Friday, August 1, 2008

Energy and Attention

Recently, I drove to Manitoba to attend my aunt’s funeral. Everyone was amazed that I was able to drive such a long distance without tiring out. Actually so was I! Here is my secret. I sipped on Zambroza the entire way. I found it kept me aware and mentally alert so that fatigue was not an issue. So I told this story to a friend who was also traveling a long distance . He also sipped on a bottle of Zambroza on his trip and called me when he reached his destination. He was totally impressed that he felt so mentally alert to the point of saying that Zambroza saved his life. He said that at one point another car passed him on a double lined curve with another car coming in the other direction. This man’s quick thinking and quick response made him to veer unto the shoulder very quickly to avoid an accident. In his opinion Zambroza helps you to act fast.