Sunday, October 6, 2013

Presentation for NSP convention 2013 by Donna Roth BA BEd MH

Presentation for NSP convention 2013   by Donna Roth BA BEd MH

Today 40% of Americans are choosing natural health therapies over the accepted conventional treatments. There is a big movement happening in Canada, in US and in this world.  People of all walks of life are awakening to the most profound discovery which is

“Nutrition makes us tick!”

Junk food makes us sick!

Dr Fuhrman says “There is no such thing as junk food! There is junk and there is food but there is no junk food!

Think about it “Would you put junk into your gas tank to fuel up your car?”

Then why would you put junk into your mouth to fuel up your body?

Not only are we consuming massive amounts of junk with little nutrients and no mineral content but also our present day foods are seriously depleted. Agricultural practices have interfered with our plants’ abilities to pick up raw elements from Mother Earth and convert them to bioavailable minerals for cell repair.  There is a study quoted in my book available on that  scientifically documents that in 1991:

Carrots had 75% less mg

Broccoli had 75% less calcium

Onions had 75% less calcium

Spinach had 60% less iron and 96% less copper

Meats had 54% less iron

The list goes on. Our present day foods are deficient in minerals and by relying only on grocery bought foods to sustain our health we get into trouble.

Today 98% of all Canadians are mineral deficient.

I love the quote Marcia sent us in Update and Educate a while back that said,” If you don’t take on your health where will you live?” Think about the way you would answer this question and you discover that this vision is a bit scary.

The symptoms that you are experiencing at this very moment are speaking to you. I love Steven Horne’s Body System Questionnaire. By completing the BSQ you come to understand that your symptoms tell you how deficient you really are. These symptoms are not to be ignored. Those symptoms blatantly tell you to get that nutrition into your body. The best way to do this is to get into that Habit of Health which means that every day you will either have a Smoothie and/ or take Super Trio and supplements. Now just close your eyes for a minute and put yourself in your shoes 6 months from now. You have an established habit of health pattern. Every day for those 6 months you eat the right foods, you  take some supplements with your meals and you make a delicious Smoothie with:

 Chinese  Mineral Chi Tonic,

 Green Zone,

Flax Hull Lignans ,

 Collatrim Plus and

Solstic Energy

Sometimes your Smoothie will have

 Arginine Plus,

 Aloe Vera juice,

 Nature’s Gold

 Ionic Minerals.

Sosltic Nutrition

 Wow! There is so many great high dense nutritious  Super Foods to choose from.  Sometimes you make a Smoothie once a day. Sometimes you make a Smoothie twice a day. Sometimes you make a mess. But one thing is very certain . You stick to your habit of health. So now   6 months has lapsed. What does your health look like? Let’s take a look ! You have no pain. You are free from diseases. You are not spending  your time attending doctors’ appointments like your neighbours down the street. You are not spending your money on expensive medications like your closest relatives. You are no longer lined up at Tim Horton’s for that morning coffee and donut. So what are you up to? You are doing all kinds of activities, bike riding; zip lining, parasailing, skiing. You are having so much fun! Then you go to the mailbox and lo and behold there is a cheque for you, a cheque from Nature’s Sunshine. Not only are you having all this fun but wherever you go you share your health story with others. You have impressed upon others to also take on the Habit of Health.  And for this you ended up with money in your pocket. Who told you Habit of Health was going to cost you money? The fact is Habit of Health is now earning you money. Feel that health and see that money! Open your eyes. Go back to this vision as frequently as you can and watch your health and financial results increase in the next 6 months.

What I frequently hear is ,”How much is this going to cost?” My response is ,”How much would you like it to cost because whatever you can afford on a monthly basis we can make it happen.” Your habit of health can be as simple as taking Mineral Chi Tonic and Cat’s Claw every day. If money is an issue for you you will come to appreciate  the beauty of Nature’s Sunshine in that their marketing is set up so that you can find 3 or more people who also will take on the habit of health to help pay for your habit of health. You can also develop this into a full time income as I did.

Now let me tell you about some great people who made Habit of Health a choice in their life. And you do have a choice. You can choose to spend your money on a daily habit of health or you will be forced to spend your money on your serious illness sometimes in the future

I want to share with you stories of people who simply did nothing more than stick to a habit of health for 6 weeks.

Dr. Bill reduced his heart medication by 90%

Dr Joen reduced her thyroid medication by 50%

Donna was able to wean off all her allergy medications and cholesterol and  high blood pressure medications.

Frank’s prostate is back to health after being diagnosed with a serious prostate condition. Frank is a mechanic . His medical doctor was so impressed she hired him to be the health consultant in her health spa.

Last week Lance came to see me to pick up some supplements. He is a true blue habit of health type of guy. Lance is the foreman for a heavy equipment operation. When he is at home he takes Smoothies and when he is away to work he takes Stress Pak , Solstic Energy and Melatonin. Let me share with you his comments. “ I have gone through many other company brands . But this one, Nature’s Sunshine is real. You can feel the difference. Melatonin. I’ve tried many different brands – didn’t work! This one from Nature’s Sunshine worked right away.  I take 1 packet of Stress Pak in the morning before I go to work and it makes a big difference for me. Just keeps me calm.  I would love to give the Stress Pak to all the employees on the job. The accident rate would drop dramatically and the Superintendants would be much happier. Now Silver Shield is excellent especially for a stuffy dry nose. There is nothing like it. And it clears up cold sores in 2 days. I am so impressed that my wife is setting up a shop to do the Nature’s Sunshine business.

Then Peter called me from, Montreal. My business is not limited to Kelowna.  This summer Peter was laid off from his job. He is 57 years old and is looking for a job. The company he worked for decided to hire another guy who would cost them $ 15,000 a year less. Wow, at his age this is sad. So Peter has decided to do Nature’s Sunshine as a side line business while he looks for another job. He sees the potential in it. But there is one big problem. And that is people don’t believe that these herbs can make a difference in their health. I asked Peter to tell me what it was like for him when he first decided to take on a habit of health. He went back to 5 years ago when he was visiting Kelowna and suffering with a severe migraine headache. His host in Kelowna said that that there was another way. He could go and see Donna Roth.  This is what Peter said,” I was skeptical , I must admit. How could some supplements out there fix my migraine headache when drugs could not touch it. . Then I thought about it . What’s the worst that could happen…. just $300 more in the hole. “Peter spent the money to give it a good try. He went off sugar and gluten foods and started on Zambroza,  BP-C as a blood purifier along with ULC-R to clear up the ulcers , Paw Paw and Protease Plus enzymes. And to his pleasant surprise he started to see results within a month. Where he used to get 2 headaches a week he was now getting 1 headache every 2 weeks and within 3 months the headaches totally disappeared. Now there were some side effects that Peter experienced that he never thought would ever happen. He failed to tell me that he also was diagnosed with Becet’s syndrome where he lost 70% of his vision in one eye and his knee was very swollen and painful and he would get frequent mouth sores. He had gone to all kinds of doctors for a solution to this problem. No one could help him and he was told he would have to live with this for the rest of his life and that  he had to be on a drug for the rest of his life. Not so once he started his Habit of Health. The swollen knee totally subsided and the mouth sores cleared up. Well, it just so happened that within 3 months this all cleared up and he was able to wean off his drugs because there just was no more Becet’s happening any more.

And I have asked Gayle to stand up. Two years ago her husband had a very serious health problem with a lump on his neck. He took on a specific habit of health program having Smoothies twice a day, taking supplements with every meal. He did this faithfully for a year. She recently reported that I would be proud of Ken.  He is on his way to South Africa to do a special motor bike trip with his good buddies. Thank you Gayle. Please remain standing.

Who here at this convention today has taken on the Habit if Health meaning having Smoothies every day or taking Super Trio or other supplements on a daily basis for  1 year or less please stand and remain standing.

-for  5 years or less

- for 10 years or less

- for 20 years or less

For 30 years or more

Now look around you. This is only a very small portion of Canadians who are into the habit of health. Do we really understand how serious the health of all Canadians is? We here have the ability to touch the lives of thousands simply by sharing our health success stories .The goal here is to have every household in Canada into the habit of health. Who here is on board to make this happen.  Can I hear your  voice ?

Thank you.