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Fear Moves You Into Dogma Thinking

Thyroid Meds Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

The Power of Psyllium Hulls

Success Stories: Colitis Diverticulitis,

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Hello Donna, 

I just want to send a quick personal message to say I am very grateful for the knowledge/products you share at the potlucks and I am still amazed at the divine timing/connection, swept me back to my mid 20 something self. I love/d nature's sunshine products, I took scullcap for months to deal with neuralgia and anxiety/panic attacks back then  and it was amazingly helpful. I learned of the products through a friend back then. 

I just couldn't make a living off it where I lived at that time (very small town). But, with you representing it, reminded me of the passion I had for natural healing and nature cures back then. 

 I've always known we have more control between nature, our thoughts and behavior (which is itself one of the reasons I went into mental health). I just wanted to say thank you. Your knowledge is so helpful to me and many others, and I am scheduling your call next week, hoping nothing else comes up to derail my schedule! 

You're am amazing lady, I am so grateful to have met you and learn from you through all this! 



 We are living in a day when good is seen as bad and bad is seen as good. Herbs also known as plants with all their nutritious qualities, all their incredible natural actives all created perfectly to be used for our healing is something we are afraid of. To bring it further to your awareness these herbs have been used for centuries very successfully for all kinds of ailments. On the other side of the coin, drugs are seen as good yet there is no nutritious value to any drug, it is a prescription, it does have side effects and it does cause inflammation in the body as the body recognizes it as a poison. How did your mind ever come to this point of thinking that drugs are good and safe and herbs are dangerous? I think I can answer this question using one word. FEAR! Fear is the driving factor. If the white coat authority prescribes it than our belief system accepts it willingly without fear even though the consequences can cause further serious health problems. But to take responsibility for your own health is a scary thing to do. With that kind of thinking we have become trapped; more dangerously we have become controlled; put into a box of dogma thinking!

Plato rightly stated that “ignorance is the root of misfortune”, and as long as we remain ignorant of the fact that all too often those who claim to protect us from fear are actually manipulating our fears for their own benefit, then we will be contributing to the misfortune of the world through our ignorant compliance.

All Medications Have Side Effects:

WARNING: Thyroid medication increases your risk of breast cancer by: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers | March 20, 2023

(NaturalHealth365)  Today roughly 27 million Americans, 80% of them women, suffer from “thyroid disease” (a.k.a. hypothyroidism), 14 million in the form of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is also an autoimmune condition.  In addition, an estimated 43,800 new thyroid cancer cases were diagnosed in 2022.

Exactly why there is an epidemic of hypothyroidism in this country can span many subject areas, including public policy.  What doesn’t get enough air time, however, is what happens to most individuals after they receive a diagnosis of thyroid disease.  The truth is that most are prescribed thyroid medication with dire consequences.

Synthetic drugs should never replace natural ways of regulating the thyroid, including nutrition, stress management, and supplementation – especially the use of iodine.  Unfortunately, most doctors are all too happy to write a prescription for the most common thyroid medication out there – Synthroid.  Plus, the biggest mistake, most physicians never test for common underlying issues, such as iodine deficiency.

Thyroid medication becomes a “best-seller” drug

It is no wonder that Synthroid, produced by AbbVie, is the most prescribed medication in the nation, with millions of people currently using it.  Proponents of the drug say that it mimics the body’s natural production of thyroxine (T4).

A further look, however, suggests that Synthroid (i.e. levothyroxine) may not be all it’s cracked up to be.  First of all, there are the known side effects, which include:

Synthroid Side Effects 

fast or irregular heartbeats;

chest pain, shortness of breath;

fever, hot flashes, sweating;

tremors, or if you feel unusually cold;

weakness, tiredness, sleep problems (insomnia);

memory problems, feeling depressed or irritable;

headache, leg cramps, muscle aches;

feeling nervous or irritable;

dryness of your skin or hair, hair loss;

changes in your menstrual periods; or

vomiting, diarrhea, appetite changes, weight changes.

 Synthroid is not the same as thyroxine (T4) – a hormone that is produced naturally in your body; in terms of structure and function, the two are vastly different.  Synthroid’s synthetically-produced T4 may actually be blocking the body’s natural use of thyroxine.  The synthetic version competes with natural T4 hormones for cellular receptor sites.

Finally, Synthroid only replaces T4 hormones.  Many people have a hard time converting the synthetically-produced T4 hormone to T3.  T3 conversion can also be hampered by factors such as selenium deficiency, low omega-3 fatty acids, low zinc levels, environmental toxins, and mental/emotional stress.

The worst consequence of long-term thyroid medication use, however, is its direct link to cancer, especially breast cancer.

A study conducted by Ferdinand-Sauerbruch Hospital in Wuppertal, Germany, found that women taking thyroid medication were twice as likely to develop breast cancer as women who were not taking synthetic thyroid hormone replacement.  What’s more, 20% of the women who had taken this medication for 15 years or more had developed breast cancer.  Those who had taken it for 5 years had only a 10% incidence of breast cancer.

Concerned about breast cancer?  Don’t become iodine deficient

There was a study conducted where one group of women were given iodine and the other Synthroid for goiter problems. After four months, the iodine-therapy group had normal-sized thyroid glands, while the Synthroid group saw their goiters return to pre-treatment levels.

There is a direct link between low iodine levels, hypothyroidism, and breast cancer.  This is because the mammary glands have a “trapping system” for iodine, just like the thyroid gland does.  Glands in the breasts compete with the thyroid gland for needed iodine.

90% of the world’s population is iodine deficient.  Less iodine in the body equals less iodine for hormonal distribution in both the breast area and the thyroid. We should be asking why? Here is the shocking answer.

 It was once commonplace for bread manufacturers to supplement their dough with iodine. In the 1960s, that practice was eliminated, and bromide, a highly toxic substance that is known to directly affect the thyroid gland, was substituted instead.  Is it any wonder that the incidences of thyroid-related conditions, especially Hashimoto’s, have skyrocketed over the last fifty years and that the rates of breast cancer in the U.S. also went from 1 in 20 to 1 in 8 during this same time period?

The good news is that when your body is receiving enough iodine to do its job, depleted systems can become vibrant and healthy again in a relatively short period of time. Of course I believe the best wasy to get iodine is from herbal supplements. The products, Kelp, Spirulina and Black walnut are high in iodine.

 Psyllium Hulls is the most popular mucilaginous plant known in the herbal world. What makes it so popular. According to Mark Pedersen author of Nutritional Herbology Psyllium has all kinds of amazing chemical constituents namely astringent compounds, bitter compounds and mucilaginous compounds  that make it a very valuable herb in cleansing the intestinal tract of yeast debris also known as Candida yeast. The bitter compounds  tighten and tone the intestinal tract and it has active alkaloids give it the power to clean out that Candida yeast toxicity and pull out the toxins that raise cholesterol levels. It is known to increase peristaltic activity in the bowels and to slow down transit bowel time to bulk up as in cases of diarrhea.

In India Psyllium is used as a diuretic and in China it is used to lower high blood pressure and to treat blood in the urine. So I ask why is there no transparent information on Psyllium in North America?

 Marvene has been able to help others who suffer from colitis and diverticulitis. Her diet program includes no citrus, no milk, no tomatoes and no wheat. Her herbal program includes Nature Sunshine Psyllium Hulls 1 teaspoon/ 2 times a day with lots of water, Golden Seal combination, Acidophilus, Slippery Elm and Vitamin A&D (Cod Liver Oil). She uses Chromium GTF to keep the sweet cravings down. This program works every single time to stop diarrhea and to overcome the doubling over gas pains.

Here is another great story I want to share.

 In December of 2013 S was not feeling himself. His energy was down . He had a hard time keeping up to the required work needed to be completed in the cabinet business he owned. He had bouts of diarrhea which he thought might be caused by the amount of vegetables he was eating. Things were not right and he became worried. This is when he went to see his doctor. A CAT Scan showed there were restrictions in the lower intestine and that 20 cm of the intestinal wall was dangerously thickened and inflamed. The doctor prescribed medications. S was one of those thinking type of guys and he was a bit concerned about the side effects of taking medications. Besides he had seen how his brother had suffered with the same type of intestinal problems taking those medications and then having a portion of his colon surgically removed. In S’s mind perhaps there was another option. S opted not to take medications and told the doctor he would try to change his diet first to see if that would make a difference. The doctor approved with a warning that if S waited too long than a bigger gun might be needed in the future. That is when the search began. S’s wife heard of Donna Roth from a friend and decided that maybe this might be the alternative.

On April 28/14 S and his wife came to see Donna Roth who did a BSQ, and put together a program for Sid Sid agreed to be totally committed to the program. He changed his diet and eliminated all grains, legumes, dairy and sugar. He made Smoothies with Chi Tonic, Collagen and Solstic Energy. He took Psyllium Hulls with water daily. To clean out the infections and the inflammation S took Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day and to clean the blood S took MC 4 twice a day. Within a short period of time the stools became regular. Where S used to drink about 8 to 10 cups of coffee a day he now was only drinking 1 ½ cups a day. He was now drinking water and eating carrots and celery for snacks. He found that his energy was now restored and he was able to keep up to the demands of the piece work in his business.  Sid was happy to report that he jumped on this program immediately and that he now feels a great success to the healing of his colon. S's wife's comments stuck with me,

We can’t afford for Sid to have surgery with loss of bowel, loss of life and loss of income.”

Often times we think herbs are too expensive but think of the expense of the loss of income S might have had to undergo if he had chosen not to do the herbal program. Expensive is cheaper in this case.

I also  think of Diane diagnosed with MS. This is what she writes. “During the last crisis 1991-2, for over the next 18 months I took over 30 different products at different times. You need to start somewhere. Just trust them the herbs and your practitioner and use the tools like  the Body Systems Questionnaire to help you decide which ones to use.” It took Diane 18 months to regain her health, to be out of her wheel chair and to walk in high heeled shoes once again. She relied on Psyllium Hulls, Cascara Sagrada and Black Walnut extract  daily. She writes this:

C: cleanse with

Psyllium Hulls - bowel, bulking

Cascara Sagrada - to help achieve 3 bowel movements daily - bowel, improve peristalsis action

Black Walnut Extract - 1/2 dropper, 3 times/day – bowel

Headache; Dean

Dean shared Rejuvenate as a remedy for a headache caused by sore muscles.  Within 30 min he had relief.

In relation to Rejuvenate, Paul stated a competitor swimmer he knew always had beet juice before a competition. 


 Diabetes: Shannon

Shannon shared that a fellow TAFYH student  who started her program in March/2023 started with a blood sugar of 11 and it is now 5.2. 

Her TAFYH student eliminated all white foods and continued her TAFYH protocol.

Smoothie every day

Chi Mineral Tonic


Solstic Energy



Take Cat’s Claw every day

Take Psyllium Hulls with water and Chlorophyll

Take LBS11 as many as needed to move the bowels twice a day.


Sinus Congestion: Ewa

Ewa had a friend with long term sinus troubles.

Ewa had her infected root canals extracted.

The dentist has done bone grafts, but the implants came out. 

Ewa faithfully took SN-X in high dose and Cat's Claw Combination with Silver Guard.

She eliminated all white foods and had super food smoothies every day.

Her smoothies: Essential Liquid Minerals, Arginine Plus, Flax Hull Lignans, Collagen and Solstic Energy.

Her sinuses cleared up and she can breathe freely.

Even  her dentist was surprised.


Constipation: Shannon

Shannon has a neighbor who has dementia along with having a problem with constipation.

He had not had any movement for over a week.

Shannon introduced him to LBS11. 

He reported back that “an animal had been released!”

He is now regular and will continue to take LBS11.

 He has also added Zerenity for his anxious episodes.


Root Canals; Infection, Stroke; Donna

Donna spoke of a TAFYH Grad, Susan, who was reluctant to get her root canals extracted.

Going to the dentist terrified her.

Then I got the phone call. Susan was in the hospital. She had a stroke.

Susan then did the Oral Chelation Program taking MC, Super Oil and Smoothies every day.

Donna reminded her that her root canals needed to be extracted.

Susan called Donna 1.5 weeks ago and shared that she was terrified of the procedure.

But Donna encouraged her and asked Susan to call different dentists to find one she would be comfortable with.

Donna clearly stated No Antibiotics!  Cat's Claw was taken prior to the procedure and on the day of the root canal extraction.

Cats Claw and Silver were taken after the procedure. 

Saturday last week Susan sent a text stating that she had her root canals extracted.! Everything went well.

She was very excited and was in no pain.

Donna asked her, “Was there an infection?” The answer was yes. 

100% of the time when root canals have been extraction an infection was witnessed.