Monday, April 25, 2016

Saskatoon Event a Great Success

One lady, Gail , traveled at least 3 hours to be at this event. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.She had  2 chemotherapy sessions that made her very sick and at that point she made a decision that was life changing. She would never do another chemotherapy session ever again. She would find another way.That is when Gayle B , a TAFYH Grad, came into her life who taught her all about the Paw Paw program.She has followed it religiously since June of 2015  and she was there to tell me she has now lost 100 pounds and her severe depression is gone. She feels great. She is now in the process of helping her sister overcome cancer.I love these great stories.

Donna and her husband drove 4 hours to be at the Saskatoon event. Donna is a TAFYH grad. She was afflicted with asthma and high blood pressure for years and took medication for each of these problems. Donna was able to wean off the medications by following the TAFYH principles. She has been off asthma and high blood pressure medication for 3 years now. Donna was there as she needed reinforcement to stay on track.Here is Donna's exciting comment in June 2013.
"I am so happy to report that I did some cardio exercise today and made it through without using my inhaler!I had it tucked in my bra just in case and I was a little concerned but not even a hint of trouble! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Loving my breathing!"

Gayle and Wendy drove 4 hours to be at the Saskatoon event. Gayle is also a TAFYH Grad. She was instrumental in helping Gail ( story above)  in overcoming her very serious health problem. Here is Gayle's TAFYH comment as of June 2013.
"This program is really helping me to understand the source of these issues.  I am feeling so much better energetically,mentally and emotionally as a result of doing this program.  I know I always feel so much better when I am on purpose,or on track, I love to learn and I love to help others.  I am achieving all these goals as a result of taking this program. I am looking forward to my BSQ score of 10 or less."

Rose related her story regarding the blocked arteries she was diagnosed with many years ago where angioplasty was recommended.I loved Rose's response to that recommendation. She just said , No!" and looked for another solution.She discovered the Oral Chelation program initially starting with a similar product to MC. Then that product was discontinued so she discovered Nature's Sunshine and MC for the Oral Chelation program. She has used theseproducts for many years for prevention. She is on no blood pressure medications,no  beta blockers and no statin drugs.Rose is over 80 and she dances with her husband twice a week. They have a great time. Thank you Rose for sharing
your success story.

Rosella was there. Her brother is Ron Gdansky who wrote the book , Cancer Cause , Cure and Cover Up. It is this book that gave me the big Ahha that cancer starts from an injury and progresses to a fungal infection when there is a lack of nutrients and oxygen in the blood and the injured area is clogged up with toxic debris. It is inflammation that clogs up the injured area.If you can understand this you would come to know that you cannot cut out cancer. It must be cleaned out of the blood stream.Later on I came to know that cancer cannot live in a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F or
 37 C. In my program I work hard with all my clients so that they can raise their body temperature and clean out their blood. I have become the inflammation detective detecting all the poisons that may be a contributing factor to inflammation.Rosella also stated that her son is  cancer free and has been for about 5 years now. He also followed the Paw Paw program.

I loved Marilyn's talk on TAFYH. She stated that it was TAFYH that changed her attitude. She used to think there was no need for super foods and supplements. But she then realized that today's agricultural practices interfere with the plants' abilities to convert the elements from the earth to bio available minerals. She came to know that today you would have to eat 10 tomatoes to give you the same nutrient value 1 tomato gave you in 1941; scientifically documented.  She came to understand the importance of high quality super foods to give you the nutrients needed to sustain life and health. I loved her message;
" This could happen! Really!! We need to take responsibility." This message was repeated several times as she related stories of people who were dear to her heart and who sorely suffered needlessly due to medical errors. And she reiterated the statement: " This could happen! Really!! We need to take responsibility" She learned to take responsibility by doing TAFYH.

Please feel free to ask all questions and I am here to answer them for you. I have worked in the field of the nutritional arts for over 30 years and I have become an expert in this field. My book , Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury has sold over 5000 copies. I am here to serve you, to help you. This is my mission; transforming your health. TAFYH is now 3 years old with about 50 teams who have completed TAFYH. There are several TAFYH grads  in Canada whoare leaders of TAFYH and TAFYH is growing as people discover the formula of taking on their own health responsibly. In the
year 2015 I trained 7 naturopathic practitioners in Quebec in TAFYH and they are now leading their own TAFYH teams with amazing results. TAFYH has now been translated into the French language.

I invite you to do TAFYH,  learn its principles, take on your own health, help others to do the same and join me in the great movement of Transforming the Health of Nations. and

Every Monday unless otherwise stated I do teleconference calls on cancer , MS, Parkinson's , obesity, heart disease, diabetes. All of these diseased conditions are sorely lacking nutrition and they are inundated with toxic waste debris. Hear the solution.

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