Monday, March 6, 2023

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 From the Desk of Donna Roth March 6/23

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Transforming the Health of Nations

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TAFYH team 72 with 7 very dedicated participants is well on the way.

Registrations for TAFYH team 73 is now happening  for April. 3 registrations so far.

Guest Speaker, Maria; TAFYH grad; Can now open a jar! Pain in gone! Great energy

Test Your Thyroid at Home: Herbals for the Thyroid

Foods to Eat

Words of Interest by Carol

Q and A

 Quotes from TAFYH Grads:

In the past I found it difficult to get a good understanding of the full potential of the supplements but with Donna’s program she explains the supplements in detail and relates the use of the products to real life experiences. This course has brought me a newfound confidence. Janine

. I am empowered to make better choices concerning my health and can help my family and friends with the knowledge I have gained.  I am forever grateful to Donna Roth for her efforts in educating the public and arming us with truth. Storm

Donna is a superb coach and instructor.  Having the team on time and engaged was effective and energizing.  Expressing daily gratitude, motivating testimonies was especially effective.

Choose every day to stay in the path of health following the Laws of Nature to avoid the path of deception that permeates our daily lives.

Donna – you are an incredible coach and inspiration.  Thank you for making a difference in so many people’s lives.  I feel this is just the beginning.  Truly an amazing course. Rose

Maria is our guest speaker this evening. She has done the TAFYH course twice and has some amazing success stories to share. Maria is also in Advanced TAFYH.


I have witnessed so many women who have taken Synthroid for years and it appears that there are no side effects. Do not be fooled. Those side effects are very subtle and you have no idea that the symptoms you are experiencing are related to the side effects of the thyroid medication you are taking. I remember very well how one of my clients, Fay suffered from extreme fatigue for 10 years. She was then diagnosed with a rare type blood cancer and given a year to live. She had gone to many different doctors, medical doctors and naturopathic doctors and not one doctor checked her Synthroid medications. Fay had taken this medication for over 20 years. I heard how she told me she never experienced side effects from it. Her energy was so low that her voice had no power. She talked in a whisper to tell me she did not think it was the Synthroid. How wrong that assumption was. Her side effect was the loss of voice and the extreme fatigue she was experiencing. The program I recommended was a smoothie 3 times a day with Rejuvenaid, Chi Mineral Tonic, Green Zone, Zambroza, Collagen, Flax Lignans, and Solstic Energy. I also included some herbals like Pau D’Arco to clean the blood. In 10 days she called me back with a voice that was audible and she had her energy back.

Then I also want to tell you about the number of women that get breast cancer and then I discover they are taking Synthroid. I remember working with Maria diagnosed with breast cancer and yes, she had her breast surgically removed and she was told that there was aggressive cancer. When there is aggressive cancer it is because something is poisoning you. And you guessed it. She was taking Synthroid for many years.  Maria was able to wean off the Synthroid and she followed my program diligently until her cancer was gone. It took a year on the program. Here is what Maria said.

I now feel better than ever and am continuing my program with Donnas’ help and encouragement.  I have lost a lot this year, my breast, my teeth, and my faith in the medical profession.   But I have also lost 40 lbs which will help me recoup and be better than ever.  I have learned a tremendous amount in how our body works, what is best for it and how we can make major improvements in our lives.  I look at food in a different way and my aim is to be in the best of shape ever.

What can you do to raise your thyroid energy levels and thereby raise your body temperature levels? 


rapid heartbeats, insomnia, hair loss

Magnesium about 6 to 8 a day

STR-C to regulate the heartbeat. Take about 2 twice a day

CoQ10 about 3 capsules a day

Hawthorn. About 4 capsules a day

Master G Formula about 4 a day



Feeling cold, weight gain

Potas about 6 a day

MC 4 twice a day

KC-X 4 twice a day


Eating the right foods to raise your body temperature is critical.



Foods to Eat

As you are now well aware I am a fan of Dr Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell from the Weston Price Foundation. They authored the book, The Contagion Myth Why Viruses ( Including Corona Virus) are Not the Cause of Disease. I have addressed the topic of : There are no viruses, many times and you can go to and click on Teleconference Calls and listen to past archived presentation that I have done on this topic ! I am not going to talk on this topic in this session but I do want to reiterate that viruses do not kill people, that no virus in history has ever been isolated the reason being is that a virus if there is one must have a non-living or toxic host. I want to say thank you for those germs that keep our environment clean. Imagine the cesspool of stagnant debris if there were no such things as germs to clean that up for us. Germs clean up our lakes, rivers, air, soils, and our inner bodies. But we must also take responsible action to feed our bodies and provide our stem cell carpenters with the nutrient materials needed for healthy cell repair. You are in fact in charge of your inner genes and not as propagandized in society where we are taught that genes are in charge of you. You can take control of your inner genes and you need proper foods provided for us in Nature. So today I want to talk about Foods To Eat.

Avoid margarine; use butter

Avoid cooking oils; use lard or bacon fat

Avoid Cool Whip; use real whipping cream

Avoid processed snacks; eat natural raw milk cheese and artisan salami

Avoid French fries; make your own with lard

Avoid wheat pizzas; make your own using coconut flour

Instead of commercial baked goods make your own with eggs, butter, natural sweeteners

Instead of soft drinks enjoy, kombucha. Kefir, Solstic Energy and efferent bubbly water. I make my own.

Instead of candy eat fresh fruit

Instead of breakfast cereals make a cereal with seeds soaked in hot water overnight.

Avoid processed white salt ; use grey or pink salt instead

Purchase your eggs from the farmer’s market

Purchase grass fed meat from a farmer

Eat liver and other organ meats

Avoid farm fish and eat wild fish instead

Eat raw sauerkraut and homemade pickles with grey salt.

Have a nutrient dense smoothie to get your vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients; This comes from Nature Sunshine: Collagen powder, MCT oil, Green Zone powder, Zambroza, Essential Liquid Minerals