Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Conversation with H on Chemo for Colon Cancer

A Conversation with H on Chemo for Colon Cancer
Yesterday I had a great conversation with H, a client who has used Paw Paw for colon cancer since the Fall of 2010. Unfortunately before starting Paw Paw  he had a portion of his colon surgically removed. He talked about his experience with chemotherapy. These are his words: “ You lose your short term memory. It totally destroys your confidence and this is extremely stressful. You just can’t remember how you organized your life the day before. The filing system of your brain just disappears. You try to remember a word or a name and it is just not there. You try to remember what you committed to the day before and it is not there. I decided to stop chemotherapy for this reason and it took  me 4 months before my short term memory came back.” From that time on H decided to take Paw Paw instead seeing that it was 1 million times stronger than adriamyacin which a common chemotherapy drug. This is report  from Dr. Jerry McLaughlin who did the scientific research on Paw Paw for 20 years. H  also adjusted the foods he ate, eliminating grains, sugar, alcohol. To date H is happy to have his doctor tell him there is no further cancer advancement.
My comment here is why is everyone waiting to get diagnosed with a diseased condition before starting  a program? I know what the answer to this question is before I ask it. It costs too much money.  Well consider this quote when you think about the cost of money for your health.” If you don’t choose to spend your money on your health now, you will be forced to spend your money on your illness later.” I know you are telling me that all expenses are covered by Medicare. I suggest you ask a cancer patient from out of town and they will tell you how much money, time, emotion they had to spend on travelling, motels, food etc. while away from home. Then there is the time taken away from their jobs. Finally there is extreme stress, chemo brain and emotional upheavals of the diagnosis. Do you really want to choose this for you life???
Super Foods is the choice you need to make right now. These are not foods you can buy from a grocery store. And 1 scoop of Green Zone far outweighs the money you would spend on a whole bag of vegetables as far as nutrition is concerned. As a matter of fact you will be saving money and your health.
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