Wednesday, May 2, 2012

80. Braeden’s Story Braeden is 12 years old and loves to play soccer. Better still he loves to win. Well he has this very strict coach that teaches all the boys that they must not have any sugar or junk food a week before the game. So here the boys are at this crucial soccer tournament and they are up against the toughest team from Penticton. The first round of soccer was tough and the 2 teams were neck in neck . Finally it was time for a break . The Penticton team were treated with Tim Bits and Kool Aid. Braeden’s team sat and watched drooling with envy while they drank their water and ate their pieces of fruit. But hey all stayed loyal to their coach. Now off for the second round of soccer. You can well imagine the results. Braeden’s team smoked the other team no problem with the end score being 5 to 2. They won the tournament ! Furthermore they all realised the secret to their win – not to eat sugar as the coach had instructed them and that sugar zaps your energy big time ! Hugs to you Braeden for you awesome story.