Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Amarjit: Asthma Meds Gone Following the TAFYH

Amarjit's story: asthma meds are eliminated
It started with one spoken word to Donna during a final Q and A during a presentation in November: “Menopause”. She also responded with one word: “Candida”.  I wanted relief so I was in. As a teacher and mom, my life is busy so I was overwhelmed at taking on one more thing. However, my daughter Dhyan was struggling with an eating disorder and erratic mood swings. My husband Kulwant has a heart condition. I wanted to get out of it and Donna said, “you will never have enough time” and “imagine the difference you can make for your daughter and husband”. That was it, I was in.  So, I took it on because I committed daily during the 15 minute calls on my commute to work.  I was off the grains, bread, sugar, and most caffeine ( I still take green tea and the occasional coconut milk latte). I am also a committed vegetarian.
The changes in symptoms as per your BSQ
Your BSQ score changes
Start BQS Nov.25, 2015 Glandular=13     Nerves=9    Digestive=9
CompletionBQS Jan.14/15Glandular=6   Nerves=6    Digestive=2
Weight changes  started at 134lbs , dropped to 123lbs then back up to 126lbs.
Body temperature changes steadily improving …from 35.5 – 36.2C
Candida saliva test changes clearer
Energy levels improved
Attitude changes much more positive and calmer
Psychological changes the brain fog has lifted and there is much greater mental clarity. I feel like I’m seeing the world and my life with new awaken eyes.
Medication changes  significant reduction of asthma inhaler use (ventolin…needed only when I ate the wrong foods otherwise I am not relying on ventolin. Previous to TAFYH, I was using ventolin several times a day.
Other improvements I’ve noticed:
·        Sugar and salt cravings diminished significantly
·        Back pain significantly reduced…I haven’t needed physio in 2months
·        I am much more conscious about my eating. My emotional eating habits are in check (no longer relying on food to soothe my heartache or disappointment)
·        Hot flashes eliminated!
·        A general sense of control and well being for my own life…I feel like I can make a difference in my own life.