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1000Herbal Success Stories 1 - 17

1000 Herbal Success Stories in Progress June 9, 2011
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1.Cancer, Skin Patches, Knee Problems, Arthritis
T is in the process of doing the Paw Paw program for cancer and he has noticed several interesting observations in doing this program. His skin had been dry and bothersome with white dry patches, signs of melanoma. In using the super foods as listed in the program , Essential Liquid Minerals, Super Omega-3, Flax Hull Lignans, Chlorophyll and water he noticed that over time the white dry patches had totally disappeared. T also had a knee problem which caused him undue pain and throbbing. By using EverFlex tablets about 3 a day and applying EverFlex cream to the knee area daily he noticed that within two months the throbbing in his knee completely disappeared. He has not had that problem since. T noticed that by using Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic on a daily basis his energy had increased immensely and all arthritic symptoms in his fingers have totally disappeared.
2. Weight Loss
M is doing a program to help her to lose weight. M eliminated all sugar, all lectin containing grains and legumes. Her program includes Essential Liquid Minerals, Psyllium Hulls Combination with lots of water, Flax Hull Lignans about two scoops a day ,Hydrated Bentonite, MC and Collatrim Plus. Within two months M lost 20 pounds and she is ecstatic !
3. Acne
S had a contentious issue with acne particularly noticeable and problematic during the menstrual cycle. She used many of the Nature’s Sunshine super foods :Chlorophyll and water Flax Hull Lignans, Essential Liquid Minerals and Lecithin. She noticed that by taking high doses of Lecithin about eight a day that the problematic acne totally disappeared.
4. Tumour
P had a cancerous tumour on her neck surgically removed. She applied Vitamin E with Selenium, Aloe Vera Gel and Silver Gel to the surgical area. She reported that the healing in this area was incredible.
5. Kidney Infection
One night P woke up with excruciating pain in her kidney area. She realized this was a kidney infection. She went to work on an herbal program for her kidneys. She took 1 ounce of SilverGuard, some Cranberry Buchu capsules some Hydrangea capsules and pine needle. HVP was used to stop the spasms. By six o'clock the following evening her pain totally subsided.
6. Liver Cancer
M was diagnosed with liver cancer. There was a dark spot on her liver and she decided to do the Paw Paw program in conjunction with 16 chemotherapy treatments. Her paw Paw program included super foods such as Essential Liquid Minerals, Flax Hull Lignans, Chlorophyll, Green Zone, Collatrim Plus. She also took LIV-A and LIV-J a in high doses along with Paw Paw and Pau D’Arco capsules. She noticed that she had absolutely no side effects from the chemo. There was no nausea and no hair loss and her energy levels was up the entire time. She had lost 45 pounds before the chemo and she lost 65 pounds after the chemo. But in doing the herbal program she had regained 35 of those pounds and she is feeling fabulous.

7. Brain Tumour
V is following the Paw Paw cancer program for for a brain tumour.He is using Essential Liquid Minerals, Flax Hull Lignans, Chlorophyll Collatrim Plus, Super Omega-3, Protease Plus and Paw Paw . After being on this program for two months he noticed that the swelling in his brain area has decreased substantially and his speech has improved significantly. He also reports to have more energy.
8. Diabetes
V is following the Back to Health program to normalize her blood sugar levels. She has been taking
Metformin for a long time as the drug for diabetes. Presently she is off all sugar, all grains, off all the legumes and dairy. She is taking Chlorophyll, Essential Liquid Minerals , Cat’s Claw Combination and
P 14 two capsules three times a day with meals. Recently she reported that her blood sugar was normal and that she is in the process of weaning off the Metformin medication.
9. Tumour in the Jaw
Pam was diagnosed with a small tumour in her jaw area. She immediately eliminated all sugar, all grains all the legumes and dairy from her diet. She took you UC3-J for her bowels. She took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day, Protease Plus enzymes on an empty stomach and Paw Paw regularly with meals. Within one month the tumour was so small that no surgery was required.
10. Diabetes
D was diagnosed with breast cancer. However she had been diabetic since 2007 and she took insulin on a regular basis. In doing the Paw Paw program for cancer she noticed that by eliminating all grains, all sugars, all legumes and all dairy and by using the supplements as recommended in the Paw Paw program for cancer her blood sugar went down to normal within one week. She has now been off the insulin for quite some time. Her blood pressure has decreased and the blood pressure medications are being lowered accordingly.
11. Swollen Ankles
Norbert is diagnosed with prostate cancer. His ankles were extremely swollen. As a matter of fact there really was no definition of an ankle. His job required that he stand for eight hours at a time. He began doing the Paw Paw program for cancer. He eliminated all sugar, all grains, all legumes, and dairy from his diet. The kidney formula, K, was also added to the Paw Paw program. Within the first two weeks of following the program he lost a considerable amount of water and about 7 pounds in weight. His ankles are now clearly visible.
12. Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer
P is presently doing the Paw Paw program for cancer as he was diagnosed with cancer in the lung and a tumour in the brain area. He decided to do chemotherapy alongside the Paw Paw program for cancer. He eliminated all sugars, all grains, all legumes, and all dairy from his diet. Within two months of following this program strictly he lost 30 pounds of unwanted weight. And he was excited to report that during the chemo treatments he experienced no nausea and no loss of appetite. The tumour in his lung has now decreased substantially.
13. Infection Prevention
One hygienist recommended antibiotics for a patient whose teeth were being cleaned. The hygienist was worried and concerned about bleeding and infection. S, however ,decided not to take antibiotics and she took four Cats Claw twice a day instead. Then several times a day for a few days she would hold SilverGuard in her mouth for 6 min. at a time before swallowing it. In following this protocol for a few days she noticed there was no bleeding, no infections, and no problems here.

14. Bloating , Poor Digestion, Constipation
C had a digestive system that was not working well and the bowels were always sluggish. Whenever he ate he felt bloated and eating was difficult. He took Olive Leaf Extract three capsules a day, Cats Claw four capsules two times a day, Essential Liquid Minerals two ounces a day, and Super Omega-3. He now finds that his digestive system is working very well. He never feels bloated and there is no more constipation . His bowels are moving better than they have ever moved in his tire life.
15. Rashes
J used to get a rash below her chin. It would just pop-up. And it was ugly! She tried all kinds of remedies. None of them seemed to make any difference. She then decided to do a program instead of trying products. She eliminated sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes. She took Cats Claw six capsules a day for about two weeks and then reduced the Cats Claw to four a day. Within a short period of time her rash cleared up.