Friday, September 10, 2010

Mega-Chel and Oral Chelation

Atherosclerosis—hardening of the arteries—is caused by the arterial walls hardening and thickening from deposits of plaque. This causes a narrowing of the arteries and leads to high blood pressure and the risk of stroke and heart attacks. The plaque is composed of oxidized cholesterol (cholesterol that has combined with unstable oxygen molecules) and mineral depositions.

Over 60 million Americans suffer from some form of heart disease, resulting in over $56 billion a year in medical costs for treatment of these conditions. Heart attacks, alone, are responsible for over 550,000 deaths in the United States every year! Heart bypass surgeries, angioplasties (surgical altering of blood vessels) and cholesterol-lowering drugs are typical medical approaches to this problem.

There is a natural approach that offers a way to deal with atherosclerosis. It can help to prevent heart disease and improve overall health safely, effectively, and at an incredibly reduced cost. This approach is chelation. Pronounced key-LAY-shun, this odd word originally comes from Greek roots. “Chele” means “to claw” or “to bind or grab.” When we talk about chelation therapy, we are talking about ”clawing,” “grabbing” or otherwise binding toxins, heavy metals, metabolic wastes and unhealthy buildup in the circulatory system. This allows these to be taken off the artery walls and out of the tissues so they can be flushed from the body.

Intravenous chelation therapy with EDTA (a synthetic amino acid that binds up or “chelates” heavy metals), has been shown to be safe and effective in reversing atherosclerosis, preventing heart attacks and strokes and improving circulation and overall health, and can be used as an alternative to bypass surgery and angioplasty. It takes a series of visits to a medical doctor (MD), or licensed naturopathic medical doctor (NMD), who practices chelation therapy to accomplish these results.

Unfortunately, even with the overwhelming positive results reported by doctors who use chelation therapy, the FDA and AMA still refuse to endorse this form of medical treatment. There are those who suggest that this stand is more motivated by the financial agendas of large pharmaceutical companies (who cannot make money on a commonly available food additive like ETDA), rather than a true concern for the health care needs of the hundreds of thousands of people who could benefit from the therapy.

Another Option: Oral Chelation

Doctors who practice intravenous chelation are hard to come by, but there is an even less expensive and easy-to-obtain alternative—oral chelation. Oral chelation uses natural, nutritional products in the home without having to step into a doctor’s office. Oral chelation is gentler and slower acting than intravenous chelation, creating less dramatic results at the outset, but over the long run can be just as effective. So, unless there is a life threatening need (which should be handled by clinical health care providers, anyway), oral chelation is a wonderful option for those who wish to improve their cardiovascular health. Properly administered, oral chelation is noninvasive, quite effective, relatively inexpensive and very safe.

Here is how oral chelation works. Free radicals are unstable molecules that steal electrons from other molecules, causing harm to the body’s health. What this means is that when a free radical molecule comes in contact with a stable molecule, it pulls an electron from the stable molecule, which makes the molecule unstable and chemically reactive within the body. Formerly benign and nontoxic molecules then become toxic to the body.

Antioxidants are nutritionally-based substances that act as free radical scavengers. High levels of these antioxidants grab and pull toxins from the bloodstream, which allows the body to slowly dissolve and dissipate arterial plaque. Mega-Chel is a formula which provides many of these nutrients.

Oral chelation with MegaChel can not only reduce arterial plaque and lessen the risk of heart attack and stroke, it can also help remove calcification from hardened tissues and rid the body of heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, and other toxins. Oral chelation may be helpful in reducing blood pressure and improving impotency problems in males due to circulatory issues, too.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients in this remarkable blend.


Vitamin A and beta-carotene are antioxidants which help protect the cells against cancer, disease and aging. They are essential for protein synthesis and for the maintenance and repair of cells and tissues.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is required for tissue growth. It protects against blood clotting and bruising, promotes the healing of wounds and reduces cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Vitamin D is required for calcium and phosphorus absorption that is essential for all muscles including the heart, as well as for enhancing immunity.

Vitamin E improves circulation, repairs tissues, prevents cardiovascular disease and reduces blood pressure. It is also an antioxidant that prevents cell damage

Collectively, the B vitamins enhance circulation and are necessary for the formation of red blood cells, antibody production, metabolism and the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Essential for the proper functioning of the nerves, digestion, muscles and circulation, they are involved in cell division, replication and growth, energy production, respiration. They help facilitate the uptake of iron and oxygen use by the body’s tissues, prevent deposition of cholesterol around the heart muscle and are needed for normal muscle tone of the heart and circulatory system.

Biotin aids in the metabolism of foods, cell growth, fatty acid production and in the utilization of B-complex vitamins

Pantothenic acid is essential for all cells and is concentrated in organs for their normal function. It plays a role in adrenal hormone production, antibody formation, and vitamin utilization

Inositol helps prevent hardening of the arteries. It is important in fat and cholesterol metabolism and removes fat from the liver.


Calcium is an important mineral for the maintenance of regular heartbeat and the transmission of nerve impulses to the heart muscle and all other muscles. It also inhibits the absorption of heavy metals including lead.

Iron has the important role of producing hemoglobin and for the oxygenation of red blood cells

Phosphorus is needed in the electrochemical processes involved with the contraction of the heart muscle. It also assists in the utilization of vitamins and the conversion of food to energy

Iodine is needed in trace amounts to help metabolize excess fat and is important in physical and mental function as well as healthy thyroid function.

Magnesium is essential for enzyme activity responsible for the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses. It helps prevent muscle weakness and heart disease.

Zinc in needed to maintain proper concentrations of vitamin E in the blood. It protects the immune system and protects the liver from chemical damage.

Selenium is a powerful anti-oxidant that works synergistically with vitamin E to maintain a healthy heart and assists the immune system in antibody production.

Copper plays a role in the formation of bone, red blood cells and hemoglobin. It is also part of healing, energy production and healthy nerves.

Manganese in trace amounts is necessary for fat and protein metabolism, blood sugar regulation, and for healthy nervous and immune systems.

Chromium is needed to metabolize glucose into usable energy. Essential in maintaining stable blood sugar in diabetics and hypoglycemics, low levels are an indication of coronary artery disease.

Potassium is very important for a regular heartbeat and a healthy nervous system. It plays a role in transmitting electrochemical impulses that result in proper muscle contraction, stable blood pressure, proper water balance and the transfer of nutrients to the cells.

Other Ingredients

Citrus bioflavonoids and rutin are not true vitamins but are essential for the absorption of vitamin C. They must be supplied by diet. They protect and preserve the structure of capillary blood vessels and promote circulation, lower cholesterol levels which helps lower the risk of heart disease

p-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) acts a coenzyme in the breakdown of and utilization of proteins as well as in the formation of red blood cells.

Coenzyme Q10 is an anti-oxidant found in human tissues that supports the immune system. It is used in the treatment and prevention of heart disease and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, its production declines with age

Adrenal, spleen and thymus substance are natural forms of these glands that support our glands in the production of the necessary hormones needed for proper digestion, metabolism and muscle tone, including the heart and veins. They also help maintain normal blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure.

Cod liver oil provides needed essential fatty acids that protect the heart by modulating blood pressure and helps resist the formation of blood clots that cause heart attacks. EFAs also support the immune system and decrease inflammation along with other functions.

Ginkgo leaf (Ginkgo biloba) contains numerous compounds that improve peripheral circulation, oxygenation and blood flow. It also provides antioxidants that stimulate the immune system in the fight against inflammation as well as memory, kidney and heart disorders.

Hawthorn berries have numerous nutrients that support the heart and circulatory system. They are used to treat and prevent heart disease as they can dilate coronary blood vessels, restore the heart muscle wall and lower cholesterol levels.

L-Cysteine HCL is an amino acid that works with Vitamins C and B6 to reduce oxidative stress caused by disease, drugs, chemicals, or heavy metals.

Oral Chelation

It is very important to start slowly on this product. Begin by taking 1 tablet twice daily for a week. Then take 2 tablets twice daily for the second week. Take 1 ounce of Colloidal Minerals with the MegaChel twice daily. Gradually increase the dose of MegaChel to 4-6 tablets with a meal twice daily, depending on body weight. Maintain this dosage level for one month for every 10 years of your age. Then gradually taper off in a similar manner, dropping the dose by 2 tablets each week.

MegaChel can be taken in place of a Vitamin/Mineral supplement for elderly people concerned about cardiac health. Take 1-2 Tablets twice daily as a maintenance dose. To rid the body of calcium deposits, take 2 tablets twice daily with hydrangea. The same dose can be taken with Heavy Metal Detox for heavy metal detoxification. Combined with butcher’s broom, MegaChel can also be used to relieve varicose veins.