Sunday, December 9, 2012

Insightful Quotes From Insightful People

“I meditated and prayed about the best way to help people access your wisdom. Your book is a must read for anyone who cares about their health. It's 2:30 am and I just can't put it down!” Yvonne

“This summer I lost two friends to brain cancer, My sister-in-law died of breast cancer that returned after remission in other forms. Enough! This past weekend, while looking for ways to eat more healthy antic-carcinogenic foods, I found the eleventh edition of a wonderful book entitled Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, published by Sandbox Books in Kelowna, BC. To find out more about the author, you can visit . In many ways , we are what we eat. I want to be healthy for my family and I want my family and friends to live long and prosper in health and abundance.” Yvonne

“ What are you focusing on? You can be so empowered if you change what you focus on daily. This is the key to everything. You never get better if you talk about your sickness. If you stick with something long enough you will get there. You need to have a passion for what you want. Your attitude has to change. If a caterpillar dreamed only about being a caterpillar he would never be a butterfly." Lynn

Regarding Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic “ An ounce a day will keep the ills away!” Val

“I used to pop Tylenol everyday about 3 to 4 with water just to survive the work I did in the service industry. Now I take Cat’s Claw !’ by Stacey

Regarding the ERT course as taught by Donna Roth “ It’s such a privilege to be here.” Kathy

“Don’t wait until you are sick to get interested in health.” Diane

“I’ve got my $100 in the first hour of this course. It is knowledge filled and knowledge is power !” Diane

“I am one of the few that has gone off the blood pressure medications. I have been on blood pressure medications for 2 years and last week the doctor told me I don’t need it any more. What did I do? From January to October I drank a Smoothie every morning with Aloe Vera Juice, Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Chlorophyll , water and berries. “ Shirley

In Ghana 3000 children die of malaria. NSP SilverGuard arrests malaria every single time and saves lives.”