Sunday, September 28, 2014

14 Reasons Why You Need Nutritional Supplements

14 Reasons Why You Need Nutritional Supplements

1.Poor Digestion — Even when your
food intake is good, inefficient digestion
can limit your body’s uptake of
nutrients. Digestive Enzymes

2. Laxatives — Overuse of laxatives can
result in poor absorption of vitamins
and minerals from food, by hastening
the intestinal transit time.Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

3. Vegetarian Diets — Vegetarian diets, which exclude meat and other foods from animal
sources, must be very skillfully planned to avoid B12 deficiency, which may lead
to anemia.Liquid B12 , SynerProtein Powder

4. Overcooking/microwaving — Overcooking, microwaving or reheating of meats and
vegetables can oxidize and destroy heat-susceptible vitamins and minerals.Super Trio Pack

5. Convenience Foods — A diet of simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, white flour,
white rice, starches, and fast foods places greater demand on additional resources of
vitamins and minerals to process the refined carbohydrates and food additives.Super Trio Pack

6. Antibiotics — Some antibiotics (although valuable in fighting infection) also kill off
friendly bacteria in the stomach, which would normally be producing certain vitamins
to be absorbed through the intestinal walls .Probiotic 11

7. Food Allergies — The omission of whole food groups from the diet, as in the case of
individuals allergic to gluten or lactose, can result in a lack of key nutrients.Smart Meal

8. Accidents & Illness - Surgery increases the body’s need for nutrients involved in
cellular repair and healing.Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Solstic Energy

9. Stress — Chemical, physical and emotional stresses and pollution, alcohol and smoking,
can increase the body’s requirements for certain vitamins.Stress Pack, Zerenity

10. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) — Research has demonstrated that up to 60% of
women suffering from PMS can benefit from better nutrition.Candida Clear and Super Trio Pack

11. Pregnancy — Pregnancy creates higher than normal demands for nutrients, to ensure
healthy growth of the baby. Doctors now routinely recommend supplements for
expecting moms.Three Combination, Chlorophyll, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

12. Oral Contraceptives — Oral contraceptives can decrease absorption of some vitamins
and minerals.Super Trio Pack

13. Seniors — Seniors have been shown to have a low intake of vitamins and minerals,
due to a reduced appetite and the aging process MC.Essential Liquid Minerals, Chinese Mineral Chi

14. Athletes/Physically-Active Individuals — Athletes are subjected to large amounts
stress and increased nutritional demands. Supplementation can meet the need for
increased amounts of vitamins and minerals.MC, Chinese Mineral Chi, Super Trio Pack