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Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests

Monday, Feb 20/23

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TAFYH team 71; Completion Ceremony on Friday

Advanced TAFYH 30 participants.

Tidbits; Donna Roth

Guest Speaker; Maria, Stomach pain, spinal pain, shoulder pain: gone

Words of Interest from Carol

Q and A: Please send questions to Prostate Cancer


It is really exciting when a team completes TAFYH and they now realize how programmed they had become after years of relying on blindly going to a doctor and willingly accepting a prescription drug. No thinking, no investigating, no knowledge, no information; just dropping a sick body on the doorstep of a doctor and doing what he prescribes. All of a sudden in TAFYH you are plunged into taking action for your own health, for taking responsible action, for getting to know how the body needs you to feed it properly, and for becoming aware of miraculous God given herbs created for you to use. This knowledge is not available to anyone except through TAFYH. So today you will hear from Maria and her incredible results  and how grateful she is to have completed TAFYH, not just once but twice. I ask that you really pay attention to her words and to her genuine authentic presentation.


TAFYH Evaluation (by Gabriela)


I think the biggest AHHA moment of all was in Lesson 38 about Cancer. Learning that it can be cured and by understanding its concept helped me to see the simple solutions to a complex medical problem. The fact that stress and Emotional Injury are causes of Inflammation.. was mind-boggling! The Chinese Constitutional Elements, how each represent specific organs and how they all work harmoniously together. Understanding Hering’s Law of Cure, that we all are holistic being composed of body, mind and soul, that treatments should be non-invasive, nontoxic and should strive to re-establish balance and equilibrium to develop light in dark places. The power of Kidney Flush..amazing! Understating why Cholesterol is so important and that its origin is fat or lipid that the Liver produces. The Body’s 12 Meridians and their connection to all the organs… what an eye opener! Every nerve ending from every Organ and gland of the body meets in the eyes, feet and teeth, this made me appreciate the Importance to having our teeth checked, get rid of Mercury-filling and address root canal. I loved the lesson about Simple Self Tests and how we can create our First Aid Kit.


I loved it.. I wish it could have been longer.


It was amazing..I never learned so much in these 2 1/2 month..I enjoyed that in every Lesson there were always quotations from Doctors and Researchers. It reinforced my believe in Herbs and their healing power.


Excellent. Very organized and positive, I also enjoyed the fact that we could express ourself freely and ask any questions after. 


I appreciate that we were reminded every time by doing IONIC Breathing, exercising, eating the right foods etc.. This helped me not only to see the seriousness towards this course but also towards myself. 


We live in a world that is influenced by harmful elements such as 5G, ELF and EMF. Also the Air and Water is polluted, Fruits and Vegetables are without nutritional benefits. So choosing and eating the right foods along with the right supplements are so important.


I enjoyed reading them. It helped me to continue and to be more determined in achieving my goals.


I loved my TAG Team. They were of great support and helped me to be focused. I loved sharing with them what I learned.


TAFYH helped me to think outside the Box. It helped me to be confident and realize never let anybody make decision for my health. I want to express gratitude to you Donna for all your hard work, your knowledge and insight. Thank you for helping me and so many people to understand and benefit the law of Nature. I also appreciate Maria, Brian and Sharlene, it was so encouraging hear your comments and success stories. My goal is to make my vision Board become a reality and share the things i have learned with others. I wish you all love and blessings.

Warm regards


I receive so many words of gratitude and kindness for the work that happens here and for this I acknowledge you and honor you for recognizing what health really is. There is something very magical happening with our ever growing Advanced TAFYH team. To be a member of the Advanced team you must be a TAFYH grad where you have a solid background of the Laws of Nature as it applies to health. To date we have a team of over 30 participants that meet and study once a week for 2 hours. As a result of their commitment to their own health and to bettering the health of their loved ones and friends we are all noticing that there is an increase of the numbers of people who are coming forward to ask these TAFYH grads for information  on what to do do for certain health problems. Health does not come in a drug or a treatment. It comes from nutrition and herbs and changing your thought patterns. As a result these committed 30 are moving this work forward in leaps and bounds and the success stories are pouring in. I say thank you and I love it.

So today I thought I would share with you the work that has come across my desk this week. And I only chose a few because there are many that I respond to each day. I will share with you the protocols I have organized for different people.


Cat’s Claw, Silver, Minerals

 Cancer of the prostate, now in the lungs, liver, lymph, bones.

Drink those smoothies 3 times a day. He needs lots of energy to move out all those poisons. 

Chi  Tonic 2 oz each time

Collagen 1 scoop

Green Zone 1 scoop

Rejuvenaid- 1 stick

Lobelia 1 tsp

Paw Paw 2 


Take SilverGuard about 8 ounces a day or more if he can't swallow. 

Every 2 hours take:

Ultra Biome DTX in water and  Liquid LB extract 

I think there is Una D'Gato extract which is the same as Cats Claw Take about 2 tsp each time

Mega Chel 2 can be crushed up

Eat beef broth and chicken soup with lots of vegetables!! 



It is an infection of the intestinal tract.

Eat the right foods

Smoothie 3 times a day with each meal



Essential Liquid Minerals

Water and berries

Cat’s Claw 4 three times a day

UC3J 3 with each meal and 3 at bedtime.


Breast Cancer; Very ill after Chemo treatments

Smoothie 3 times a day to build 

Rejuvenaid 1to 2 stick

Green Zone 1 scoop

MCT powder 1 scoop

Flax Lignans 1 scoop

Solstic Energy 1/2 stick 

Aloe Vera 

Water 1 glass 

Take Cats Claw 4 three times a day

Pau DArco 3 three times a day

Eat meats, eggs fish yogurt unless there are allergies. 

Be sure the bowels are moving three times a day


Heart Problems

Drink lots of Chlorophyll and water

Hawthorn 3 capsules 3 times a day

CoQ10 3 a day

Eat the right foods.


Diarrhea Vomiting Stress

It happens in the morning.

It could be hiatal hernia so do the hiatal hernia pulldown exercise.

You can google it to find out how to do this.

Take Cat’s Claw combination for infection 3 three times a day

Take ULC-R for healing the stomach lining and addressing H Pylori bacteria.

UC3J 3 with each meal.

Have a smoothie

Collagen powder

Solstic Energy



Cream for a rash in the private areas

Pau D’Arco lotion is excellent

Itchy skin and rashes.

Pau D’Arco is a yeast killer and often those rashes come from Candida fed by sugar, starches, breads, grains, fruit juices.

I use it on my face as a face cream morning and night.

One lady walked into my office one day to tell me that her eye lids hurt because they were so dry. I said Pau D’Arco lotion and she immediately opened the tube and applied to her tender sore eyelids. The relief was immediate and she was so very grateful.


Itchy Everywhere, possibly from the Shot

Arginine Plus to bind the spike proteins.

Artemisia 7 first thing in the morning and maybe 7 at night for parasites

Pau D’Arco capsules 12 a day for cleansing the blood of Candida yeast.

Pau D’Arco lotion applied to the itchy skin.

UltraBiome DTX 1 stick with a tall glass of water four times a day to clean the heavy metals.


Pain in the Right Side; possible GB

This was an emergency call and this person had no products at home to work with.

I recommended a Castor Oil pak. Castor Oil can be purchased anywhere at a store.

She took about an ounce or two of the Castor Oil on a towel and put it on her liver area right side.

She then placed a heating pad on that area and left on all night.

The pain relief was almost immediate.

The next day she did the Gall bladder flush and passed a huge gall stone that was the size of a big marble. This woman has now done 4 GB flushes, It takes more than one flush to dissolve a big stone.

The stones do not move out until the stones are dissolved. The doctor however told her that a stone may be stuck in the bile duct. I say NO Way to that response. The body has an incredible sense of wisdom that few people recognize. No gall stones move out unless they are dissolved.

 Prostate Cancer Program

No sugars, no grains, no cereals, no legumes, no dairy, no peanuts, no alcohol, no pop, no junk food, no fruit juice, no fruit except for berries and apple

Eat meats grass fed, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, vegetables, seeds, berries, avocado , coconut oil

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Rejuvenaid 1 scoop 

Yellow: Flax Lignans binds toxic xenoestrogens. 2 scoops each time

Blue: water and frozen berries

Green : Green Zone Ultimate  1 tablespoon

Solstic Energy ½ stick

With meals:

Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day

Saw Palmetto conc. 1 with each meal

Herbal Pumpkin 3 twice a day

Paw Paw 2 /3 times a day

Zinc 4 a day


Take 1 scoop Collagen with hot water before bed.


Address the mercury fillings. No antibiotics to be used. Use Cat’s Claw and Silver Gel on the teeth.

Body temperature: take your BT first thing in the morning. Average : 98.6 F or 37C

Do the One Day Prostate Flush once a week for about 5 months

One Day Prostate  Flush

1 glass water with lemon and Arginine Plus ½ scoop

1 Men’s Formula, 2 MC, 2 K, 1 Horsetail

1 hour later

1 glass of water and Chlorophyll 1 T

1 Men’s Formula, 2 MC, 2 K, 1 Horsetail

By then end of the day you will have taken 10 glasses of water with 10 K, 10, Men’s Formula, 20 MC, 10 K-C

On the day of the cleanse you only have Smoothies and eat right and do not need to take any other supplements.

 Diaper Rash

One baby ended up with a severe diaper rash. Mother applied Silver Shield Gel to the area about 5 times a day and gave the baby Silver Shield 1 tsp 2 times a day along with 2 Acidophilus. The diaper rash disappeared within 8 hours.

I have received many testimonials regarding Silver Gel for diaper rash.

 Crohn’s Disease

No sugar, no wheat, no yeast, no pop

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic -1 ounce 2 times a day

Cat’s Claw -4 capsules 2 times a day

UC3-J – 3 capsules 3 times a day

Flax Hull Lignans 2 scoops a day