Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oral Chelation


The call with Carol was very well received and totally amazing. If you did not have an opportunity to attend this call you can listen to the playback which is:

1 760 569 7699

Access code is 972723#

Carol talked about the Oral Chelation program that very few people in this world even know exists. Most people have no idea that they can save their own lives if they are undergoing heart attacks or strokes by doing the simple Oral Chelation program. The majority out there believe that only 911 can save your life. After you listen to this call you will have a totally different point of view. You will find out that you can be in control even if you have the heavy chest, the chest pains ,the pain running through your left arm, then to your left shoulder then up your neck. However the key to being in control is to be prepared with two things:


Products for Oral Chelation which is Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and MC.

MC is a meticulously quality controlled tablet containing vitamins , minerals, amino acids, bovines and herbs synergistically put together by a very skilled biochemist whose name is Dr. McCausland.  This designer product not only cleans the arteries but it also heals the arteries and restores the arteries to their natural state of health. Once the arteries are healed then the cholesterol that the liver made to patch up the damaged arteries is cleaned up as well as it is no longer useful and needed. Now what do you do when the doctor tells you that your cholesterol is high? You get statin drugs not to clean out the arteries , not to heal the arteries but to strip the cholesterol off the artery wall . This is the most dangerous act against Nature. As you can see removing the cholesterol that is there to patch a weak artery wall is asking for the artery to burst. If that is not bad enough then you also have the statin drug stealing your store of CoQ10, the consequence of which could be a heart attack.


As Carol strongly stated in her call everyone over 40 these days needs to be taking MC as our arteries are  constantly bombarded with masses of waste debris daily and bit by bit they shred our artery wall,; the lectins, phytates, gliadins,  Candida yeast, foreign proteins, heavy metals, vaccines, drug residues etc. Carol told a story in her call about a husband who was not interested in natural remedies. When he died of a blood clot and a stroke the autopsy showed that his arteries were shredded. The question I often put forth in TAFYH ( Taking Action For Your Health) is this,” Put yourself in your shoes 1 year from now, what will your health look like?” You can all prevent a heart attack, a stroke, a blood clot, and shredded arteries! The solution is the Oral Chelation program:

MC work up to taking 6 twice a day

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 3 oz a day


CoQ10 the oil based one by Dr. Judy from Nature’s Sunshine

Capsicum for better blood flow

K if there is edema

Here is the trap that many people fall into by not heeding to Nature. A man in his 60’s tried MC and after using it for 1 month said that he would not take it any more because it wasn’t doing anything for him. However what he did not acknowledge was that he did not have to get up to go to the bathroom at night after using MC for 1 month. His prostate started to work right , the swelling went down and the bathroom trips subsided. So he went off MC. Consequence was that the prostate began to swell, then he was diagnosed with cancer= surgery= a serious hospital infection=isolation for 3 weeks= antibiotics= intestinal tract infection= diapers= diabetes= a brain tumour. Result is that he died. Yet all this could have been prevented if he had stayed on MC !

Please listen to this call and take action. Call 250 764 2852 and order MC and Mineral Chi Tonic.