Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nature’s Sunshine Convention 2016 in Calgary

Nature’s Sunshine Convention 2016 in Calgary
People are involved and passionate about making Nature’s Sunshine a common household name. Herewith I give you the names of some of the people who attended the NSP convention:
Michael no longer has prostate cancer and is so very grateful he discovered Nature’s Sunshine.
Diane has been MS symptom free for over 25 years after being in a wheel chair.
Phyll no longer has rheumatoid arthritis and her cancer is gone.
Bob was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in 2003 with a prognosis of no hope. He is alive and well .
Kathy has lost over 60 pounds using the Metabolic InForm program.
Lisa and Dave have both lost weight. They did the Gall Bladder Flush to dissolve and move the stones.
Dr. Jay overcame kidney cancer and discussed it at my private meeting.
Tina has lost over 50 pounds.
Charlie lost 50 pounds and is off the blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

Ria had problems with her urinary system with symptoms of frequent urination. She also had a serious knee problem with lots of pain. A knee surgery was scheduled. But Ria chose a different path. In April of 2015 Ria decided to take on the One Day Kidney Flush and to do it once a week. She did this flush every week for one year. The results were miraculous. The frequent urination has totally subsided and the knee pain is gone. The knee surgery was cancelled.
Ria also did the 3 Day Liver Cleanse and when she saw her acupuncturist it was reported to her that her liver was in perfect order.  The power of healing from herbs and nutrition is miraculous.
Dr. Jay:
It’s not alternative medicine if it works! It just works!
In the world we live in we have an epidemic !
The road to good health is paved with good intestines!
Herbs are energy. Herbs are information. Herbs are food.
With the 18,000 people I have seen in my practice the common saying was, “ I have no energy.”
“Energy Syndrome” comes from poor eating, obesity, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, inflammation.
Inflammation is the primary cause of all disease.” My job is to help you improve your quality of life.”
1 in 3 people today have Cardiometabolicsymdrome; prediabetes heart disease, dementia, faty liver, cancer, infertility. All of these people are on medications such as blood pressure , statins, metformin etc.
Genes+ Lifestyle + Diet+ Toxins = Cardiometabolic   Syndrome.
You have Cardiometabolic   Syndrome when the waist is more than 35 in. for women and 40 in. for  men, your blood pressure is more than 130/85 or you are on blood pressure medications.
The solution to Cardiometabolic   Syndrome is the clinically tested Metabolic InForm Starting Kit, a one month supply  which includes:
Pea Protein or Soy Protein , with added clinical phytosterols
Cardio tablets and Super Omega 3 and Super Vitamin and Mineral tablet
Berberine capsules  to lower blood sugar levels.
Probiotic 11 for gut health.
This entire above Kit is designed to Reset the gut, Repair the gut, Replenish the gut and Reverse Cardiometabolic   Syndrome.

“ No one else out there has a product just like this”. States Dr. Lamb.
Look after the gut and you look after serotonin levels in the brain, depression, dementia, diabetes, heart, obesity, liver problems, insulin resistance.
In the clinical study the following was noted: Insulin lowered by 30%, 21.5% fat mass reduction. Lower cholesterol, weight loss, normalized blood pressure.
One more new product introduced by Nature’s Sunshine is Essential Authentic  Oils.
Please attend the upcoming NSP events with Cindy Klement :
Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 6:30 pm , Kelowna , Ramada Inn
Friday, Nov. 18 at 6:30 pm, Burnaby , Holiday Inn Express , MetroTown.