgrowth

Disease associated with SIBO are numerous:




B12 deficiency

Celiac disease

Chronic Fatigue






H Pylori Bacteria






Liver Cirrhosis


Fatty liver





Restless leg

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Take Probiotic 11 about 10 all at once for about 2 bottles. Then for maintenance take Bacillus Coagulans.

Take Protein Digestive Aids and Digestive Enzymes and have a glass of water with Lobelia. Take Zinc.

1.       Cat’s Claw

2.       Collatrim Plus

3.       ULC-R

4.       Berberine

5.       LBS11

6.       Berberine

7.       Probiotic

Do the Clean Start cleanse

Para Pak

Candida Clear



Historically, hawthorn has been used to both prevent and treat many cardiovascular disorders, either by itself or in combination with other herbs. It has been used for angina, cardiac edema, heart palpitations, congestive heart failure, irregular heart rate (arrhythmia) and problems with heart valves. Being a completely nontoxic food-grade remedy, it can be taken regularly by anyone who wishes to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease

In TCM hawthorn is a remedy for the spleen, stomach and liver meridians. It aids digestion and removes phlegm and stagnant food from the GI tract making it a remedy for dyspepsia, acid reflux, and stuffiness in the chest and abdomen.

Hawthorn can have a calming effect on the nervous system, especially in ADHD. Dr. James Duke cites evidence that hawthorn helps children to stay more focused and attentive

Hawthorn also has a mild diuretic effect and like many berries reduces inflammation. They contain magnesium and niacin, which are also helpful for reducing blood pressure and aiding circulation.;