Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gall Stones

One young woman in her early 20's spent one weekend in the hospital because she had experienced severe pain only to find out that she was diagnosed with gall stones . Surgery was recommended but she looked for options. She decided it would be easier to do the gallstone cleanse than to undergo gall bladder surgery. Besides when the gall bladder is removed than the time keeper for the delivery of bile for the digestion of fats in the duodenum is lost. When fats are not digested by the bile than there is no guarantee that calcium and iron will be delivered into the blood stream. The consequence of lack of calcium is osteoporosis and the lack of iron is anemia.
Three days before the flush she started to use high doses of Hydrangea to break up the stones and LIV-C to cleanse the liver . On Sunday night this young woman began her cleanse by following closely the directions as outlined in the Gall Bladder Flush. Ojn Monday morning she passed all kinds of green dissolved gall stones. She said she felt wonderful and would certainly recommend this cleanse to anyone with gall stones. She will continue to use LIV-C and Hydrangea and to cut sugar and sweets form her diet. Then in about three months time she will repeat the cleanse one more time.