Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of Corona virus by Dr Jane Orient

Dr Jane Orient president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Author of Your Doctor is Not In; Health Skepticism about National Healthcare

The Don’ts
Don’t Panic
Take out and drive through places are booming.
The Nature’s Sunshine business is booming.
Don’t’ rush out and get a flu shot
There is evidence both from earlier SARS epidemic and lab research that a flu hsot can make COVID 19 worse. Like so many things with medicine we have to play the odds.
Don’t go to the emergency room or urgent care unless you are severely ill. If you have the flu or a cold or COVID 19 and don’t need an IV fluids or oxygen they can’t do anything for you.
Don’t demand to be tested and rely on the results.
The tests are in short supply and not very accurate. If you are at low risk a positive test is likely to be a false positive. And if you are infected the test may be negative at first. We need much more testing mainly for public health monitoring.
The Do’s
Do prepare to take care of yourself and your family. Have a thermometer and cleaning supplies.
Do clean and disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, toilets, countertops. Viruses can persist there for days if it is not clean. Natures Sunshine has Essential Shield cleaning soap and Nature’s Fresh. You can simply add Purity Essential Oil drops and a teaspoon of Silver Shield or Essential Shield drops and use it to wash, to shampoo, to clean your bathrooms.
Do remember that sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Do wash your hands often and use a hand sanitizer. I think Natures Sunshine Silver Gel is the best sanitizer. Just a small drop on your hands will last 4 hours.
Do take your vitamins
Most people are Vitamin D deficient. Your need for Vitamin C escalates with infection. Some 50 tons of Vitamin C was shipped to Wuhan and studies of effectiveness are on the way.
Do protect your immune system with adequate sleep (Use Pantothenic Acid or HTP Power if difficulty with sleeping. Exercise, fresh air and diet is important. This is where I want to stress the importance of high dense nutritious smoothies; Chi Mineral Toni, Collagen, Nature’s Harvest, Ultimate Green Zone, and Solstic Energy. Take Cat’s Claw Combination, SilverGuard Mouth wash. Avoid sugar.
Quercetin in Histablock
Do help your neighbors.
They may be looking up to you for information. Learn this simple piece of knowledge and be prepared to share it. It may look like this:
Ultimate Green Zone
Solstic Energy
Cat’s Claw or HRP-C
Histablock for lung conditions where it is difficult to breathe.
Silver Gel
Vitamin C TR
Questions to address:
Donna shares on someone who ended up with sore throat.

The program for tremors.
When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of nerves it infects the nerves and tremors could be the result.
1. Clean the blood so that the nutrients can reach the nerves that need repair.
MC 5 three times a day
2. Clean the fungus
3. Open the lymphatic system
Cat's Claw 4 twice a day
4. Give the stem cells the nutrients needed for nerve cell repair
Chi Mineral Toni
Lecithin 4 three times a day
Liquid B12 under the tongue 20 drops three times a day.
Avoid all grains, sugar, starches, fruit juices, pop, alcohol.
It takes the nerves at least 3 months to heal.