Sunday, June 29, 2014

Newsletter From the Desk of Donna Roth June, 2014

Newsletter  From the Desk of Donna Roth June, 2014
I just want to extend my greatest appreciation to the 80 people who attended the Dr. Jay event in Kelowna. Unfortunately Dr. Jay’s flight was delayed by several hours in Green Bay, Wisconsin due to severe storms and he was not able to get to Kelowna. Consequently in the last hour our Nature’s Sunshine General Manager , Jennifer Cole, asked if I, Donna Roth,  could do a presentation for that evening. I quickly organized my thoughts and phoned a few people to help me. I want to thank these people who came forward in the last minute and stood up at the event to share their success stories.
Fran shared the story of her husband who cancelled his transurethral bypass surgery . He did the Paw Paw program. Fran is a TAFYH grad and leader.
Terry was in a serious car accident and after a kidney cleanse she went through back pain and a rash for a few days. Her back pain and rash is gone. Terry is a recent TAFYH grad.
Jacquie talked about TAFYH and how she has decided to join me in the vision for TAFYH. “ Donna’s vision for TAFYH is huge.” Jacquie is a TAFYH grad.
Bernice talked about the results she got for her heart problems. Bernice is a TAFYH grad.
Leif had a suspicious lung congestion and Paw Paw cleared it up.
Jan was diagnosed with double breast cancer. She had no surgery, no chemo, no radiation. She did the Paw Paw program and is in amazing health. Jan is a TAFYH grad.
Yvonne was acknowledged for helping Garry overcome throat/lung cancer in 2003 and to this day Garry who takes nutritional supplements daily is still cancer free. Garry was at the event only temporarily. Yvonne is a TAFYH grad.
Lynn was acknowledged for helping Jaunita overcome uterine cancer and for helping Ellen overcome colon cancer.
Juanita was there. She did the Paw Paw program and overcame uterine cancer. Juanita is a TAFYH grad.
Val talked about a lady she worked with to overcome soft cell carcinoma using the Paw Paw program.
Lillian talked about her experience with a serious infection and how she overcame it using the Cat’s Claw program. Lillian is a TAFYH grad.
Shirley talked about her serious intestinal dysfunction after taking antibiotics for infection. She overcame this issue by doing TAFYH. Shirley is a TAFYH grad.
Lisa talked about her little boy who no longer needs an assistant in school and gets A’s in his report cards by doing a therapeutic nutritional program.’
Pat was acknowledged for her wise comment,” And you don’t have to be a lawyer from Philadelphia to understand the lessons in TAFYH.” Pat is a TAFYH grad.
Val briefly talked about  the quality control labs in Nature’s Sunshine.  Val recently attended the Rising Star convention in Utah where she visited the Nature’s Sunshine quality control labs. Nature’s Sunshine houses 9 Research and Development Labs and their quality control is meticulous. It is beyond pharmaceutical grade.” Nature’s Sunshine products are the best quality controlled products in the world.”
Congratulations to Lynn Lindberg who won the $500 Nature’s Sunshine gift basket. She called her guests together and shared the basket with them.
The Dr. Jay Event in Vancouver
Dr. Jay did appear in Vancouver on Friday and I attended this event. There were 38 people in attendance. The person whose name was drawn for the big  Nature’s Sunshine gift basket did not show up with her party and consequently the basket went to Jacquelyn Johnston. I would like to share the high lights of Dr. Jay’s talk.
Everyone today is looking for that way to get more energy and therefore they spend money on energy drinks. Over 8 billion dollars was spent in 2012 on energy drinks. Energy drinks contain glucoronolactones which is a type of amphetamine that goes straight to the brain and causes addiction.
There is one important factor missing in the concept of energy and that is vitality. Life requires vitality and consciousness  (the ability to choose correctly). Today’s science and faulty medicine does not take consciousness into account and considers only the materialistic world which is only 3% of what the world has to offer. Just because we can’t see 97% of the universe does not mean it does not exist. We cannot see consciousness but it is there.  It allows us to choose dis ease or health. However to be able to freely choose we need empowerment and the knowledge of all that we are. OPTO  ERGO SUM I choose therefore I am. Stem cells injected into DNA in a lab setting cannot make life because consciousness is missing. In other words life is infused into matter by injecting consciousness.
Science is not for health . It is only for chronic care. 75% of all medical costs are due to chronic care. And chronic care does not take into account vital energy. It is vital energy that is needed to sustain health and that does not come from materialistic science.
There is a popular brand of vitamin/ mineral tablets on the market today that is totally toxic. It contains sodium selenite, nikelous sulfate, sodium borate etc.  that  are all man made ,are poison and cancer causing. It contains chemical isolates that have no vitality. This product is totally synthetic with no vitality and yet it is considered safe. What is missing in this product is consciousness and vitality. It is up to us to bring this awareness to the world and to choose a product with vitality. Choose Super Trio which is vital nutritional support with consciousness and a unique blend of macro and trace minerals.
If we want to heal our bodies we must put into our bodies something that is alive. You need to know what you are buying. What do the majority of the population do . They buy drugs and take them too. All drugs are chemo therapy. There is no vitality in them.  “Every single drug known to man depletes CoQ10  and all of you need to be taking crystal free CoQ10 from Nature’s Sunshine.”Many go to various stores to buy herbs and minerals. “You are wasting your money on what you are buying as there is no vitality in these products.”
To demonstrate vitality Dr. Jay used a light bulb attached to 2 prongs and inserted these prongs into 3 different mineral solutions;
Undisclosed brand name liquid mineral , the light bulb showed a faint light
Nature’s Sunshine Ionic Minerals, the light bulb showed a little brighter light.
Nature’s Sunshine Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , the light bulb glowed with intensity.
Dr.Jay talked about the vitality of Green Zone. It is nutrient dense , high phytonutrient , high vitality protein with 36 green whole and super food ingredients from the land and the sea plus minerals , amino acids, fatty acids, chlorophyll, bioflavanoids and antioxidants. “ Put it into your Smoothie!”
Why must you choose with consciousness the brand , Nature’s Sunshine?
1.Nature’s Sunshine has been in the vital energy business since 1972.
2. Nature’s Sunshine’s quality ensures there is no contaminant in any of their supplements and whole foods to change the vitality of the products.
3.Nature’s Sunshine has a vast Herbal Proprietary inventory of vital energy.
4. Most of the Nature’s Sunshine products are wild crafted and from the wild.
5.Nature’s Sunshine ensures that all dried herbs have a 20% moisture content which is crucial for the dried herbs to maintain that vitality. “You have to know what you are doing when drying herbs.”

In conclusion Dr. Jay stated that we need to pay attention to vital energies using vital energy products from Nature’s Sunshine. “ You have to fix yourself. The practitioner cannot fix you. Natural health is common sense. Bones knit all on their own and you can heal your own body. Take vital nutrition and allow time and patience and you will heal.”

Maria was present at the Vancouver event.
Maria was diagnosed with a tumour in her brain area near the pituitary. She was eating the right foods and purchasing supplements from a health food store and this she did for a period of a whole year. When she went to the doctor for tumour marker testing to her dismay her tumour markers increased and now the tumour markers were at 349 and normal is 180. What was she doing wrong?  She was following what appeared to be a decent program. This is when a friend asked her to call Donna Roth and at the beginning  of May, after a consultation with Donna Roth,  she started the Paw Paw program. Within 9 days her tumour markers dropped by 75 points down to 276. Maria was elated and wanted to know what was different from the program she was previously following. My response to this was quality control. All the products from Nature’s Sunshine are vigorously tested to ensure high energy and high nutrient contents. She continued the Paw Paw program and when the next test happened her markers were down by 50 more points to 226. She is almost back to the normal range. Yeah for Maria!!