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From the Desk of Donna Roth August 22/22Transforming the Health of Nations


From the Desk of Donna Roth August 22/22Transforming the Health of Nations         


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You Need to Know About Comfrey

Guest: Elva to share her discovery about Artemisia and Mullein. You will be surprised!

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A story as shared on the Sayer Ji site.

As I hastily came down from the shoulder stand position, the toxins in my body strategically ambushed the weak area in the body that lacked breath and was void of sufficient oxygen. The toxins quickly moved in to take over the zone; they set up an acidic camp with numbing inflammation, further suffocating the area, and strategically starving it of circulation, alkaline nutrients, and vital oxygen. But the Comfrey (aka Warrior Plant or Knit-Bone) with its deep-rooted, collagen-like calcium and phosphorous-rich, volcanic earth medicine was just too robust to be denied. A relaxed, restorative and regenerative healing alchemy kicked in and began to simultaneously cleanse and nourish the traumatized area. I began to breathe in a calm, intentional, and methodical way; a healing trajectory that I could not have fathomed just moments prior when my body remained in fight or flight.

The True Healers: Oxygen, Water & Rest

Soon after my Comfrey application, I am then intuitively called to drink water and more water to symbiotically increase my hydration to compliment the highly effective increase in oxygen levels. I had just experienced that the two healing essentials on earth, water and oxygen, are synonymous with a strong comfrey infusion. The radical alkalinity of comfrey's constituent elements chemically attract the regenerative purity of both clean oxygen and water. I proceeded to drink three, four, then five large glasses of spring water over the next few hours, almost as if I was under some a hypnotic spell. I became more aware of the extreme dehydrated condition of my body, which must have contributed greatly to my injury. I then B-lined to my bed to rest. I surrendered to restorative sleep, copious amounts of spring water, and simultaneous breathwork with a warrior-like intention on my healing path. I continued to massage Comfrey Salve and apply Comfrey Cast (potent root powder), and use Comfrey Hydrosol (gentle "Spirit" water) interchangeable throughout the next few days as the pain and inflammation completely dissipated.

At this time I want to mention some incredible ways to identify the healing properties of herbs, It is called the Doctrine of Signatures.

When looking at a pine tree, we may perceive its rootedness mirroring its array of branches and leaves swaying up toward the heavens. Trees resemble the human form in standing position. The shapes of the pine’s branches and needles are quite intricate, visually mimicking the delicate chambers of our respiratory system. Pine has strong lung tonic support with antibacterial and antioxidant properties (Grieve, 1971). Energetically, the lungs can hold grief and sorrow. One of its many virtues, pine opens the airways helping to clear stuck energy bringing calm and stability.

Every plant’s personality is specific to the growing conditions it needs in order to photosynthesize sunlight and carbon dioxide into food. Take the aloe vera plant (Aloe barbadensis miller), from the Liliaceae family. It can be found growing in dry, arid regions, like the desert, and this plant stores its water from these dry conditions. The inside of the aloe plant holds the wonderful thick, moisturizing, and cooling gel we use in many herbal, body care, and even food products. Aloe vera is often used as a first aid plant for burns and skin irritations. It is also used to assist with constipation and inflammation in and around the body

I have in the past discussed the incredible healing effects the herb Mullein has on the lungs. Mullein has yellow flowers that really look like the lungs and if you study signature of herbs you will see that Nature does give you that message. If the herb looks like the lungs then it is for the lungs.

Then there is the herb Artemisia and Mugwort in our Nature Sunshine combination called Artemisia. It has been used very successfully for killing worms and expelling parasites. Dr Hulda Clark wrote a book called A Cure For All Cancers and in that book is a recipe for expelling parasites. It went something like this. Take 7 Artemecia once a day on an empty stomach and take Black Walnut during the day.

Well we have a TAFYH grad that took the information she learned from these calls and from TAFYH and she put together a very wise and slick program for those people suffering from CoVid symptoms. She is here to tell you her experience and to share her success stories with you.


You don’t have cancer. You have been poisoned, Dr Thomas Cowan p 104.

Words of Wisdom from Carol