Monday, March 13, 2017

Success Stories TAFYH Team 32 Completion Ceremony March 10/2017

Success Stories TAFYH Team 32  Completion Ceremony March 10/2017
Luciano: BSQ dropped from 68 to 14.
Sleeping better
Bowels move regularly
Lost 15 pounds
Sinuses are clear and I can breathe deeply
Mild case of vertigo is gone
Plugged and ringing ears –gone
Sleeping better
Washroom breaks are less frequent
Thinking is clear

Cindy: BSQ dropped 89 to 21
Low blood pressure is up to 104/64
Did the gallbladder flush and passed 8 dissolved stones about ½ inch in diameter
Body temperature increased from 36.4 to 37.4
Helped her husband with heart ; he had 7 bypassess
Now he is off all medications
Enlarged prostate had improved and no more trouble voiding.

Lynn BSQ  dropped from 117 to 74
Anxiety has decreased by 80%
No more fear and anxiety has reduced dramatically
Low blood pressure 90/60 is now consistently 104/70
Now can sleep 5 to 6 hours without waking up
Pain in the stomach is gone
Fast pulse of 90 to 100 is now normal
Pounding heart and palpitations are gone
Burning esophagus is gone
Dry mouth is gone
Dry cough is almost gone
More energy to do things.

Randall BSQ dropped from  66 to 52
Hip pain and arthritis is gone
Coughing is gone
Back and legs are stronger
Excruciating back pain is all gone
Absent mindedness is gone.
Feeling stronger and energy is up
Pain is all gone from the bladder area
Sarah BSQ dropped from 63 to 14
Congested sinuses and shortness  of breath is gone
Low blood pressure and headaches are gone
Allergy problems gone!  Searched for 20 years to find answer and I found it!
Extracted an infected root canal and used no antibiotics to clear it up.
Now I know I can be disease free.