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From the Desk of Donna Roth August 2012

From the Desk of Donna Roth  August 2012 
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It is August of 2012 and I have just returned from Washington, DC where I attended the Nature’s Sunshine TAC ( Top Achievers Club) trip. Not only was I the recipient of a wealth  of American history but also I was honored to be the recipient of two prestigious awards offered by Nature’s Sunshine. One award was the Top Sponsor for Canada and the second award which caught me totally by surprise was the Top Global Sponsor. Most often such an award would be deemed as presented  to that person who is actively out there signing up people as fast as can be just to get them in the door of an MLM company. But such is not the case in Nature’s Sunshine. I really had to ponder on how I became the recipient of such a prestigious award and how other people from global distances came to also receive their awards. The “how “ became very  clear to me when I looked at the list of names who I have sponsored into the Nature’s Sunshine company within the last 6 months. I did not approach even one of these people for the purpose of sponsoring them into a company. The opposite was true. Every single one of these people approached me because they had a serious health issue that they simply could not resolve with the present day orthodox methods. And I took it upon myself to help those in need. I made a difference to these very desperate people. The success stories on my site www.donnaroth.com speak for themselves. So it is with all Nature’s Sunshine distributors. We all sponsor people into this amazing company for one reason and that is to make a difference for their health and for their lives. “WE” make the difference . There is no other way by which health can be restored to a sick suffering body accept through energy by nutrition. Yet very few people understand this very simple concept. In this message once again I will explain what it is that we do to make a difference.  First we all need to understand the problems:
1.      Our plants’ abilities to pick up raw mineral elements from Mother Earth have been interfered with by present day agricultural practices. Consequently we are all MINERAL DEFICIENT.
2.      The present day foods and drugs we consume cause leaky gut . In other words those antibiotics that you are using to supposedly kill an infection are poking holes in your gut membrane so that proteins and foods before they are fully digested are leaking into the blood stream. The result is sticky blood and AMINO ACID DEFICIENCY! Those sugars and starches which you are well conditioned ( Dr Davis said  gliadins were specifically put into your grain products 40 years ago to increase your appetite.)  to eating on an every day basis feeds candida which grow hyphea roots that poke holes in your gut membrane to cause leaky gut. More undigested meat and food particles escape into the blood stream . The result is sticky blood and AMINO ACID DEFICIENCY !
3.      Sticky blood reduces the amount of oxygen flow to every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Now you are OXYGEN DEFICIENT !
Now that the problem is explained we move into solving the problem that causes ALL HEALTH ISSUES no matter what name was given to them during your diagnosis which you thought you had to have in order to solve your health problem. Just know to do this: Follow the ABC principles to health restoration.
A   Adapt a health conscious attitude. Activate your thought processes  to accepting a different direction to health. Scrap the old way of thinking which is dying out because it is not working and people are catching on. Adapt a new way of thinking! Recognize that you do not know what you do not know . Stop the resistance and activate a new approach to health. Here is the approach.
B    Build your body back to health by avoiding the sugars, grains and legumes , by eating meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and by drinking 2 high dense nutritious Shakes a day with :
Mineral Chi Tonic to counteract mineral deficiency and increase electrical charges
Collatrim Plus a bioavailable amino acid product to heal leaky gut
Aloe Vera juice to heal leaky gut and cleanse the blood
Solstic Energy to increase oxygen levels
Celtic Salt a pinch , an unprocessed mineral salt
Lemon juice to increase electrical charges
Berries to increase oxygen levels
Water and ice

C   Commit to your health and cleanse with:
 All Cell Detox for bowels and kidneys and cells
Cat’s Claw for your lymphatics
Chlorophyll to cleanse the blood

D    Direct your attention to any personal body system deficiencies you may have by completing the health analyzer  found on www.naturessunshine.com . This will help you to determine the one or two other herbal products you may need to further  benefit your health needs.

E     Enlighten your family and friends and encourage them to do the same. Get them on board the train of health success. Together we can all make a difference!
Exercise these health practises daily. Vision a world without cancer , without heart disease, without diabetes, without obesity !  Be the example.

F     Freedom   Make it a goal to bring people on board Health Freedom through Nature’s Sunshine and you can earn enough to finance your own personal health products then move to a 10% discount to a 20% discount to a 30% discount to NSP bonus cheques to free educational conventions to free trips to free car bonuses along with the greatest gifts of all and that is health freedom and financial freedom.

G      Get me involved. Get the word out ! I have been with Nature’s Sunshine for 30 years and I have built up a well researched sound educational system for your health. In other words I have become a reputable global herbal  health expert .  I have even written a book called Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury that has sold almost 4000 copies. To order a copy of this book or Mud Pies, a grain free, sugar free recipe book go to www.donnaroth.com  I can honestly say I know how health works and how healing works.  I understand Hering’s Law of Cure and the healing crisis. I am so excited about my discoveries concerning your health that I am willing to provide you with education, consultations, classes, group consultations, lunch hour fireside health chats, whatever it takes to get the word out.
H   The Hour is Now Procrastination never brought the gift of health to anyone. Why wait until you are diagnosed with cancer to take on your health.  And if you find it difficult to strictly obey the “no grain, no legume, no sugar “ principle than know it is okay to have a cheat day. When “cheat day” happens just know to counteract the consequences with 4 capsulses of  Colostrum which is scientifically documented  to clean out those  inflammatory residues lurking in your  blood stream.
Place your order today and include:
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , a must for missing minerals and electrolytes
Collatrim Plus, bioavailable amino acids
Aloe Vera Juice, to heal the leaky gut
Chlorophyll, to cleanse the blood and increase oxygen levels
Cat’s Claw , to keep those lymphatics fully functional
All Cell Detox to cleanse the bowels , kidneys, liver and cells
Colustrum , to neutralize toxic inflammatories
Solstic Energy , an antioxidant to increase oxygen levels
Herbals for direct attention to your personal body system . The Health Analyzer at www.naturessunshine will tell you what you personally need.

I can already hear the complaints about the cost of the products. I am here to ask you to make a choice. Either you spend  $10 a day on coffee, pop, alcohol, junk food, sugar which leads to diabetes obesity, cancer etc  or you trade these items for $10 a day on your nutrient needs as listed above which leads to health . I am here to tell you that your High Dense Nutritious Shake will taste even more delicious than the junk foods and the result is energy . Energy =Health.

I leave you with these profound thoughts of enduring health and happiness and ask that you not wait a minute longer but dial 1 800 265 9163 to place your order with Nature’s Sunshine or call me at 250 764 2852 .I look forward to having you on board the success of health and may you also make a difference in this world of sickness by spreading the word !

In Love and Respect,
Donna Roth