Friday, June 11, 2010

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer success story

Len was diagnosed with a liver tumor measuring 19 cm in early December 2009. He immediately stopped the intake of all junk food such as sugar foods, potato chips, pop, alcohol and went straight to the health food store where he bought all kinds of vitamins , minerals and herbs. He said he come home with a shopping bag full of various alternatives from a health food store. He began swallowing handfuls of supplements until a month later he met Donna Roth who explained what cancer is and how it can be healed. He began the Paw Paw program immediately and his program included Paw Paw, Protease Plus, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , Super Oil, Milk Thistle and LBSII. Two months later he went to the cancer clinic in Vancouver and the doctor said that his tumour had decreased form 19 cm to 12 cm. On March 1 Len went in for his previously scheduled surgery where he was told that the surgery took only 20 minutes and that a very small tumor that was not attach├ęd to anything was easily removed and that he had a very healthy looking liver. No chemotherapy or radiation was necessary