Wednesday, May 2, 2012

74. Healing Crisis –Frozen Arm One a lady who had in the past long time ago as a young girl experienced a frozen arm after a vaccination shot decided to do a lymphatic cleanse .She stopped eating all grains, sugar foods, legumes and dairy. She drank large quantities of good water with lots of Chlorophyll. She made Green Zone Lemonade with lemon and Xylitol and drank a lot of this. She then took Lobelia a few times a day BWL-BLD 8 capsules a day and Echinacea about 10 capsules a day . Within 8 days the arm that had been frozen after the child hood vaccination shot became swollen and frozen again as the toxins released from the lymphatic system in the arm area. These symptoms lasted only for a short time. She is totally greatful for having experienced a detoxification in this arm . She now has a toxic free arm. What this lady underwent is referred to as a healing crisis as described by Dr. Hering. “You heal from the head down, from the inside out and in reverse order of the symptoms you have experienced in the past.