Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dental Problems Resolved with No Antibiotics by Dr Teri ND

Last month I needed a tooth pulled. It had decayed under a bridge. The bridge was removed and tooth pulled. A bone graft was needed, then two implants. They have to drill into the jaw to place the implants. I had chosen zirconia implants as opposed to titanium implants.
After much research and listening to my gut instinct (and consulting with Donna Roth) I chose Zirconia implants over titanium.  I did not want any metal in my mouth. I had to travel 4 hours to find a dentist that had a holistic approach to dentistry. In my home town none of the dentists used zirconia. My own dentist patted my hand when I questioned his recommendation of titanium implants or dentures (full of metal). He reassured me that the medical system and dental society would never do anything to cause a problem in their patients. I questioned dental amalgam fillings, x-rays and root canals - he said my concerns were laughable! I reminded him that I was a Naturopathic Doctor.  The reason that he didn't do zirconia implants was that a) zirconia costs more than titanium, b) dentists need different training and different tools to place zirconia implants.
     All my naturopathic training and 30 years in practice - screamed to me - do not put metal in your mouth! After a two-hour surgery I was sent home with a prescription oral rinse and an antibiotic. Knowing that the antibiotic would destroy my microbiome and immune system - I decided not to take the antibiotic nor the prescription rinse.
I chose instead to follow my own instincts - I took Donna Roth's protocol - Silver Shield, Cat's Claw, Liquid Chlorophyll and Astragalus and of course Super Food smoothies.
 It was a painful week, Family wanted me to take the antibiotic - they were fearful that I would get an infection. Seeing me so uncomfortable they were concerned. I was taking several ounces of SilverGuard and Liquid Chlorophyll daily, drinking a super food smoothie, taking 4 Cat's Claw and 3 Astragalus every 2 hours. I was rinsing my mouth with SilverGuard and applying Silver Gel to my gums. At the one-week point - I was in a great deal of pain - I contacted Donna Roth for support - I certainly got that!  Donna encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing!
Now - almost two weeks later, my mouth has healed nicely, and I feel well.
 Thankyou Donna for your support, for your dedication to support and educate those that will listen - to find a better way to health. We don’t have to choose drugs!!