Sunday, September 30, 2018

Newsletter September 2018

Newsletter September Birthday Month
Today we have a growing population who are heading for a crisis of pain, disease, brain damage, autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease and so on because no one teaches you how to take responsibility for your own health. I love the words of Dr. Moskowitz who recently stated that: “a basic rethinking of our entire medical and scientific enterprise (has to take place) which will reaffirm health care as a human right rather than a commodity for sale………”
Do TAFYH; Taking Action For Your Health; registrations are opened for TAFYH team 45 to start next week 8:30 am. It runs every day 5 days a week for 2 months. This is a course I designed that follows the Laws of Nature. This is a brilliant course that not only gives you education but also gets you to take action as you get educated. One person from your family can register and you can teach the entire family. This is all for $377 plus the cost of the therapeutic super foods and herbs.
Monday night calls start at 5:45 pm PST. Dial 1 604 227 1018.
This year the guests were amazing:
Fran talked about congestive heart disease that her husband overcame.
Nan talked about overcoming Alzheimer’s.
Grant talked about healing his liver with LIV-C.
Roman talked about healing a dog bite using Silver Gel, Silver, Cat’s Claw
Donna talked about Creatinine levels dropped from a high of 105 to 72 and normal is 52 to 84.
GFR kidney filtration rate increased from 47 to 71; excellent kidney functions.
Dr. Joen talked about overcoming throat cancer using the Paw Paw program.
Judy talked about overcoming fatty liver disease.
Anne talked about overcoming fatty liver disease.
Marilene ND talked about children’s’ health
Diane talked about overcoming MS at age 19. She has been symptom free for 30 years.

Nature’ s Sunshine Western Tour
Kelowna with Cindy Klement on Thursday Nov. 15 at the Ramada Inn at 6:30 pm
Vancouver on Monday, Nov.12 at the Holiday Inn Express in Metro Town, Burnaby.
We are all here to transform the health of nations; to show others there is another way.
This is a movement in breaking the no-nutrition approach; the doctor/ drug /dogma cycle
It is imperative that guests attend this event.
Please register by signing the clipboard.
Please write down how many guests you can bring.

Lunch and Learn;
Thursday at 9 am for 15 minutes. Each week a different product is presented.
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9386 Access Code: 563-876-204

Pain I have a deep concern about the addiction issue so many people are experiencing in using various forms of addictive pain medication so today I want to address pain.
Pain happens when the blood is not able to circulate the oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. The affected area is swollen from the inflammation caused by an accumulation of toxic waste debris or poisons that the lymphatic system cannot dispose of fast enough.
Salt: The lymphatic fluids are salt water, so I suggest you add salt to your program. Use Himalayan salt
MC: Take 8 all at one time. It cleans out toxic poisons quite quickly. Open a capsule of Capsicum into water. add a pinch of salt and drink it down. Capsicum increases the body temperature and gets the blood to move.
Cat’s Claw Combination – This is a designer herbal formula with Echinacea and Astragalus that gets the lymphatic fluids moving if taken in high doses using about 16 a day. Astragalus has been shown to increase stem cell production in the blood. I have personally witnessed Cat’s Claw reduce a serious swelling from a bee sting within 24 hours. I have seen C-Diff come to a halt with Cat’s Claw and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic within 5 days when no other drug would touch it. I have seen Cat’s Claw kill staph, strep and all kinds of infections; kidney, bladder, throat, gum.
Curcumin — A primary therapeutic compound identified in the spice turmeric, curcumin has been shown in more than 50 clinical studies to have potent anti-inflammatory activity. Curcumin is hard to absorb so Nature’s Sunshine has designed it to include black pepper fruit extract to improve absorption. It is very safe, and you can take two every hour if you need to.
Evening primrose- This oil contains the fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid, which is useful for treating arthritic pain.
Normal Digestion vs Ideal Digestion
Normal digestion is assumed to have taken place as long as food is broken down into small enough particles to be absorbed into the blood from the intestines.
Ideal digestion only takes place when the chemistry of the digestion is able to convert the mineral energy released from the food to the frequency of the human tissue as the food encounters the digestive juices.
Health is ideal digestion where you need minerals; Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
Disease is a mineral deficiency.
The Magic Bullet Worked!
Quote Carol, “Here is the trap that many people fall into by not heeding to Nature. A man in his 60’s tried MC and after using it for 1 month said that he would not take it anymore because it wasn’t doing anything for him. However, what he did not acknowledge was that he did not have to get up to go to the bathroom at night after using MC for 1 month. His prostate started to work right, the swelling went down, and the bathroom trips subsided. So, he went off MC. Consequence was that the prostate began to swell, then he was diagnosed with cancer= surgery= a serious hospital infection=isolation for 3 weeks= antibiotics= intestinal tract infection= diapers= diabetes= a brain tumor. The result is that he died. Yet all this could have been prevented if he had stayed on MC!”
Pauline’s Story; Hip Pain Gone!
Pauline knew Nature’s Sunshine products and had used them sporadically from time to time.
But what she did not know was the power of the products when they are organized into a
In 2015 Pauline ended up with a severe pain in the hip. She was unable to walk to the beach.
She could not play with her grandchildren. She could not ski. She could not dress or tie her
shoes. There was pain during the day and there was pain at night. Sleep was terrible. Did
Pauline think that the Nature’s Sunshine products would help her. NOT! This was PAIN way beyond
simple herbs in her mind. So, she went for physiotherapy treatments until the physiotherapist stated
that there was no more he could do for her. And she used tubes upon tubes of Voltarin muscle rub.That made little difference. She then went to the pain clinic for Prolotherapy not for 1 treatment but for 8 treatments that cost $2000. No success! Then to the naturopathic doctor for more Prolotherapy with little success. In between times she did hot pads, then cold pads, then the TENS machine; more money! Next came the IMS acupuncture needles which cost $500 each treatment. Time went by and the pain persisted.
It is now 16 months later. Pauline is able to get dressed on her own and tie her shoes. But the pain continued. " My whole life was consumed by pain." Pain! Pain! Pain! Money! Money! Money! Pauline then enrolled in Blood Plasma treatments. Thousands of dollars later in May 2017 Pauline looked at the TAFYH program, a course which teaches your health, how to take responsibility, discovering your own sources of inflammation, how to detoxify your bowels, your kidneys, your liver, using quality trusted products for smoothies. This was a course that guided you how to take daily actions using Nature Sunshine super foods and herbals. Pauline was on board! Here are her words," Within 3 weeks there was a huge difference!  The pain level was minimal. "Pauline was ecstatic to the point of tears!
For 18 months she lived in pain and now 3 weeks into TAFYH and her pain is almost all gone! This was a miracle!
Pauline then enrolled in TAFYH the second time, November 2017 to keep her health on track. As I write this story Pauline has now decided to do TAFYH the third time round. TAFYH was so very impactful to her life that she wants to teach her family and friends.
Pauline’s Hip Pain Gone with TAFYH after 2 years of suffering and spending $1000’s
I want to share my thoughts regarding Pauline's story. Picture this scenario. Your car stops running. What would you immediately do? I would say you would check your fuel tank. Oops! It is empty. That car needs fuel to run. Not any old fuel will do either. It must be the right kind of fuel. You wouldn't put diesel in a gas-powered vehicle. Apply this analogy to Pauline's body. She never even thought about putting the right kind of fuel into her body. Her body needed high dense quality-controlled fuel.  Now that car also needs an oil change. Pauline never thought about a detoxification for her body. Picture your car totally breaking down! You would not even think twice about spending $900 on car repairs. But what do you do when it comes to your body breakdown! All of a sudden money becomes the variable that stops you from fixing your body. In your mind, it should be free. And to this thought I say this; Groceries from a grocery store are not free! Therefore, Super Foods that can fix your body cannot be free either. As a matter of fact, TAFYH can save your money. Think of the tens of thousands of dollars Pauline spent on fixing her body. TAFYH cost only $377 plus the cost of the supplements. And now she is able to play with her grandchildren and ski!
I urge you to take on your health. It is precious beyond measure. Your body is the vehicle you use 24/7 and if you don’t fuel it, it will break down. Today it is difficult to decide what fuel really drives our body. Nature’s Sunshine has some remarkable Hi-Value foods that no grocery store will ever provide for you. I am here to say that it is way more profitable for you to purchase Green Zone from Nature’s Sunshine than any vegetables or fruits you can buy. It has been said many times before that today you would have to eat 10 tomatoes to get the same nutrient value that I tomato gave you in 1941. You would have to eat 28 apples to get the same nutrient value 1 apple gave you in 1941!  Just taking 1 spoon full of Green Zone provides you with all that and more.
Do your body a favor today and every day and fuel up with 1 spoon full of Green Zone and 1 oz of Mineral Chi Tonic in a shaker bottle. Then add water, ice and Solstic. This is easy quick high dense fuel for your body as you run out the door!
Love and Gratitude,