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Newsletter 2014 Happy New Year From the Desk of Donna Roth

Newsletter 2014  Happy New  Year From the Desk of Donna Roth
C-diff by Wes
Wes was diagnosed with C-diff and was prescribed several different antibiotics for a period of several months. He was also experiencing acid reflex and was taking a medication to slow down circulation to the liver area. His situation only worsened and he dropped down to  135lbs. This is when he became open minded and asked himself if there was another way. Soon enough he met Donna Roth who gave him three very specific instructions.
 1. Eliminate all sugars, grains, legumes and milk;
 2. Take Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic - 3 ounces; 3. Take Cat’s Claw combination 4 – 3 times a day.
 Exactly 6 days later all symptoms of stomach cramping, diarrhea and yellow whites of the eyes changed.  His energy returned and he went back to the hospital to do a stool test. The stool test indicated that the C-diff was totally gone. Within a short period of time, Wes was able to wean off the liver medication and all symptoms of acid reflex and bleeding esophagus subsided.

Varicose Veins by Pat
“I had very bad varicose veins. They would stick out and pop up and my legs would get heavy.” Pat decided to take Mineral Chi Tonic along with Vari-Gone 4 a day all at once in the morning. She noticed a huge difference within a short period of time. The veins no longer swelled up or popped out and the legs were no longer heavy. “I had this problem for three years. What a big difference!”
Knee Pain
“I take Cur-Q-Min 2 a day in the morning and it helps with pain in my knee”
TAFYH Taking Action for Your Health
TAFYH has the formula for you to become the best nutritional therapeutic practitioner. TAFYH is the access to having healthy people in this world. However the controlling conversation is “I have no money.” TAFYH transforms people’s health with velocity. You get results in 7 weeks.

“If you treat the cancer, you kill the patient. If you treat the person you kill the cancer.”

One six-year-old suffered from bad psoriasis. Grains, milk and sugars were eliminated from the diet and each day he was given 3 capsules of Super Omega 3, Children’s Chewable Vitamins and Minerals, Vitamin C, Ionic Minerals and Zambroza. Within one month, all symptoms cleared up.

In TAFYH you’re connecting all the dots. I love the lessons.

Aches and Pains in the Feet by Shirley
``I had trouble working. My feet would ache and pain constantly. My varicose veins were bothering me. Shirley did the Oral Chelation program as follows. MC 4- 4 times a day, Gingko-Hawthorn 6 a day, Mineral Chi Tonic 2 ounces a day, Chlorophyll and Vitamin D3. “I am now in my fifth month. I can walk without aching feet and my pain has totally gone away.”
Dr. Glidden – “30% of people get better because of placebo effect. It is people accessing the field. People are smart enough to take care of themselves; however, people are destroyed by lack of knowledge and they fall deep down into the rabbit hole. The drug companies have convinced you for the last 100 years  that the only person you should see is the MD. To heal requires 90 essential nutrients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2 essential fatty acids. We live in an industrial agricultural world and these nutrients are no longer present in our food, unless you are using minerals, something breaks down. Your body wants to fix itself but the MD says your body cannot fix itself.”

Dr. McDougall, Steve Jobs’s doctor, regarding Cancer. “Cells have rules. They don’t divide at their own free will. They divide when there is a wound and they divide to repair that wound.”

Dr. McLaughin visited Kelowna in June of 2013. Seven of my cancer clients were present at this event. Juanita – Uterine Cancer, gone;
 Garry – stage 4 tongue and lung cancer, gone;
 Wes – lymphatic/tongue cancer, gone;
 Ellen – colon cancer, gone; Ralph – lung cancer, gone;
Ken – cancerous lump on the neck stage 4, gone;
Marge – Kidney cancer, gone.
This was a profound moment in my life. The new edition of my book – Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury – houses 60 success stories. Cancer is in epidemic stages and everyone needs a copy of my book and everyone needs to register for TAFYH.

Diabetes by Beljit
Beljit was using 63 units of insulin a day to control his diabetes. He pursued the TAFYH project and within 7 weeks he was able to reduce his insulin to 9 units a day. He lost his belly fat, and he feels great. “I have more energy, I am working better at my work, this is a pathway and I’m staying on this path.” In TAFHY we are a team, we are not alone.

Falling Asleep and Unable to Concentrate by R
R was falling asleep every 5 minutes and was unable to concentrate. She took Paw-Paw, Protease Plus, Mineral Chi-Tonic, Super Trio and Cat’s Claw; and eliminated sugar and grains. Within 2 weeks she noticed a huge difference.
Breathing Problems by Darlene
“A year ago, I would have to stop to catch my breath 7 to 10 times during my walk. Today instead of eating grains and fast food breakfasts, I eat chicken, beef, sardines and lots of vegetables. I do a Green Zone smoothie every day, along with Cat’s Claw 2 per day. This has made a big difference for me. I no longer have problems with breathing and I have lost weight.”

Prostate Problems by Nick
“My PSA was high and one and half years ago. The specialist said: ‘You have 3 years if you don’t do what I ask!( chemo and surgery’). I refused the biopsy and surgery, and I did the Paw-Paw program. I no longer feel weak and tired, and my sexual desires have returned. I am just following the program.”

 “Everyone is someone’s daughter, someone’s son, someone’s mother, someone’s father, someone’s sister, someone’s brother. It is love that sustains life so let’s set grudges aside.” – Dr. DeVisser

“Thank you for helping many people.” – Daniel

Oral Chelation by Rose
“I had a serious blockage in my arteries and I wanted to prevent a bypass surgery. I, therefore ,followed the oral chelation program, taking 4 MC tablets at each meal with a total of 12 per day along with Mineral Chi Tonic. I did this for 1 month for every 10 years of my age. I would also not have a bowel movement for 9 days in a row. I had my mercury fillings removed and within 3 weeks of doing this, I was a totally different person. An ND told me I had lots of mercury in my blood stream. The oral chelation program gave me great results. I am 79 years old, I have now been on MC for 6 years, my bowels move regularly, I am on no blood pressure medication and I have avoided bypass surgery. I feel wonderful.”

Emphysema by Margaret
“I am 66 years old and I have been on an oxygen tank for my lungs for 3 years because of emphysema. This disease was progressively getting worse over the 3 years; I couldn’t breathe on my own. A year ago I got very sick in Mexico and ended up in the hospital for 1 week. My disease hit me hard and I lost some of my memory. I had been, in the past, a smoker for many years. 14 years ago
I quit smoking after watching my brother die. It was terrible.  Last summer I went through a lot of tests with a lung specialist who said my lungs were full of emphysema and my heart was affected. I watched my neighbour, Ken, heal his cancer and I thought perhaps there was something for me. So I decided to visit Donna Roth. What an eye opener it was for me to learn that bread was a factor. I lived on sandwiches! I had toast for breakfast, soup and sandwiches for lunch and sandwiches for supper. I ate natural grain breads and I thought they were good for me. That all had to change upon visiting Donna Roth. I now ate eggs for breakfast and everyone thought I was eating too many eggs. I was craving bread and thought I was starving to death. I now ate meat and vegetables and I use almond milk instead of dairy. On Sept 24, 2013 I started having 2 smoothies per day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Zambroza, Solstic Energy, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone, Liquid Calcium, berries and avocado; I drank only water, took 3 MC tablets 3 times per day, Stress Pack and Milk Thistle. I did this religiously every morning. Eventually the craving went away. However, I must admit I cheated on sweets once in a while. I love carrot cake and I had it once a week. By Dec 5, 2013, I could go all day without using my oxygen tank. My energy is unbelievable. I used to go to bed at 8 pm, now it’s 10pm and I’m still not tired. I have been able to reduce my puffers from every 2 hours to only 3 times a day. I feel well enough to go back to Mexico.”

Shortness of Breath, Headaches and Chest Pains
Nick’s friend Mike was very worried about his shortness of breath, headaches and chest pains. He decided to follow Dr. Julie DeVisser’s program of just eating vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries and apples for 2 weeks and taking smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic and Noni Juice. He also took MC and Tiao He Pac for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks he introduced red meats into his program. Within 3 weeks his shortness of breath was gone, his headaches were gone, his chest pains were gone and he lost weight! He feels lighter and his energy is up; he can walk up the stairs with no shortness of breath.

Breast Cancer, A Letter by Jan, recent TAFYH grad.
Dear Family and Friends, 
I just wanted to share with you the following results that I have just received.
Most of you know ( some don't and I'm sorry, you get tired of talking about it) that I was diagnosed with double breast cancer along with 3 lymph nodes under my right arm. That was on October 23rd. I felt very strong that I could heal my own cancer, I just needed to know why I got it and how to fix it.
As it turned out there is a way to live cancer free as well as other diseases too. 
Two years ago I was given information of a lady right here in our little town of Kelowna who has helped many, many people  with cancer, diabetes, heart problems, digestive, obesity, liver, kidney prostrate,etc
So what is Cancer, It starts with an injury to the body, that can come in many forms
ie  root canal in a tooth, parasites, toxins,  underwire bras etc.
Inflammation, we have to address all the contributing factors  to the inflammation that is obstructing the healing process.  This would be leaky gut, candida, toxic teeth, household chemicals.
Elimination, We have to increase the lymphatic through the bowels, kidneys by cleansing and detoxing
Circulation, we have to increase the body temperature by cleansing the blood
Infection, we have to cleanse the microbial infestation..
 If you would like information of the products to use for all of these steps please email me.
 Now for the exciting results. 1 1/2 month later. 
My immune system was functioning at 13 now is 90
My adrenals were functioning at 49 now 70
My pituitary was functioning at 41 now 90
My thyroid was functioning at 25 now 90
My moisture level was a 6 now 7
My liver is now at 80
My digestion was functioning at 42 now is at 90
My free radicals were at 80 now down to 31 
Mercury was 3 down to 2
Copper was 5 down to 2
Cadium was 4 now 1
My yeast is gone.
My hormones are balanced 
My cancer is gone in the left breast, still slightly in the right breast, and barely any left in the right lymph.
My body temperature went from 35.3 to 36.8
My weight went from 160 to 143
My blood pressure is normal 122 over 65.  ONCE AGAIN this is only 1 1/2 months of working at cleaning up my system 
Babies are born at 100 points, by the time they reach 3 they start to loose the value line.  So to be up in my 90s is amazing for me, and done so very quickly. I am farhealthier then I was 10 years ago 
Plus my energy is huge especially after having my tooth removed. 
If you would like to make 2014 your best health year ever I am here for you to help you understand this amazing program.  It's simple.