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From the Desk of Donna Roth January 2018

 From the Desk of Donna Roth January 2018 250 764 2852
"Vaccines are safe and effective is a commonly heard phrase."Dr. Tenpenney explains this statement well. Vaccines when injected into the body create antibodies.  So in this sense they are effective. Of course vaccines create antibodies. Antibodies are created whenever there are a poisons in the blood that do not belong there. The immune system immediately kicks in to fight off the toxins. But being effective says Dr. Tenpenney does not mean they prevent you from getting sick. For example you can get a tetanus shot which creates antibodies in your blood and then you can end up with  tetanus or an autoimmune disease from the adjuvants such as mercury and aluminum present in all shots. Effective does not mean protection. Effective does not mean there are no dangerous poisons in the vaccines. Effective does not mean you will not get asthma, eczema, diabetes, autism seizures and do on from the vaccines. Dr. Tenpenney pleads for all of us to take responsibility and read the labels. People read the labels on their food products but never read the labels in the vaccines they inject into their bodies. Question your doctors. Stop being intimidated by an authority figure.
What can you do to clean out the blood once the blood has been exposed to the toxic debris from vaccines? You can take Heavy Metal Detox, MC , Super Oil and Mineral Chi Tonic. Do this program for  one month for every 10 years of your age. This  is called the Oral Chelation Program.. I love Laurence Smith who helped to design this program. At one time in his life Laurence was once a very sick man who suffered 2 heart attacks at the age of 37 years old. He turned to the Oral Chelation program and he explicitly explained that he did not get any results from this program until he took it for 5 months. What do people want when they start any herbal program? The want results now! And they quit just after about 3 months saying it didn’t work. This is a common saying. “ I tried it and it didn’t work for me.” The reality is that you didn’t do it. The fact is you just keep doing the program until it works!
Last week I talked to Gilbert. He is a farmer and I learn a lot from farmers. My Dad was once a farmer. Farmers work close to nature. They are observant. They understand Nature. They use common sense practices. Gilbert recently taught me something really profound regarding blood sugar. This is what he taught me. If your blood sugar is high and you take a drug then you notice that your blood sugar drops. Well, where does the sugar go when you take this pill. The sugar is not eliminated by your elimination channel with a drug as I thought it did. Gilbert taught me that it goes into the fat cells and that is where it is stored. Following the Laws of Nature we want to flush the sugar out. We do this by stopping to eat sugar foods, pastries, cookies etc , stopping to eat starches like grains, bread and potatoes, stopping alcohol, fruit juices, pop and so on. Then you want to flush the sugar out . This is where you can use the herbs Berberine taking one  with each meal and P14 two with each meal. Finally you can do the One Day Kidney Flush to flush it all out. Gilbert recommends a Refrac Meter to check the blood sugar of your urine. I haven’t tried it yet but once he sends one to me I plan to do just that. I know that sugar feeds cancer just as sugar feeds Candida. This is scientifically proven by Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 and he received a Nobel Prize for this work.
Last week I took time out to listen to a webinar by Steven Horne. It was excellent. He talked about the Law of the Simplest Case where you have a health problem to solve you need to boil it down to its simplest form. The example he quoted was this. When you have a cough and a fever ; this is the symptom ; it is not the disease. Something is irritating the body and the body is attempting to get rid of it by coughing it up or burning it up via the fever. The Law of the Simplest Case is not to treat the cough or the fever but to help the body to get rid of the internal poison in other words the irritant. Now what do you usually do when you have a cough or fever. You go to the doctor who diagnoses it and gives you a drug. You take the drug and it works! What just happened here? The drug interfered with your body’s natural process of getting rid of the waste debris. The drug stopped the process of cleaning out the poisons. What we really need to know is how a furnace works. The furnace takes in fuel and with air it burns the fuel to create heat energy. Then the waste debris that is formed from the burning process in the form of smoke is expelled through the chimney. Visualize what happens when you plug up that chimney? The smoke stays in the furnace clogging up the entire system so burning can no longer happen. Apply this to your body. What happens if you don’t give your body the fuel it needs to burn and create heat energy for you? What happens if you don’t give your body the air it needs for the oxidation process to create the heat energy? What happens if you do not eliminate your waste debris? I think you have the picture. Of course the answer is you get sick and you keep clogging up the elimination process with drugs. Finally you end up with a serious degenerative disease such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s and so on. Disease arises when you are not putting into your body the material needed to repair the tissues, or the material that you put into your body blocks the flow of life and clogs up the energy generating process or you are dictating toxic thoughts and toxic beliefs into your body that dilutes the vital energy.  Steven Horne says this, “The entire practice of medicine works against the principles of healing. Treating the symptom interferes with the body’s innate ability to heal.”
How can you help the body in its state of illness? You apply the ABC principles.
 A  Activate with Cat’s Claw to get the lymphatic system moving so all the poisons can move.
 B  Build Give your body therapeutic nutrition so it has fuel to create heat energy to heal
C  Cleanse your toxic waste debris. Use bowel herbs like LBS 11  and fiber like Psyllium Hulls, and drink water and Chlorophyll to flush the debris out through the kidneys.
Finally you must address the sources of inflammation. Identify where your poisons are coming from and clean then out. Everything is inflammation when it comes to chronic disease. This is where you can do one of 2 things:
Do TAFYH ; a course I designed that follows exactly the principles Steven is talking about. This is a brilliant course that not only gives you education but also gets you to take action as you get educated. I am now taking registrations for a new TAFYH team. One person from your family can register and teach the entire family. This is all for $377 plus the cost of the therapeutic super foods and herbs.
Have a consultation with me. This takes 1 ½ hour and the cost is $100.
It amazes me how many people will not spend $377 for a course that gives them life but they will spend money on material that blocks the health process ;donuts , coffee, junk food etc. There are consequences to your choices. I think about Gail who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did one chemo treatment and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 3 weeks the side effects were so bad. This is where she took responsibility and saved every penny to purchase the therapeutic nutrition she needed to overcome cancer. She did TAFYH and overcame her cancer and I think it took her 8 months. But I ask you, why wait until you have cancer to do a course that costs only $377 and gives you results? I am also reminded of Steven Horne who met 2 ladies that had completed a Nutrition course which took 4 years and cost thousands of dollars. The bottom line after the course is that they did not know how to put people on a therapeutic nutritional program. All that money and all that time gave them no practical knowledge.  TAFYH gives you all the tools you need to  organize your own therapeutic nutritional program that gives you results.
Michael is a TAFYH grad. He said he was skeptical about essential oils until he attended the Niagara Falls convention where he learned about Frankincense. In 2005 Michael broke his ankle in several different places and after many surgeries over 2 years he had it fused. As a result his ankle swells up and gives him pain and discomfort. So Michael decided to give Frankincense a try. Inot a roller bottle with Olive Oil he put 8 drops of Frankincense. He then rolled it on his leg. He noticed a difference within 5 minutes where the level of discomfort dropped from a 7 to a 2. But the biggest impact was the impact it had on his emotions and thoughts. He felt relaxed as if a big weight fell off. There was no more aching inside. HE now uses it regularly.
Donna is a TAFYH grad. She reported that she had been on antidepressants for 10 to 15 years. She was not even sure that they did anything for her. In doing TAFYH she learned of St. John’s Wort. She started using about 3 a day and noticed a huge difference. Now she uses it only on occasion. She also takes  Cat’s Claw and LBS11.