Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stage 4 Cancer Throat Lymph Nodes

Ken's Success Story
Ken was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his throat lymph nodes in 2010.  We were devastated. We visited with the cancer agency and he was told he had a 50% chance of making it.  He was offered a chemo and radiation program to fight it.  We came home feeling really discouraged.  We decided to try an alternative approach while he was waiting for the Petscan.  We met with Donna Roth and Ken decided to follow the Paw Paw program, that being no sugar, no dairy, no grains/legumes, no alcohol and no coffee plus supplementation of the pawpaw herb as well as many additional nutrients that his body was lacking. We listened to every report by Dr Jerry McLaughlin and tried to understand how one’s body could heal itself. Ken also chose to do radiation treatment along with the pawpaw program. 
Ken followed a cancer free diet. From the many articles we have researched on cancer, the conclusion is that sugar feeds cancer, therefore get off the sugar and starve the cancer!  Secondly, grains have molds/ mildews which also contribute to immune system issues.  Wheat products promote the movement of sugar quickly throughout the body which also helps to feed the cancer.  Dairy is mucus forming and thus again plugs up and slows down the body functions plus it often contains sugar. He followed the Paleo diet which promotes lean,organic meats, organic vegetables and fruits.  This was not hard to follow as we are prairie people and we ate these foods daily. The hard part was no dairy and no grains. Ken had a daily chart he filled in for his pills and his calories.
He was told by various staff at the CA agency that they have never seen someone do as well as he has. We tried to share his program but no one was interested. We set up a site called Caringbridge where family and friends could read his blogs and comment back. It became a daily support for Ken and was very meaningful.

We would gladly share our suggestions to others but it is a huge commitment. It was a full time job for Ken and his wife Gayle to find the healthy foods, supplements, to keep track daily of his progress and to stay committed to the paw paw program which included huge supplementation and diet change.  Ken reached the five year cancer free mark this spring.  We are so thankful for the pawpaw program and it’s part in healing Ken’s cancer.  He claims that if he was given five choices of healing, he would do them all. He gives credit to the diet, the pawpaw program, the medical doctors, the love and prayers of family and friends and a strong will to survive.