Thursday, August 28, 2014

Learnings from Nature’s Sunshine Leadership Salt Lake City 2014-08-28

Learnings from Nature’s Sunshine Leadership Salt Lake City 2014-08-28

Wynn Robertson Chief Operating Officer Nature’s Sunshine
Our ( Nature’s Sunshine) compensation plan is the best in the world.
There are no better people than Nature’s Sunshine people.
The supplement industry is fast growing .

Adrianna , President, NSP
Predict the future by creating it.
Do something you have never done before.
Have Shakes every morning.
Didre Henderson, Senator , Utah
Don’t take counsel from your fears.
Be brave enough to fail.
Experience rejection.

Doug Corrigan: VP , Canada and US
Are you laying bricks or are you building cathedrals?
Allow health , wealth and happiness to flow through us and to us.
Stop prospecting for customers.
Start attracting partners in prosperity.
Find, Develop, Transform
Finding is the most difficult.
 Try the Sunshine Reward Program. Order $200 a month and enroll 2 more members.
The only time herbs don’t work is when people don’t take enough and don’t take it long enough.

Josh, InForm instructor
Those that are crazy enough to say they’ll change the world actually do.
I believe in it so much I am teaching it.
We want 15 of 100 people’s efforts.
Mike lost 65 pounds, triglycerides dropped from 340 to 84, blood pressure 125/75, blood sugar levels dropped. He had been on bad eating habits for 22 years and these results only took 9 months.

Became anorexic as a teenager and dropped 188 pounds to 82 pounds. Nature’s Sunshine products are the best products in the world. No other company out there that deals holistically with weight loss. InForm teaches you about internal beauty.

If you get your 100 grams of protein a day you are not hungry at all.  2 scoops of NutriBurn is 30 grams, a great way to start off the day.

Dr. Luis Pachecho MD
Nature’s Sunshine products are second to none in quality. They show:
Result oriented
Forbes 2013 Magazine reported America’s most trustworthy companies. Only 1 company made this list : Nature’s Sunshine.
Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.
1.       Cleanse and detoxify
2.       Build with natural proteins
3.       Supplement to maintain health every day.
Daily Essentials:
Super Trio
Cur Q Min
Smart Meal
Be the change you want to see. Be awesome.
For us quality is not just a word. Quality is how we show care and respect.