Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Newletter

Christmas Season’s Greetings From Donna Roth December 2013

I am blown away ! I can’t help but tell you why!

 The number of success stories I have been receiving lately exceeds my expectations.

So many people are using my site to get informed and educated.

All kinds of people are getting on board the TAFYH project to change their health and their lives.

There is a huge paradigm shift happening and all kinds of people are moving towards nutrition for help.

And it is working ! Our Nutritional Therapeutic programs are touching many lives.


 I am enclosing a Body Systems Questionnaire . Please fill it out and send me an email or call me 250 764 2852. As my Christmas gift to you I will gladly organize a Nutritional Therapeutic  Program for you free of charge. Your name will also be entered into a $150 draw which includes products of high quality  from Nature’s Sunshine. This offer ends December 20/13


I encourage each and every one of you to participate in TAFYH, TAKING ACTION FOR YOUR HEALTH. It is one of its kind in this whole world. You will love TAFYH!  It is a 7 week, very structured, daily 15 minute teleconference call approach providing you with education and the opportunity to take responsibility for your own health through commitments which include:

Exercise and Ionic breathing

Eating the right foods and having a high dense nutritional Smoothie every day.

One Day Bowel Cleanse, One Day Kidney Cleanse, Liver Cleanse

TAFYH is result oriented and everyone achieves results:

Dr. Bill reduced his heart medications by 90%.

Dr. Joen has lost 15 lb and her thyroid meds have been reduced by 50%.

Dr. J used the TAFYH Emergency lesson for a serious heart attack incident.

Frank’s prostate cancer is gone.

Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medication.

Victoria's brain fog is gone and her energy is restored in following TAFYH.

Diana says TAFYH has saved her husband's life.

Val’s husband with a rare blood disease has not had to have a phlebotomy for 10 weeks now.

Val lost 20 pounds.

Susan cleared up her eczema and it has never come back.

Nick passed hundreds of gall stones dissolved through a simple Gall Bladder Flush.

Baljit was able to decrease his insulin intake from 68 units a day to 9 units a day.

The TAFYH fee is $277 plus the cost of supplies. This price is subject to change in 2014. TAFYH team 8 is now full . TAFYH starts in Jan. /2013.  Please call me at 250 764 2852 to register for TAFYH team 9.


Please make it a choice to touch one more heart by sharing this message with someone else.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.


Love ,

Donna Roth


Eye Infection

One lady ended up with a huge infection in the eye. Initially she took antibiotics but there was a terrible reaction to it. She was given a tube of  Silver Gel which she applied to her eye and the pain subsided immediately. She kept applying the Silver Gel and within a day the infection went away.


“When you are in choice you are powerful!  “ Lynn K.

“Fear destroys kidneys and the stomach lining. “Lynn K


Tightness of the ankle.

“Enzyme Spray takes away the tightness of my ankle. It’s amazing . I swear by it.”


Acid Reflux

One man had a bad cased of acid reflux and the doctor thought it was an ulcer. He decided  to take

 ULC-R and Digestive Enzymes with every meal . “I noticed a difference immediately. Ever since taking these 2 products I have had no symptoms of acid reflux at all. “


“To me it is a real privilege to be a distributor of Nature’s Sunshine products. “ Bev


Severe edema in the ankle that travelled up to the thigh.

One 85 year old lady was troubled by severe edema that caused her ankle to swell and even travelled to her calf and thigh. “I was scared as it would not go away.” She did the One Day Kidney Flush which helped somewhat but then this problem came back. I found it interesting that she picked nutrition as her first option. “ Going to the doctor meant numerous tests and waiting and that is not what I wanted to do.”  It was the Emergency First Response for Heart that really worked. This is where she took * MC all at once along with Capsicum 3 caps opened in water with Mineral Chi Tonic and water along with CoQ10 2 capsules. Within a day all symptoms of edema subsided and it has not returned.


“TAFYH has the formula to transform your health and for you to become the best.” Susan

Falling Abnormally Asleep

One lady had a serious problem with falling asleep every 5 minutes and she was not able to concentrate. She was put on a Nutritional Therapeutic program using Paw Paw , Mineral Chi Tonic, Super Trio and Cat’s Claw . Within 2 weeks she saw a huge difference.


The biggest controlling conversation is “I have no money.”



One little 5 year old , ADD, ADHD,  violent behaviour , was given TNT powder and Focus ATN and the symptoms subsided in 5 days.


“Donna designed TAFYH to teach us how to save lives. “Jasse

“Your body is created to heal! Stop owning your cancer.”

“30% of all people get better because of placebo effect.  They simply become connected.” Julie


Achy Feet

One lady had trouble walking because her feet would ache and pain. “ The varicose veins were also very bad and bothering me.” She did the Oral Chelation Program

MC   4 tablets  two times a day

Mineral Chi Tonic

Gingko /Hawthorn


Vitamin D3

‘I am now in my 8th month and I can walk without achy feet. The pain has all gone away!”


“Little changes that are consistent lead to big results.” Lynn K.

“TAFYH connects all the dots. I love the lessons!”

“We all have an oil pan and it’s in the bottom!”

“Vaccinations are all genetically engineered.” Dr. Shiv Chopra ,2013


Skin Cancer

Bev used the Paw Paw program for skin cancer spots that would not heal.

Paw Paw 12 a day

Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day

Cat’s Claw 6 a day

Flax Lignans

Super Omega 3

Vit D3.


She stopped eating all sugar, all grains, all legumes and milk. She applied Paw Paw mixed with

 Pau D’Arco lotion to the affected area. She started this program in March 2012 and in November 2012 the spots turned to normal skin. “It’s not what I thought. I never thought cancer is fed by sugar and Candida . Candida and cancer go hand in hand. I never thought cancer was an injury. I had warning signs of cancer for years but I did not know what it was.”


When performance is measured, performance improves.” Susan

“Do you want to be a leader in your health or a passive person in your health ? “ Susan

Wake up and realize what it is!

TAFYH is the access of having healthy people in this world.

“Wheat, corn, soy, sugar is all genetically engineered.” Dr. Shiv Chopra, 2013


Pain Relief

I used to use a hot water bottle on my back pain but the Pain Relief Towelette is much better. It relieved my pain right away!” Mike