Monday, May 4, 2015

Dr. Jay on Quality

Dr. Jay on Quality
 “ If you lose your health, you lose everything.” Dr. Jay
May you never know the disease you prevent.
If  you never have cancer it was worth every penny of it.
Metabolism is another word for energy.
No tissue in our body is more than 7 years old. We are meant to regenerate.
Just because bowels move does not mean you are detoxifying. Detoxifying means moving out the toxicants and that takes energy. We live in a toxic world.
The greatest practitioners in the world use NSP products.
Nature’s Sunshine products are the greatest products in the world.
600 different tests are preformed to ensure quality.
Nature’s Sunshine just purchased a Mass Spect 50 machine which is presently housed at their new Innovation and Research Center. This technology can take the cells of the human body with supplements added to it and it lights up the cells with energy.In other words if there are certain supplements added to this technology which do not light up the cells then such supplements are not worthy of consumption. All foods, all plants, all herbal formulas , all vitamin and mineral supplements can now be proven to be of high energy and of the best quality in the world. There are many other companies out there that tell you their products are the best quality. These are just words. If such a statement is spoken, Dr. Jay recommends that you ask them to prove it. What comfort it is to know that Nature’s Sunshine can prove their quality in a heart beat. There are only 2 Mass Spect 50 machines in the world. One is in Sweden and the other is at the Nature’s Sunshine head office.
Dr. Jay talked about the quality of our Silver products. There is a vibrational quality to Silver so he recommends that we get Silver into every orifice of our bodies so that Silver can come in contact with every pathogen that may possibly be lurking in your body. NSP Silver has a magnetic resonance and therefore is very valuable to cellular communication as it has the ability to clean out the pathogens, the viruses, the toxicants at the cell level so that cells are able to communicate. Silver takes all the stress off the immune system. NSP Silver is a nano silver particle embedded into the water molecule. It is so tiny it fits into the red blood cell. It has the frequency to destroy all kinds of pathogens. Never use it with salt. First thing in the morning Dr. Jay puts 1 oz of Silver into a gallon of water and drinks that all day.
Dr. Jay then talked about the oils. Oils are the life essence of plants. Tei Fu Oil is 10,000 years old. Dr. Jay learned from NAHA that oils presently on the market are not in their pure state. Here is the progression of oils as they move into the market. The Distiller distills the oils and these are then pure unadulterated oils. The Distiller then adds an additive such as propyl glygol or vanillin to dilute the oils. They are then sold to a broker who then cuts and dilutes the oils one more time. They are then sold to the distribution centers who sell their oils to the consumer. None of the oils in the market are authentic. Nature’s Sunshine decided to go straight to the distiller and therefore bypassed the brokers and has contracted the distillers to sell them the pure oils. Nature’s Sunshine then tests the finger prints of all these oils using 6 different machines to ensure the purity, potency and quality .These are then authentic oils. Your cellular walls are made of cholesterol and these cellular walls need to be protected. These pure oils added to the cells make the cells vibrate with energy. They actually make the cells sing. When cells are clean and they are communicating they then have the power to cleanse and to rebuild.
Regarding the quality of herbs Dr Jay said he visited his neighbour once who had all kinds of dried herbs hanging in her garden shed. He touched the herbs and they all pulverized in his hands. These , he said , have no energy in them. In order for herbs to have energy they must have a specific moisture level to become active. Such herbs then contain the essence of the plant for healing purposes. Someone may say their herbs have quality but are they guaranteed. Show me that you have the finger prints to every plant in your capsule. Prove it. 85% of all companies that sell herbs do not put their own label on it. Many of them are 50% sawdust. Nature’s Sunshine products are pure, potent and proven.
Our water is in crisis. Adding Chlorophyll to your water will add extra much needed nutrients to your body.
10% of your body is microbes. They live in you and the love fiber. They farm us as much as we farm them. We owe it to these healthy microbes to give them Psyllium Hulls or LoClo or Nature’s Harvest every day. Then add a Probiotic 11 , Acidophilus or Bifidophilus. Dr Jay said it is a good idea to alternate these.
In conclusion, Dr. Jay stated that Nature’s Sunshine quality have the cutiing edge technology and are proven to be the best in the world. I am sharing a quote from Diane who 23 years ago was diagnosed with MS. She knows they are of purest quality. Look at her results. I know they are of purest quality. My TAFYH results are “ too good to be true.” I plead with you to join us as we in Nature’s Sunshine have proven guaranteed quality.
“I know for a fact that you can heal naturally!  I was paralyzed from my head to my toes by Multiple Sclerosis & eventually learned how to naturally heal symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, CFS & Fibromyalgia, it changed my life; it's why I use that experience & training to help others.” Diane Maclaren.