Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chinese Herbals

Chinese Herbals

LIV-C (Brings about harmony)
Normalizes liver and gallbladder function; reduces hyperactivity; strengthens digestion; relieves nervous stress; nourishes blood; regulates menstruation; relieves cramping and
tension; calms agitation and irritation; enhances circulation
of Chi.
Stock# 1862-8

STR-C (Pacifies the spirit)
Normalizes heart functions; calms the nervous system;relieves inflammation; settles rising Chi; opens up circulation of Chi in the chest; clears Chi that irritates the intestines and urinary tract; reduces excitability; stabilizes emotions; improves memory; purges excess Chi.Stock# 1871-0

AG-C (Clears the congestion)
Clears stagnant moisture in the digestive system; relievesreaction to foods; settles nausea; normalizes appetite; normalizes the digestive system and the nerves; relieves congestion of the gastrointestinal tract and the joints; broadens interests; expands thinking.Stock# 1870-4

AL-C (Ventilates the lungs)
Removes congestion; improves digestion; normalizes lungfunctions, clears phlegm; relieves inflammation; aids circulation in the upper body; helps one to look up and let goof the past; relaxes defensive posture; tonifies Chi; deepens breathing.Stock# 1864-0

K-C (Clears the dampness)
Removes excess moisture; relieves swelling; restores normal function of the kidney and bladder; normalizes tissuesof the urinary tract; relieves the stress of edema; clarifiesand focuses attention; clears excessive moisture.Stock# 1872-5

IF-C (Clears the heat)
Cools the blood; clears the excess; normalizes tissues ofthe head; activates circulation of Chi and blood; calms agitation; harmonizes internal feelings with external expression; clears excess Chi. Stock# 1874-3

AD-C (Relieves the depression)
Settles agitation; disperses congested Chi, moisture, andblood; regulates the hormones; relieves tightness in the chest and congestion; activates circulation of Chi and blood; opens a wider view of the world; relieves emphasis on personal conditions; promotes circulation of Chi. Stock# 1877-2

BP-C (Nourishes the blood)
Enhances immune functions; normalizes menstruation; normalizes liver and cellular functions; vitalizes blood circulation; softens responses; increases decisiveness; strengthens Chi; strengthens lower body. Stock# 1882-1

HS-C (Nurtures the heart)
Nourishes the blood; tonifies Yin; normalizes the heart functions; improves circulation in the chest; strengthens lower body; clarifies mind; improves memory; strengthens will; strengthens Chi and Yang; nurtures the heart. Stock# 1884-7

UC-C (Warms the centre)
Enhances absorption and utilization of nutrients; removesexcessive moisture; normalizes the digestive functions; strengthens the muscles supporting the internal organs; activates circulation of Chi in the interior and the limbs; increases responsiveness. Stock# 1891-4
LH-C (Supports the weak)
Moistens dryness; reduces feverish feeling; aids utilization of nutrients; normalizes lung functions; relaxes tension in the chest; restores sense of power and strength; tonifies and consolidates Chi. Stock# 1890-3

KB-C (Strengthens the bones)
Improves hearing; regulates hormones; normalizes function of kidney and bladder; strengthens will and drive; tonifies Chi and Yang. Stock# 1883-3

HY-C (Nourishes the Yin)
Moistens the dryness; regulates the hormones and the circulation; strengthens lower body; cools the blood; strengthens will; relaxes overbearing nature; tonifies and regulates the Chi. Stock# 1885-0

IMM-C (Generates the pulse)
Restores normal organ functions; nourishes the blood; strengthens the bones; regulates the moisture; normalizes the immune system; enhances circulation; improves outlook on life; tonifies Chi and Yang. Stock# 1892-6