Saturday, October 25, 2014


Donna Roth

Nature's Sunshine Convention
Recently I attended the Nature's Sunshine Convention with my son, Dean. It was a wonderful experience and Nature's Sunshine
is all about education. Besides their  excellent products and excellent people, I love Nature's Sunshine for their education.
My priority in life is to educate others to take on their own health. Health =Life = Freedom. What I offer to others is education
through teleconference calls, through courses, through TAFYH and through personal consultations.

Award of Excellence & Bob Shaffer Award
Now each year one person from the many members in Nature's Sunshine is selected to receive a very prestigious award known as the Bob Schaffer
Award of Excellence. This award is given to that one person who does outstanding performance in the field of Nature's Sunshine and one who makes a difference
in the lives of many others. This year I was selected to be the recipient of this amazing award. What an honour it was to stand before
500 people as the Bob Schaffer Award along with a beautiful flower bouquet was presented to me by General Manager
of Nature's Sunshine Canada, Jennifer Cole ! This was the most touching and humbling experience.

My Gratitude and Appreciation
So today I stand before you, Nature's Sunshine Senior Managers, Managers, Associates, Clients, to express my most sincere gratitude for your
faith and support in the work that I do. It is you, who have helped me to achieve this honor. It is you, who have attended my many years of  classes,
seminars and  taken my courses. I  thank you for this. It is you, who have attended my Monday teleconference calls. I  thank you for this. It is you, who have
taken my herbal health education to heart and applied it to your lives so that you, too , could have the health you were searching for. I thank you for this, It is you who have
taken on Nature's Sunshine as a way to educate others to make a difference in their lives.  I thank you for this. It is you who have devoted your health
to TAFYH principles .I thank you for this. It is you who have made me successful! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for this.
Many of you have expressed many kind words of congratulations. I want you to know that your words are meaningful and taken to heart. I appreciate your emails,
your phone calls, and your heartfelt conversations.

Transforming the Health of Nations.
With this Award of  Excellence I now wish to state strongly that this achievement is only a stepping stone to greater things. We have a huge work to do. In my eyes Nature's
Sunshine is a movement as much as it is a business. We have the answers that people are searching for. Everyone wants a cure for cancer, for arthritis, for diabetes,
for heart disease and for so many other health issues. The answer lies in not in a silver bullet but in Therapeutic Nutrition. The answer lies not in a product but in a program.
The key here is EDUCATION. I urge you to take on your health,  join TAFYH and become a TAFYH leader. Together let's transform the health of nations!