Friday, February 13, 2015

Newsletter Feb. 2015

Newsletter Feb. 2015        From the Desk Of Donna Roth 1 250 764 2852

Announcements and News

News from my family
As many of you know my son, Devin, graduate from New England Conservatory , is a composer for the movie industry  in LA. Recently his trailer music composition was selected for the new upcoming movie, entitled, Noble. This movie will be released in this summer.  In December he composed music for the movie, Book of Life and the TV program , ELF. Thank you to the many people who offered their congratulations and support.
My daughter, Susan, was honoured to be chosen to play violin with her orchestra at Carnegie Hall in June, 2015.
We honor and support families and with this note we send love to you and to your family.

Paw Paw Teleconference Call
Monday evening I do a teleconference call on the Paw Paw program. This call is for everyone who wishes to understand how to prevent cancer or to overcome it if you are diagnosed with it. Please share this number with everyone you know.
Mondays at 5:45 pm Pacific time
1 760 569 7676 ( This is a US long distance number)

TAFYH ( Taking Action For Your Health)
Transforming the health of nations!
Action combined with education to give you health results never before achieved.
15 minutes a day 5 days a week via teleconference for 8 weeks.
Work with a team of 6 people
Daily accountability, commitments, and reports
Guided education
Action steps  that are easy to follow.
Very understandable with easy flow and common sense.
Daily 5 minute educational lesson backed by expertise, experience, and science
Education is coupled with quality controlled , best in the world products from Nature’s Sunshine,
Individualized consultations from your TAFYH leader.
Results are amazing.
Everyone loves TAFYH.
$375 + cost of the hi-value foods( way more nutritional value than juicing) and supplements
Knowledge + action= results
Choose to become a TAFYH leader upon your completion of TAFYH.
1 250 764 2852 or

Kidney Pain
One lady was in serious trouble when she came to see me. She described her pain as “kidney pain ”It was in the lower back area and very uncomfortable.  She immediately started the program that was suggested to her:
4 Cat’s Claw 3 times a day to get the lymphatics to move the waste debris out and to move out that infection.
One Day Kidney Flush with Lemon, Chlorophyll, K and Hydrangea. She repeated this cleanse for 4 days in a row with great results.  On the 4th day all pain and discomfort subsided.

Anxiety Attacks
One lady experienced severe anxiety attacks . She has discovered Zerenity and found out that if she takes 6 all at once the anxiety subsides quickly without the use of drugs. “ I love Zerenity.” Every day she takes  Mineral Chi Tonic and Solstic Energy. “ I feel amazing!” Today this same person has come on board to help others with their health. She had completed the qualifications for TAFYH and to this date she has now touched 4 people who have been able to overcome their heath issues; colitis, stress, arthritis, chronic gas and bloating.

Exam Anxiety
One 19 year old would really stress out at exam time and her Mother introduced her to Zerenity. Zerenity provides her with calmness ,concentration during her studies and good sleep.

TAFYH and Weight Loss
One man was quite overweight and needed the use of a cane for walking. The arthritis prevented him from walking and dancing which he loved to do. In taking 8 weeks out of his life to complete TAFYH with his instructor , Tina,  he dropped 30 pounds, threw away his cane and danced all night at the New Year’s Eve dance Dec.2015.

TAFYH and Yeast infections.
One lady suffered terrible yeast infections and had come to her wits end. She learned all about taking responsibility for her how health through TAFYH with Tina  and today her yeast infections are gone without the use of any drugs. She is delighted.

Root Canal Extraction
One man with a serious diagnosis knew it was critical to have his root canals extracted as the poisons from the infection leach into the blood stream and prevent healing from happening. It was difficult to make the decision that under no circumstances would he use antibiotics. He knew that antibiotics would flare up the cancer in the colon. He took Cat’s Claw 4 three times a day and on the day of his extraction he used small amounts of  SilverGuard in the mouth for 6 minutes and swallowed.  He repeated this procedure every hour for two days. The gums healed up with no infection.

Metastic Melanoma Gone Using the Paw Paw Program   : Bill’s Blog
August 2014In August of this year I was working at Eagle Bay a bible camp at Shuswap lake. I noticed under the left ear in my neck a lump, i thought it was a bad bug bite I didn't pay too much attention. 
Mid September I had a physical done and mentioned the lump. Concerned the doctor sent me for an X-ray which came back inconclusive.
An ultrasound was set up and after that a biopsy was taken from the lump. A week later the result came back malignant and further tests were set up. CT scan showed no other place with cancer. Thank you God.
However the doctor explained to my wife that this is an aggressive cancer in the lymph nodes called melanoma.We were both devastated and didn't know what to say or think.
More doctor appointments as well an appointment with the medical oncologist on October 24th.
Dr. H explained the different ways of treatment. He did another physical. I was told that I needed a PET scan in Vancouver and an appointment with the surgeon in Vancouver and then three weeks after the surgery I would be able to do the follow up with Dr H again in Vernon.
We were a little taken back and we're hoping for a less radical solution.
On Oct. 28 we received the final results and found out the name of the beast...... metastatic melanoma.
November 3, 2014 On Friday I started on the Paw Paw program. Rather then explaining it please check out the name Donna Roth from Kelowna.
Its a health herbal program which suggests not to eat dairy, grains, sugar or legumes, drink Smoothies, take Paw Paw and herbals and other supplements.Our kitchen looks like a pharmacy except with no drugs. Ken, a friend of ours went through a similar scare and with a combination of this program he came out on top with flying colours. 

Tomorrow I have a feeling some doctors want to talk to me in regards to my decision to postpone my surgery.Just to let you know I feel fine and have no pain I guess that the sneaky part of this disease it gives you a false sense of security. However on my no grains, dairy, sugar and legumes diet I lost 9lbs.
Nov. 4/14 My days are low key with a strict routine of taking my vitamins, special meals and 2 Smoothies a day.At this time we chose to delay the surgery due to the result of the Pet-scan which were very positive  The surgery may be a step we have to take at a later date.At this time I have taken no treatment like radiation.At this time I am staying with my diet of no sugar, grains, dairy and legumes and the Paw Paw vitamin program.

Nov 17/14 Stitches were removed today from the removal of a mole. The good news was it came back benign. Also the tumour seems to stay the same size which is good news.
Nov 26/`14  We had an explanation what may happen after the surgery.
Radiation will happen 5 weeks after the surgery depending on the pathology report( Radiation was not needed as the results all came back clean) The tumour isn't growing and I'm thankful for that, I have a good appetite, sleep well, stay with my diet and the Paw Paw program while waiting for surgery.
Dec. 13/14( Bill’s wife)  When we first heard the words, "Aggressive, incurable cancer our world did a massive loop-dee-loo and left us numb for 3 weeks."
With Bill being on this "Paw paw" program we have learned to eat a lot healthier even though I will not give up my 2 cups of coffee every a.m. Being in the kitchen has not been one of my ideal locations but I am finding it is very rewarding to be able to create meals that will help Bill to maintain his weight and stay healthy. We now have grass fed beef as our main meat and that is a challenge to cook properly and keep it tender. Tony and Noreen were our first guinea pigs as we had sirloin roast, cauliflower & broccoli with lemon pepper, baked kubacho squash in coconut oil and Himalayan salt, and for dessert butterscotch pudding made out of kubacho squash with coconut whipped cream topping, and sugar free Vanilla Biscotti. Very Exciting.
Dec. 31/14 ( Bill decided to have the surgery) Dr. M told us everything is healing fine. However I have very little range in my left arm and he said most likely a muscle or nerve has been cut or damaged during the surgery. He ordered physiotherapy and we hope that it will correct the range. 
If not I might have to add a couple strokes onto my golf score.
I'm still following my diet and my vitamin program, however today received a parcel from Holland with all kind of Dutch treats and I pray for willpower not to give in and if I do for forgiveness.
January 12/2014 During the surgery 49 lymph nodes were removed from the neck area. They were sent to a lab to be tested and checked and the results came back all clean. They could not find any cancer cells. I attribute my success to the Paw Paw program and Donna Roth’s education.
There are answers and the big answer is found in TAFYH. You will not be able to find what you need to know without TAFYH backed by pure science and expertise with over 30 years of experience. Contact Donna Roth 250 764 2852.
I urge you to take on your health. It is precious beyond measure. Your body is the vehicle you use 24/7 and if you don’t fuel it, it will break down. Today it is difficult to decide what fuel really drives our body. Nature’s Sunshine has some remarkable Hi-Value foods that no grocery store will ever provide for you. I am here to say that  it is way more profitable for you to purchase Green Zone from Nature’s Sunshine than any vegetables or fruits you can buy . It has been said many times before that today you would have to eat 10  tomatoes to get the same nutrient value that I tomato gave you in 1941 . You would have to eat 28 apples to get the same nutrient value 1 apple gave you in 1941!  Just taking 1 spoon full of Green Zone provides you with all that and more.
Do your body a favor today and every day and fuel up with 1 spoon full of Green Zone and 1 oz of Mineral Chi Tonic in a shaker bottle . Then add water, ice and Solstic. This is easy quick high dense fuel for your body as you run out the door!
Think of the trouble Bill could have saved if he knew this simple common sense tip!