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Cancer Talk, July,2008

From the Desk of Donna Roth August 2008 250 764 2852
Cancer Talk Conference Call July, 2008

100 years ago the rate of cancer was very low.
Today 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with cancer.
1.3 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year.
77% of people over 55 are diagnosed with cancer.

If we come to understand what cancer is and the contributing factors to cancer than :
1. We can avoid the contributing factors and prevent cancer .
2. If we are diagnosed with cancer we can avoid the contributing factors and take the necessary steps to overcome cancer just as did the success stories you read about in my book Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury, Manual.

Let’s start off by defining cancer. Cancer is an out-of- control growth when the repair of an injury is not made due to nutritional deficiencies and the cell walls become mutated by fungal protein in an anaerobic environment .
For cancer to occur there has to be
an injury,
a nutritional deficiency ,
an anaerobic environment ,
and an infection.
Medical doctors knew that 100 years ago. Ron Gdansky, author of Cancer, Cause ,Cure, and Cover-up, located a Medical Textbook of general Pathology by Dr. Zeigler, 1903, who states:”The causes of the tumor formation may be a single injury, a blow, crushing, fracture etc. As well as repeated mechanical irritation such as rubbing scratches etc.”

Kinds of Injuries

1. Physical injuries as described by Dr. Zeigler.

2. Injury from nutritional deficiencies when the cell membrane loses its integrity and cracks as does the skin on the outside when it is dry which is usually a sign of omega 3 deficiency . Agricultural practises have depleted our soils so significantly that you would have to eat 10 tomatoes today to get the same nutrients that 1 tomato gave you in 1941.

3. Dr. Hulda Clarke in Cure for all Cancers shows documented evidence that there is a parasite in every cancer case. A parasite can cause an injury to a membrane just as a worm eats through a leaf of a plant and causes a hole.

4. Dr. Alphonse Weber found microbes in every cancer case. Microbes growing in unhealthy tissue can cause the injury.

5. Dr. Versendaal stated that the cancer injury was caused by candida yeast in the body.

6. U of Massachusetts Medical School found Helicobacter Felis bacterial infection in cancer. It is similar to the H. Pylori bacteria often found in the stomach. In working with cancer clients I have often found H pylori bacteria to be a likely problem in the stomach with people who experience abdominal pain, bloating, gas, discomfort and migraine headaches. H. pylori bacteria causes injury to the stomach linings called ulcers. If this bacteria is not corrected with ULC-R, which contains Licorice, Pau d’Arco, Clove , Inula Racemosa, Leithin and Capsicum, the result may progress to cancer. I have also found that one of the top over- the -counter pharmaceutical drug sellers is antacids. This tells me there are a lot of people out there with H pylori and don’t know it. Dr. Keller head of Science Research Dept for Nature Sunshine said 90% of the North American population have H Pylori bacteria and don’t know it.

7. Injury can come from toxic heavy metals/ chemicals such as mercury from fillings in the teeth or vaccinations.

8. Dr. Hamer states the injury comes from an emotion. Strong negative emotions cause an overload of toxic acids. Acids eat away at the membranes. There is a saying that goes along with cancer and that is ,”What’s eating you?”
Cancer starts from an injury and requires a framework of nutrition in order to repair and heal the injury.

Let us address nutrition. There is a study, 1940 – 1991, quoted in my book documenting that present day agricultural practises , the use of toxic chemicals and chemical fertilizers ,have depleted our soil so significantly that our treasured fruits, vegetables nuts seeds, grains no longer harbour all the essential nutrients required to repair an injured membrane and sustain life. From this study it is evident that all of us ,no matter how perfect our diet is, are lacking essential minerals.

Whenever there is an injury the brain sets up an ionic field around the injured area, called the current of injury which triggers the stem cells to initiate the process of cell replication in order to repair the injury. Healthy cell replication requires certain fundamental building blocks and we all know what they are. : minerals , vitamins , amino acids, and essential fatty acids. If all the building blocks are present in the abundance then healthy cell replication takes place and these cells then repair the injury. At this point the replication process stops, the stem cells go to rest and the current of injury stops. However in the case when one of the building blocks is missing ,and we know it to be minerals , healthy cell replication cannot take place and the current of injury continues. One of the keys in putting cancer to rest is to stop the current- of- injury by feeding the body plenty of minerals and essential nutrients .

Studies done by Dr. Samuel West , show that when an injury occurs blood proteins leak out through the capillary walls through openings called angstroms. These blood proteins pool between the spaces of the cells and pull out sodium . Sodium attracts water to the spaces around the cells and become swollen with trapped blood plasma proteins. So now we have a swelling , an inflammation. It is a healthy lymphatic system that will get rid of that swelling. The lymphatic system takes the blood plasma proteins and dumps them back into the blood stream via the subclavical valves. The lymph also takes the excess sodium and toxins and dumps them out through our elimination channels. When the lumphatic sytem becomes overloaded by drugs ,emotions, stress, teeth, vaccinations, flu shots, toxic chemicals residues, free radicals, it starts to malfunction and there begins to form a pool of trapped blood plasma proteins and toxins. This leads to chronic inflammation where essential nutrients and oxygen are not reaching the injured area. Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner in 1931, discovered that when O2 levels drop to below 35% oxidation of glucose can no longer take place . An oxygenated environment is alkaline. It is an aerobic environment . An environment with no O2 is anaerobic and therefore the pH in this inflamed injured area is acidic. If there is now an adequate amount of sugar oxidation flips into fermentation which produces ammonia and acids, a perfect breeding ground for microbes, bacteria, yeast , parasites and fungus. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that fermentation of sugar feeds the cancer.

This takes us into the next discussion of fungus. Dr. Zeiglar, 1903, says p. 361 –“ a very frequent cause of chronic inflammation is furnished by infections.” In an environment with no oxygen fungus becomes active. Some of these fungal DNA proteins integrate into the DNA of the human stem cell line during the process of cell replication thereby causing a genetic defect of the human cells as they replicate. Genetic defects do not come from inherent birth defect in this situation. Cancer is not a genetic illness. So now we have the replication of fungal mutated cells. These mutated cells cannot repair the injury so the current of injury continues.
Where does the fungus come from? In his lifetime of work Dr. Milton White MD found fungal spores in every sample of cancer tissue that he studied. He found that leukemia disappeared on a grain free diet, presumably because of the high content of micotoxins in the grain. I have been raised on a farm and I know what fungus on grain looks like and smells like. Fungus always occurs on grains that have not been adequately dried.

Now here is something else I wish to mention, something that I have discovered since I wrote my book a year ago. Three of the cancer success stories in my book got a second bout of cancer. Each one of these people had taken antibiotics and within 3 weeks of doing so they were once again diagnosed with cancer. We all know that antibiotics are cultured from moulds. If antibiotics are grown on moulds does it not stand to reason that they are a fungal contributing factor to cancer? In 1953 Dr. Truss discovered the debilitating effects of antibiotics on patients who had used them for infections. He discovered that antibiotics use leads to serious Candida problems. I have personally witnessed a cancer client with debilitating diahrea after the use of antibiotics. Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic-,3 ounces a day and 10 Cat’s Claw per day cleared it up for him within 5 days. Antibiotics are drugs that cause the problem of dysbiosis , a condition which tends to kill or supress the natural intestinal bacteria so yeast, parasites and fungus start taking over. Drugs used in chemotherapy , anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and other long term drug therapies also lead to dysbiosis causing an internal injury. The intestinal wall becomes inflamed leading to ulcers, Chrones disease, and mal -absorption as the intestinal membrane erodes. Live blood cell analysis can readily witness fungi in the blood after the use of antibiotics.
Dr. Bernice Eddy, a laboratory scientist , in 1959 proved that vaccinated hamsters all broke out with various tumours . It is my belief that vaccinations infect the blood with fungus.

Now that we understand that cancer is an out of control growth when the repair of injury does not occur due to a nutritional deficiency, lack of oxygen and a fungal infection , we can either prevent cancer from happening or reverse the whole process.

Four crucial steps are required,

1 Eliminate sugars, yeast products and xenoestrogens from the diet.

2. Incorporate into the daily diet high amounts of minerals such as Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and highly dense nutritious super foods such as Flax Hull Lignans, Green Zone, Nature’s Gold Barley, Chlorophyll, Zambroza, and Super Oil.

3. Use large amounts of anti-fungal herbs such as Paw-Paw, Pau D’Arco and Protease Plus Enzymes.

4. Use Liquid Silver every day to increase healthy stem cell production. Dr. R. O. Becker in his research findings proved that silver in an ionic form can increase the production of healthy stem cells in the blood stream.

To discover the success stories associated with the above noted programs I invite you to purchase a copy of my book “Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury ,Manual ”. It is hoped that the above information will inspire you to incorporate the mentioned super foods into your diet for your own cancer prevention program and to share this information with your friends and families. If you know of someone diagnosed with cancer please help them by sharing this information with them.