Saturday, January 3, 2015

From the Desk of Donna Roth BA BED MH January 2015 Happy New Year

From the Desk of Donna Roth BA BED MH   2015/Jan  250 764 2852
Happy New Year to Great Friends, Outstanding NSP Managers, and Loyal Clients.
I take this opportunity in this new year of 2015 to express my utmost appreciation to your continued support and loyalty to me as your leader in Herbal Health education, to Nature’s Sunshine and to the great movement of “Transforming the Health of Nations.” I know how hard you have worked throughout 2014 to make a difference in the lives of many that were struggling with health issues and could not see any other possibilities. I am so grateful that you took the courage to share with others what it is that you absolutely know about herbs and nutrition and how this reverses illness to health.  I know about the endless hours you have spent in educating others to understand that we are all created to heal. For this I express my gratitude. I know about your love for others and that you freely gave of your time and efforts without expecting anything in return. I express my love to you for your devoted commitment in changing lives. I know that many times you were not thanked, your knowledge was not appreciated and that you were even scoffed at, but you did not quit. I want you to know that your words are not futile even though at times they fell on deaf ears. I know how hard you are working on your own health and on the health of your loved ones. You are the example that others look towards and for this I express my heartfelt gratitude.
In 2015 I acknowledge all 60 Mangers in my Nature’s Sunshine line who have taken an active role in the leadership of transforming the health of nations. Thank you for making this choice and for your passion in this work. I want you to know that I am always available to assist you in your work in whatever capacity you choose and to help you reach your chosen goals and  success.
I especially want to thank the great TAFYH leaders in the field , Tina, Kathy, Lucy, Jan, Daniel, Gayle, Jasse. You have taken on teams of people to educate and to coach and to give them health and happiness. I want to thank the upcoming TAFYH leaders who are presently working on organizing  teams Mary, Grant, Jan, Kathy, Tina, Daniel. I see TAFYH as the way to health. The answers much sought after are all in TAFYH, Taking Action For Your Health. TAFYH is worth far more than any university education could offer you for your health. It is empowering. It is freedom!
I express my gratitude to the many TAFYH grads out in this world, those who have completed the 8 week course of action. TAFYH is now 2 years old and has about 120 grads. It is my vision to triple this in 2015. Our present day medical establishment is great for trauma care and accidents but it has taken a wrong turn in treating chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, MS, lupus, Parkinson’s etc. These diagnosed names are only a lack of nutrition to our bodies and that is where TAFYH comes into play. It teaches you what foods to avoid, what foods to eat, how to cleanse the bowels, the kidneys, the liver. It teaches you all about leaky gut, inflammation, blood cleansing, Candida, herbs for emergency , herbs for the brain, nervous system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, electrical system and cerebral spinal system. The TAFYH lessons are all backed by sound scientific research that I believe is all being ignored. Best of all it only takes 15 minutes out of your daily life and it is all done by telephone. Along with this you are encouraged to share this information with your family and friends who all benefit and it is only $350 plus the cost of your own personal herbal supplies. Nutrition is Nature and Nature heals. There is no other way. Check out TAFYH on and make it your New Year’s resolution to take on your own health. If you don’t where will you live?
Finally I want to end with a note of wisdom. The foods we are presently consuming are sorely lacking in nutrients. You simply cannot get all the nutrients your body requires for daily living by buying groceries from a store even if you purchase organic. It is wisdom to shop for some Super Foods at Nature’s Sunshine whose quality control is meticulous.  I have enclosed Green Zone and Nature’s Gold but there are others to choose from namely:
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, an outstanding mineral and tonic herb beverage
Collatrim Plus, a collagen powder to heal inner and outer skin and bones
Flax Hull Lignans, lignans from the hulls of flax seeds scientifically known to bind toxic estrogens.
Solstic Energy ,delicious and powerful antioxidant crystals added to water
Stixated, delicious herbal and chromium crystals to keep blood sugar levels in check
SynerProtein , a whole food powder with all essential 9 amino acids
Smart Meal , a whole food powder great for weight loss