Monday, March 30, 2020

Teleconference Call March 30/20

Teleconference Call March 30/20
What is corona virus? Pradan did a scientific study to discover what it is.
It is a positively charged spike protein which is missing an electron. The scientific work done by Pradhan et. al.’  showed the unnatural coronavirus HIV-1 spike protein was positively charged. The spike protein “inserts have a high density of positively charged residues.”
Knowing that  virus is a positively charged protein what could prevent it from attaching to your body tissues? What does Dr. Horowitz say about this?
Summarily, “to prevent and cure virus infections, the virus may be naturally oxidized by certain electro-negative nutrients, supplements, and/or water electrons delivering ‘ORPs meaning oxidation reduction potential’. The covalently-bonded ‘reducing electron’ in water pulls away from the oxygen atom to neutralize the coronavirus’s positively-charged (i.e., ‘polarized’) spike protein attachment mutation that has been bio-engineered for human-to-human transmission. This disables the main mechanism for COVID-19 bioweapon infection.”
What is it that causes oxidative stress in the tissues of the body thereby potentially attracting a virus to bond to the tissues?
Eke et. al. demonstrated that consumption of microwaved foods resulted in a significant decrease in antioxidant protection.
Dr. Jernigan says we are eating energetically dead foods.
According to Kivrak et. al., “Oxidative stress occurs if the antioxidant defense system is unable to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals. Several studies have reported that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body.” (13)
What are the supplements that can neutralize the corona viruses positive charge?
1.       Nano-particle Silver
Micro-fine silver particles have been covalently-bonded to the covalently-bonded oxygen in water. The 47 electrons in a silver atom enables covalent-bonding with a ‘cloud’ of oxygen atoms. This ‘oxygen cloud’ is ideal for neutralizing positively-charged (gram negative) pathogens such as the coronavirus.
2.       Chlorophyll
 As studied by Hsu et. al. (3), the ‘chlorophyll a’ molecule consists of a porphyrin ring chelating a Mg atom. Chlorophyll a is highly hydrophobic. This polarity (i.e., electromagnetic differential) allows this molecule to incorporate into biological lipid membranes. Chlorophyll a, and its partner ‘chlorophyll b’, are photosensitive light energy electron harvesting pigments “with special electronic properties.” These properties include electron resonance and unique frequency signature memory. This pro-life energy transfers to the oxygen these molecules produce. This makes chlorophyll remedial (virtually medicinal) for a variety of ailments, including viral infection.
Chlorophyll reduces or neutralizes  the positive charge on the virus’ HIV-1 spike protein, thus precluding the transfer of genetic material from the virus to the host.
oxygen donates electrons to “reduce” the positive charge on electron-deficient viral membranes.

3.  Vit D 3
[A]t least 1,000 different genes governing virtually every tissue in the body are now thought to be regulated by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25[OH]D), the active form of the vitamin [D], including several involved in calcium metabolism and neuromuscular and immune system functioning.” (15)
4. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an excellent source of electrons for free radicals that are seeking out an electron to regain their stability. Vitamin C can donate electrons to free radicals and quench their reactivity.”
5. Zinc
Additionally, zinc supplementation, especially in the elderly, decreases infections, oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines, and the severity and duration of common coronavirus colds. (26)
Prasad reported, “Zinc supplementation . . . decreased generation of inflammatory cytokines. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are important contributing factors for several chronic diseases attributed to aging, . . .” Pursuant to respiratory infections, zinc is very effective in decreasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) that contributes to mucous build-up.
6. Fermented Foods
F oods containing TRX include those fermented with yeast, including yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kentative and curative treatments that fir, tempeh, and kombucha. This is where is Probiotic 11 would come into play.
Strengthen your immune system with  oxidizing electrons as in anti-oxidant molecules such as vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc, and chlorophyll.
Nutritionally and environmentally altering body chemistry this way, making available more anti-oxidants to neutralize the positively-charged pathogens, is crucial in preventing and overcoming infections.
Last week we had a wonderful insight from Dr. Cheryl regarding fear. This week I would like to address fear. I would like to start by sharing a quote from Dr Horowitz.
Dr. Horowitz :Their( media)  messages induce a completely irrational socio-political psycho-drama response driven by the fear of death. ‘FEAR,’ in this case, is an acronym for “false evidence appearing real.” The fear of virus infections is disproportional to the actual risk to ‘normal’ healthy people
Given that that “germ is nothing; and the terrain is everything,” civilization’s response to COVID-19 is completely irrational and unreasonable, being disproportionate to the actual threat.

Now I am going to share Mary Holland’s words.
Who is Mary Holland? She is an attorney that presently writes articles for Children’s Health Defense founded by Robert F Kennedy Jr.
Holland has fought long and hard in the vaccination choice and safety movement. In the last fifteen years, she has co-written and edited two books, Vaccine Epidemic and The HPV Vaccine on Trial, and co-founded two non-profits, the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and the Center for Personal Rights.

It is interesting that we have been lead to fear corona virus when in fact the following as stated by Mary Holland was happening.
According to the August 2019 Gallup poll below, before the crisis, the healthcare industry, the federal government, and the pharmaceutical industry were at the very bottom of the public’s esteem. Negative perceptions ranged from minus 48% for healthcare, minus 52% for the federal government, to a stark minus 58% for pharma. The only other sector in negative territory was the advertising and public relations industry, also represented at the Event 201 table.
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer.
The pharma-driven opioid epidemic caused drug overdose deaths to skyrocket, with the financial cost of the opioid epidemic from 2015-18 at $2.5 trillion, not to mention the human cost of over 500,000 lives;
The pharmaceutical industry paid $35.7 billion in penalties to federal and state governments in recent years for a wide range of illegal activities. Despite civil and criminal fines, no pharma senior executive has gone to jail. Fines were simply the cost of doing business.
The federal government failed to hold corporate actors accountable in the aftermath of the 2008 recession, with a sole executive sent to jail. People lost homes, livelihoods, businesses, pensions and suffered for a decade.
Remarkably, the pandemic seems to have pushed a “global reset” button. Pharma and biotech companies are racing to produce new coronavirus vaccines, with the expectation that the world’s population will clamor for them. Media follows the healthcare sector’s every move, creating genuine heroes among the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers on the frontlines. Even this Administration, long plagued by low popularity ratings, has reached its highest approval rating ever.
Finally I have my own personal remarks regarding fear. This may not be accepted by everyone on the call but I ask that you set aside your own personal beliefs and just listen so you can learn why I am not personally afraid.
Many years ago when I was a teacher of elementary school children there was a certain protocol what we were required to follow as a start to our day. Our day started with signing O Canada , saying the Lords prayer and then reading a Bible story. There was a specific board approved Bible we read from.
So today I am sharing a powerful Bible story to provide you with some insight regarding fear especially after hearing the words of Mary Holland; Pharma and biotech companies are racing to produce new coronavirus vaccines, with the expectation that the world’s population will clamor for them. They are hoping that Fear of the corona virus will condition people to line up for the vaccines or the drugs.
So here is my story in my own words and I am not saying it is accurate. Its just what stands out for me. This is a story about Moses. Moses was the prophet who led the Israelites  out of Egypt and out of slavery. God told Moses that there was a Promised Land prepared for them, a land of Milk and Honey. In preparation for entering this land Moses sent out 12 of his men to spy over this land to see what needed to be done. These men did as Moses asked them to do. They returned with amazing huge grapes, figs and pomegranates. Yes it was a very desirable land, a land of milk and honey, a fertile land loaded with all kinds of fruits and foods .
Ten of these men returned with the following report: Yes it was a fruitful land but the land was full of giants who are much stronger than we are. As a matter of fact, the giants are so big that they make us all look like grasshoppers. It was a land to fear. The giants would all destroy them. Note the vision that these men created for the people. A vision of fear, a vision of no hope,
Two of the men namely Joshua and Caleb reported something entirely different. Their report was an encouragement to go into the land, a land of beauty, of promise, a land of milk and honey. They had no fear. These 2 men reported that they were certain that they could overtake this land and overcome any difficulties that may arise. This was a totally different perception than the one reported by the 10 spies.
Whose report won the hearts of the Israelites. It was the one of the giants, the fear. The consequence was that the Israelites remained wondering in the wilderness for another 40 years. By this time Moses had passed on as did the other 10 spies. It was Joshua and Caleb that led the Israelites into he land of promise, the land of freedom.
This story teaches us a powerful lesson about not succumbing to a fear that has been created by someone else’s intention. Fear false evidence appearing real.
It is not a vaccination that will save you. It is not a drug that will save you. These are all genetically engineered in a lab by the hand of man. They are energetically dead. It is for you to  know that your body is created to heal. All you have to do is eat energetic live  foods,  electrically charged, foods that raise your body temperature, take herbs and chlorophyll and supplements that can overpower weak viruses. This is something I have been promoting for the last 35 years. It still has not caught on. But every cloud has a silver lining. Perhaps the masses in this pandemic with all their time  are now turning to lending us an ear and turning to our Herbal Solutions, solutions that have always been there. Today I gave you the solution to the presentf virus, not any different than the solution to cancer.
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