Friday, May 30, 2008

Hering's Law of Cure

Hering’s Law of Cure - The Reversal Process
The Great and Humble
Men who are not
bound by precedent
dominated by an institution
blinded by faith
flattered by success
spoiled by eminence
nor dazzled by their own importance –
these are the men to follow; they carry
progress with them.

A summary from Doctor - Patient Handbook by Dr. Bernard Jensen D.C. 1976

“A healing crisis is the result of an industrious effect by every organ in the body to eliminate waste products and set the stage for regeneration.” Through this constructive progress toward health, old tissues are replaced with new.

Hering’s Law of Cure states that we:
1. Cure from within, out.
2. From the head down.
3. And in reverse order as disease has developed.
“In order to get well, the patient must go through the crisis. You must expect it, look for it, and work toward it.”


Important Crisis Note
A crisis comes usually after you feel your best. It is the will of nature. No doctor, no patient, no food, can bring a crisis on. It comes when your body is ready. It does it in its own time. It goes through slow or fast according to the patient’s constitution, nervous system and what you have earned so that it will come on. You earn this crisis through hard work. It comes through a sacrifice, giving up bad habits, taking a new path, cleaning up the act that you’ve been in when your life wasn’t working with the laws of nature. A crisis can come harsh, small, violently, softly, according to what is possible for the body to control and take care of. Some crises come in backaches, skin rashes, teeth can become on edge, a diarrhea can develop, joint pains can come. I have seen people have all of these symptoms, however, they do not usually come at the same moment but move from one part of the body to another or wherever the body is placing its energy for cleansing, rejuvenation and getting rid of the old tissue and acids that probably have accumulated over a period of years.
The author has witnessed varying degrees of “healing crisis” with the clients she has coached. Each person is very unique with their own inherent constitution and consequently no two crisis reactions, no two cases, are ever the same nor will they ever be the same. However, what is important in this writing is for the cancer reader to recognize the fact that a crisis will occur anytime after about three weeks of being on the suggested high energy, super food program. By this time the cells have now been fed, nourished and are so highly activated that they will throw off the toxins, poisons, drugs, chemicals and vaccination debris that have been obstructing their functions. And it is at such time that the crisis will occur.
The following experiences have been related by the clients who willingly shared their success stories:
Gary, throat and lung cancer, broke out into shingles and anxiety attacks after being on the Paw Paw program for 2 months.
Lanny, colon cancer, had a bout of bleeding from the colon for one day after being in the program for about 4 months. His doctor performed a colonoscopy and found no cancer.
One lady with cancer, had vomiting and diarrhea and then she passed worms. She had used the Paw Paw program for about 3 weeks.
Annette, lung, bone, lymph sternum cancer, experienced about 3 days of vomiting and diarrhea in December 2005 after being on the Paw Paw program for about 1 month. She was very discouraged and was ready to quit the program at this point. Elaine, her coach, once again explained the “Healing Crisis” to her and she pursued the program until August 2006 when she was told there was no more cancer.