Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Success Stories March 2018

Roman: Serious deep dog bite healed in 4 days without antibiotics TAFYH GRAD
Russ: Serious dog bite healed in 4 days without antibiotics
From Kim: worked with a young 27 year old with Chrone's Disease with serious Candida problems. Within 1 year the bowels healed. TAFYH GRAD
Kim: infected root canal extracted and healed with Cat's Claw, SilverGuard and  Paw Paw without antibiotics
From Yvonne: Charla had a  nodule on the thyroid disappeared using Super Oil, Cat's Claw. Paw Paw for 8 a few months TAFYH GRAD
Jacquelyn: eye infection cleared up with SilverGuard sprayed in nose , ears and eyes. TAFYH GRAD
Jacquelyn: dry throat eased up with TeiFei Oil TAFYH GRAD
From Yvonne: worked with a lady who got Shingles and it cleared up within one week with HRP-C, RE-X, Cat's Claw, Pau D'Arco lotion TAFYH GRAD
Herlinda: Horrible flus continually , couldn't work, missed a lot of work over a couple of years. No work missed now for at least a year with Cat's Claw and Mineral Chi Tonic. " I look good and I feel healthy."
Nan: diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer's ; is off blood pressure meds, cholesterol lowering meds, does the smoothies and Focus ATN" My head is clearing up. I feel great. It's working." TAFYH GRAD
Amanda: cleared up dozens of gall bladder pebbles after doing the gall bladder cleanse. TAFYH GRAD
Brenda: Rosacea, burning fiery skin, inflamed , blistered cleared up with no grains and Cat's Claw , Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll " I swear by your products."
Delores: painful chest pains, low blood pressure, took 2 Utra Therm and  Emergency First Response Protocol and Cat's Claw, SilverGuard and Fankinsence; cleared up within a day TAFYH GRAD
From Val: a lady she worked with had a fast growing cancer on her leg, 2 months to live; did the Paw Paw protocal and by the time the surgeon got to her the cancer was gone! TAFYH GRAD
From Linda; a bed wetting problem cleared up with Cornsilk and Heavy Metal Detox