Wednesday, May 2, 2012

82. Hepatitis C One man suffered from Hepatitis C where he had taken a medication that made him feel terrible. For a short time he felt somewhat better but then the medication effects wore off and the doctor threatened that he would have to take that same horrible medication for a second round . In this man’s eyes nothing could be as traumatic as taking this stuff .At this point he decided that there must be another way. This is when he became alert to the alternatives that might be floating around . Lo and behold a short time later someone told him to see Donna Roth. This man was totally opened to that suggestion. Anything would serve better than that nasty drug! A big turning point ! He started a program of Green Zone, Collatrim, Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day, Rosehips 6 a day, Paw Paw and LBS 11 to clean out the bowels. He also drank nothing else but water and Chlorophyll. One month later he dropped by to replenish the herb supply with a big smile on his face. He was feeling 100 % better and could hardly believe it. He shed 10 unwanted pounds, his hemorrhoids healed up , his continuous oozing boil healed up and there was color in his toenails where previously there had been a fungal infection.” I pulled off my sock and the whole toenail came off.” It’s amazing how this stuff works.”