Tuesday, September 20, 2022

From the Desk of Donna Roth September 19/22 Call with Donna and Guests

From the Desk of Donna Roth September 19/22

Transforming the Health of Nations


Monday Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

At 5:45 pm PT

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Today is a short call 5:45 to 6:15 as I dash off to my Health and Sciences mtg.

TAFYH team 70 is off the ground with 7 participants

 Advanced TAFYH will start the last week of September

Advanced TAFYH is every Thursday at 10 am to 11:30 am via Zoom

Words of kindness shared by others.

Success story by Janine

My Learnings from the Weekend Rallyl

My Thoughts : Meat and pH and the Digestive System

 Good meeting this morning. Thank you for taking the time out of your day  to help improve the lives and health of others. You are appreciated and valued.. Linda

 Ahhh, thank you so much Donna - you are truly a wealth of information. We'll hang in there. Some days are just a little more difficult than others. Guess we had one of those days. Anyway, have a wonderful day.

Love and blessings,

Arlie and Dianne

 I found the call today very motivational; I am excited. Janine   Janine has a success story to share.

 They normalized baby’s vaccine deaths by calling it SIDS. Now they are normalizing myocarditis in kids.

They are now normalizing unknown deaths caused by the shots by calling is SADS .

Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app they’ll start using it.

 I had the honor of attending presentations given by Dr. Hodgkinson and nurse, Shawn Taylor who also served in Afghanistan, and Dr Murin and Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson. There is a huge movement to change their agenda which was deceptively plunged on all of us.

We’re the carbon they are trying to reduce, Shawn

We have been gifted for this fight.

Interior Health fired 800 nurses.

They are not there to help you.

Traditional values, truth and trust is at stake

Doctors will not come to your rescue,

We are living the politics of depopulation.

We are so compassionate we have accepted euthanasia for those with cancer and  depression,  Laura Lynn

We need to act.

This is why you need to attend my calls. You absolutely need to know what to do when you are experiencing bleeding, stroke symptoms, diarrhea, food poisoning. You absolutely need to have on hand

Cat’s Claw Combination

SilverGuard and Silver Gel,



A food storage. water storage, fuel storage,

The big danger is complacency



The Meat conversation

Just recently I had a fruitful discussion with one of my TAFYH students and the topic of meat came into  the conversation. So I discovered that many so called Nutritional Schools are teaching students that meat is acidic and that your body needs to be alkaline. It is at this point that I wanted to share my comments. In TAFYH we follow Laws of Nature which is very common-sense type of laws. These laws need no lab, and they need no scientific evidence because the law just is. For example, the leaves fall the tree in the fall time. No need to prove it scientifically. It happens whether you believe it or not. It happens whether you scientifically prove it or not.  It just is. Microbes immediately occupy dead leaves to break them down to dirt. It just is. Microbes occupy dead animals to break them down to the dirt of the earth. It just is. Now let’s look at the whole study of pH. I have taken 3 pH courses and at the end of it all I threw the whole pH stuff out the window. Here are my thoughts concerning meat.

Who ever made up this stuff that meat is acidic implying that your whole body turns acidic if you eat it. Let’s look at  the workings of the digestive system. Let’s start with the saliva.

The pH value of saliva before the meal is 7.4.

2) The pH value of saliva after the meal is 5.8.

The pH of the saliva is alkaline before a meal so as to break down carbohydrates. Because there is probably some toxins that do not belong in the foods the saliva is already in the process of breaking them down.

The food then goes into the stomach where the stomach secretes HCl acid content of 1.0 to 3.0. The acids break the meats and proteins down into amino acids.

This chyme is now digested by the pancreatic enzymes which are alkaline and at this point the nutrients enter the blood stream. The pH of pancreatic juice (pH 7.5–8.0) serves two important physiological purposes. First, it dissolves and activates the pancreatic digestive enzymes secreted Second, it neutralizes HCl being emptied into the duodenum by the stomach.

In my world it does not matter if the food tests acid or alkaline, it goes through its own intelligent process of purification and alkalization in its own time following the laws of nature during the digestive process.

Here is my second point of contention.

I looked up the pH of meat and found that it tests 5.4 when it is first butchered then it is 6.5 after it sits a day or so. Keep this in mind.

pH value of lemon juice is 2.5 Yet in nutritional journals lemon is okay but meat is not because it acidic?

The pH value of carrot juice is 5.6 Yet carrots are okay but meat is acidic. Carrot juice is more acidic than meat.Now you can come to understand why I threw the entire pH stuff out the window. What we really need to do is to look after our digestive system. What should you do:

Stop eating all those sugars and carbo foods and lectin grain foods that feed Candida and block good enzyme production.

Have a high power smoothie with Collagen, Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy

Take Cat’s Claw combination to address the lymphatic system to clean out toxic debris that interferes with digestion.

Most people are deficient in HCl so take a Protein Digestive Enzyme with your meals.

If you have a nervous stomach take Catnip Fennel, excellent for dissipating gas and bloating. I know one man who would never go anywhere without it.

Take Digestive Enzymes or Marshmallow Pepsin if you have heart burn or indigestion.

My other topic for today is the use of alternative flours. I read an article by Dr Mercola regarding his research on this topic. Why do I recommend alternative flours? As you well know one of the problems to all grains is the lectin problem known to cause leaky gut and escape into the blood stream as undigested foreign toxins that can accumulate in various organs glands and joints and cause pain and deterioration. Arthritis is a good example of a lectin accumulation. Lectins settle in the joints of knees and destroy the cartilage. Interestingly enough it is Glucosamine that is known to bind toxic lectins from joints. This is where I began to understand why Glucosamine is effective in healing joints. Colostrum is another product known to bind lectins from the blood stream. Colostrum must be taken on an empty stomach for best results.

The other reason I do not recommend grain flours is that they are known to feed Candida. They are loaded with starches and starches convert to sugar. Sugar feeds Candida. Candida produces xenoestrogens known to feed cancer and destroy the thyroid functions.

Grains are also loaded with glyphosates which comes from RoundUp used during harvest time to quicken the ripening process of grains. Glyphosates cause leaky gut and leaky brain. It that’s not bad enough glyphosates thicken the blood that dampen the circulation process.

The most important reason for avoiding all grains it that they lower body temperature. Often I am shown the good nutrients in grains but that has no convincing for me as I know these high starch grains lower body temperature! Cancer cannot grown in a body temperature of 37C and in TAFYH we work hard to raise body temperature.