Monday, December 5, 2011

Silver Guard

Silver Guard - Dr. Pedersen

Silver products have existed since late 1800’s . These were referred to as colloidal silver. I’s effectiveness was limited and the particle size “colloid” had potential side effects. Consequently Dr Pedersen took on the project of developing a new and improved non-toxic and extremely effective type of silver used against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds. Silver Shield destroys bacteria, viruses and moulds. It has been tested for many purposes:
Anti-aging and wound healing
Burns and bites
Parasites and Malaria
MRSA , Strep, Staph, Pseudomonas , Candida, Aspergillus, HIV,
Purifies water in 1.5 minutes
Deactivates harmful hormones
Abnormal cells as in breast cancer, Sarcoma, Leukemia, cervical cancer, Human Papilloma virus,
Epstein Barr virus, Influenza, Parainfluenza, Cytomegalovirus (cancer), SARS, Bird Flu, etc.
The following is a report from Dr Pedersen on the healing properties of Silver:
The top photo illustrates a severe case of psoriasis. The bottom photo shows the healing that has taken place after 2 days of applying Silver Shield Gel.
Top photo is a fungal infection before the Silver Shield Gel. Notice the redness and the swelling.
Bottom photo is after Silver Shield Gel application.
Dr Pedersen had an experience in Singapore the day of the SARS outbreak. He witnessed the mass hysteria as people rushed to make preparations to isolate themselves from this virus. Everyone headed for the local stores to purchase what hey thought would protect them most, duct tape, plastic, air filters, immune supplements and so on. Within hours all stores shelves were completely empty of these necessary items. This experience taught Dr Pedersen how people respond to emergencies. We become anxious and aggressive. This is not the time to rely on government agencies or hospitals or food suppliers, or health food stores to fend for our well being. In the end we are left to fend for ourselves and our family. An outbreak of contagious disease can happen anywhere and the threat of bioterrorism is always at hand. OR you can be diagnosed with cancer and panic without being prepared , without reasoning . There are simple effective ways to protect ourselves for these times. It is interesting to note that during the time of the Katrina hurricane crisis many people had to wait weeks before receiving medical attention . Others were known to die of starvation in their own homes. How important is it to you to be prepared with a simple food storage and with a 72 hour kit including the necessary items : Silver Guard, Super Trio , Stress Pack, Cat’s Claw combination , SynerProtein powder, Arginine Plus Such a kit should be in your home to look after contagion, infections, diseases, anxiety panic and so on.
Presently we depend on antibiotics to protect us from infections. Now think of it. In a time if emergency when an antibiotic is not readily available and you simple do not have access to it what will you resort to? As a matter of fact antibiotics in our present day have only served to make diseases drug resistant. On any given day in America there are 30, 000 MRSA ( methicillin resistant staph aureus) cases. We have overused antibiotics to the point that we have now diseases so strong that there are no antibiotics to kill them .
To solve the problem of ever moving into a state of panic Dr Pedersen has designed a silver product that is simple silver particles embedded into purified water molecules through a unique technology of using 10,000 volts of Direct Current to supercharge the silver and make it into a Ag404 silver which means that it is missing 2 electrons as opposed to colloidal Silver that is missing only 1 electron. Ag 404 is then able to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus with 1 electron while recharging the other electron. This catalytic type conversion allows this Silver to destroy instantly while recharging like a rapid fire machine gum. The result is that Silver Ag 404 can destroy thousands of times more pathogens than a simple colloid or ionic silver. Ag 404 is an engineered nano particle solution preparation. The powerful Ag404 actually replaces hydrogen atoms and blocks energy sources that micobes need and it does this within minutes of exposure. Instead of the standard 6 or 7 microbes the typical drug or antibiotic is effective against Silver Ag 404 is effective against more than 500 different disease –causing pathogens without drug resistance and without any side effects. In other words Silver Ag 404 has been proven to be more effective than traditional antibiotics and drugs. As I speak I know of people who are spending $1000 a month for a prescription of antibiotics known to have terrible side effects. This silver is non toxic even in high levels and $1000 will buy you a lot of Silver.
Silver Ag 404 particles in its 20 ppm concentrations are tiny enough to enter into a single red blood cell , attach themselves to the thin cell walls of the pathogen , remove 1 or 2 electrons , leave a hole in the cell membrane and kill the pathogen. Silver Ag 404 also resonates at a frequency of 890 to 910 terahertz selectively measured to destroy pathogens. This is the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet light resonates. Imagine now these tiny silver particles being absorbed by the red blood cells . resonating at the prefect frequency required to destroy bacteria, viruses. yeast etc. disinfecting the body from the inside.
Studies on Silver available from Nature’s Sunshine reveal the following stunning facts :
50 cases of viral pneumonia were treated with great success.
Lyme disease was inhibited .
A study at BYU compared Silver to antibiotics on 7 different pathogens, E coli, B, E aerogens, E cloacae, S typhimunium , P aeruginosa, S gordonii, S aureus. Silver killed all the bacteris tested, Antibiotics did not work equally well on all the above bacteria.Silver was more effective than 19 different antibiotics in equally killing these 7 different bacteria tested.
“Today there are over 30,000 Staph infections a day that antibiotics cannot cure.
Last year there were over 100,000 people who died from the infection they got from going to the hospital, or taking prescription drugs
The EPA estimates that 40% of our water is unfit to drink and several states process raw sewage into drinking water
SARS virus was man made and satellite photos suggest it was hand carried from China
Basel Switzerland has discovered a weaponized form of the bird flu strain that is man made
This is not new: The Influenza epidemic of 1918 originated in Kansas where military personnel carrying weaponized biological agents were flown to Spain…thus the Spanish flu
Nazis originated the biological warfare product that became the AIDS virus, which shuts off CD-4 and allows damage to the DNA to occur
The centers for disease control report that an epidemic is coming
(bird flu, influenza, MRSA, SARS, AIDS, Malaria etc)
There are a few facts that we must come to realize:
Doctors (MD’s) cannot save you
MD’s can only prescribe what has been approved on their formulary:
Drugs cannot save you.
Antibiotics cannot save you.
Surgery cannot save you at this point.
There is not a drug for every disease in the world
Vaccinations will not work because the diseases continue to mutate
Vaccines are known to have terrible consequences. Now 1 in 100 children have autism, 1 in 5 asthma, 1 in 10 dyslexia, 1 in 20 Attention-deficit disorder, Epilepsy 5-8 per 1000, Cerebral Palsy (1 in 400 to 1 in 166), an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes. Nearly one third of high school girls and 16% of high school boys show symptoms of an eating disorder... and the number one suspect is vaccination. The Government/Vaccine Industry is going to carry on vaccinating, covering up, and claiming vaccines are safe, until every other child has a vaccine induced disease, so only parent awareness is going to stop that.
There is a only one fighting chance. You are the bridge between pandemic disaster and a healthy future. Who ever has a stockpile of Silver Guard during an epidemic will find it priceless, due to the fact that it represent the one thing everyone will pay anything for …
A Report by Dr Pedersen