Monday, June 17, 2013

Dr McLaughlin Event June 2013

Dr McLaughlin Event

Thank you to everyone who attended the Dr McLaughlin event in Vernon , Kelowna, Vancouver, Duncan, Nanaimo, Lloydminster and MayerThorpe. My greatest appreciation to Kathy Deane who was the driving force behind this event. Many thanks to Gunner, Val, Ellen, Jacquelyn, Daniel, Lorene, Lucy, Marilyn, Gayle and Shawn , Donna and Gordon ,Jan and Buck who willingly took the initiative to help organize this event in their respective areas. This was a huge undertaking for a super great team . Together you  have made a difference in the lives of many people , even those who were not present at this event. The Dr McLaughlin presentation was very powerful and he provided us with conclusive sustaining evidence that Paw Paw has the ability to destroy cancer cells. Everything  about Paw Paw was validated with sound scientific undisputable evidence. Dr McLaughlin`s studies proved that:

 Paw Paw was, in some studies, 10, 000 times stronger than adriamyacin chemo,

 in other studies 100,000 times stronger

 in others 1,000,000 times stronger than 3 other chemo treatments.

300 times stronger than Taxol which is used for breast cancer.

Used in one clinical study with 21 people with stage 4 cancers , 13 people were still alive after a year and a half of using Paw Paw . Here is where it is evident that Paw Paw needs to be used with a complete program . This is where ,after years of study, I came to the conclusion that  5 pillars of cancer need to be addressed namely:

Injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation.

Addressing these 5 pillars with the elimination of sugars, implementing high dense nutrition , Paw Paw and  using specific herbals for specific reasons makes the Paw Paw approach in overcoming cancer absolutely complete. Furthermore each of these pillars is scientifically documented by well renowned scientists such as Dr McLaughin.

Dr. Mclaughlin`s own sister died from breast cancer . She had taken the Taxol shot which cost $10,000 a shot and she suffered extreme pain and discomfort from this treatment. Taxol did not save her life. As a result of witnessing the extreme suffering of his sister Dr McLaughlin developed a strong desire and passion to help others overcome cancer.  The highlight for Dr. McLaughlin was here in Kelowna where 7 cancer success stories stood before him to thank him for his contribution to their lives. Present were:

Garry , diagnosed with throat cancer which metastasized to the lungs after chemo and radiation treatments in 2003. Used the Paw Paw approach successfully in 2003 and he is still cancer free in 2013.

Wes , lymphatic cancer of the neck, 2004 , did radiation treatments with only 35% chance of survival. Used the Paw Paw approach and has been cancer free since then .

Carrol , breast cancer twice after conventional chemo treatments. Used the Paw Paw approach sporadically but is cancer free today.

Ralph, lung cancer August 2012, after using the Paw Paw program is cancer free in January 2013

Marg, 2009 , kidney cancer, no chemo, no radiation, used the Paw Paw program and was cancer free in 8 months,. Is cancer free 2013

Ellen, colon cancer, did only surgery, no chemo, no radiation and is cancer free for 5 years now.

Ken, lymphatic cancer of the neck, did radiation treatments and the Paw Paw program and is cancer free today.¸

The new edition of my book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury houses over 60 success stories . Please call me to receive this new copy. 250 764 2852.

Finally , I am still amazed that even after witnessing real cancer successes, reading my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, there are many that remain in doubt and despair ,grasping for straws, searching for that magic cure, spending thousands of dollars. We reach out to you in hopes that you will gain this education to give you the guidance you may need to overcome not only cancer but also other diseased conditions as they also follow the common thread of the 5 pillars.