Sunday, July 31, 2016

No Monday Calls Until End of August

There will be no calls for the next 3 weeks or so as I am taking a recess in August.
You can listen to the past talks on podcast posted on .I am available to help you
if you connect with me at
I am away for part of August and I ask that you email me during that time if you need help. I am always
there to guide you and help you in your journey of health.

My husband and I are off to a Nature's Sunshine TAC trip to Ireland. I am so excited about this trip as I get
to rub shoulders with the most awesome like minded people in the world. These are people who have
a passion for transforming the health of nations as I do. We share ideas, have fun, and enjoy the sights
and spirit of Ireland. And to top it all off this trip is an all expense paid trip by Nature's Sunshine, the best
company in the whole world; a company who cares about quality, who understands Therapeutic Nutrition,
a company who employs the best scientists in the world to undertake clinical studies.
If you have a passion for health, if you are looking for a great business that will transform health then please
connect with me

Gratitude to you, TAFYH grads for your deligence in health and being the example of health to many others searching
for solutions not visibly evident in the present day world. Health is not appointments and presriptions.
Health is not keeping an eye on it. Health is not pain, worry and frustrations.
Health is peace of mind. Health is knowing that your body is created to heal! Health is knowing how to heal
your body. Health is beauty, empowerment, freedom and confidence. Health is taking a stand with that strong inner
How do we all achieve such a great gift of health? We do it all through Therapeutic Nutrition. Who out there
ever tells you that nutrition can be therapeutic? Nutrition always was and always will be therapeutic if you
know what nutrition is, if you address the sources of inflammation, if you take enough of the right kind of nutrition
and you take it long enough.
Thousands of people have discovered this very simple Law of Nature , have taken on the power of Therapeutic
Nutrition and have healed their own bodies from "no hope" diagnosed diseased conditions:
Paddy: MS
Baljit's Mom: breast cancer
Michael: kidney, prostate cancer
Bill: blood pressure, cholesterol,
Sharon: lost 30 pounds
Peter: bladder cancer
Werner: prostate cancer
Pearl: cervical cancer
Barry: lung cancer
Juanita: uterine cancer
Garry: throat cancer metasized lung cancer
Wes: C Diff, lymphatic cancer, liver disorder
Marvene: colitis
Amarjit: asthma
Melissa's little boy: ADD, ADHD
Diane: MS
Now I am not listing the names of thousands here but I think you get the picture.

If you happen to be diagnosed with the "no hope illness" and you do not know what to do then contact me,
sign up for TAFYH and learn how to take on your own health. Only you can overcome your own disease.
 Please don't let the "money issue" get in the way. You don't think twice about spending a thousand dollars when your
car breaks down but you hesitate to spend that amount on your sick body thinking that
maybe this is a waste of money. Why is my business so huge? Because people are getting
their health back and they refer others to my work because they want everyone to know how
to do this!
 Contact me and register for TAFYH get on the road to
successful health and love life the way it is meant to be.

Love and Gratitude,