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From The Desk of Donna Roth September 30/2019

From The Desk of Donna Roth  September 30/2019
Success Story of Suspicious Blood Clot and Extreme Pain and Swelling in the Leg Sept/2019
Over a period of 3 weeks Donna’s right leg behind the knee became painful and this pain got worse and worse and just would not subside. It became so painful that Donna could not do any chores and she just could not handle it. So off to the doctor she went to find out what was causing the pain. The doctor examined the painful area and was suspicious that this was a blood clot. He then scheduled an ultrasound to happen 3 days later. Donna, being frantic, fearing that this could mean death,  then called me to explain her situation. I immediately recommended the Emergency Protocol. I have witnessed this protocol work for people experiencing a heart attack and coming through with flying colors, a suspicious stroke and it worked, chest pains and it worked. I have total confidence in the Laws of Nature When they are followed using high quality controlled herbal supplements using them in high doses and taking them long enough the symptoms will subside. Donna was on board and agreed to follow my suggested protocol.
MC 8 all at once with a glass of water and 2 opened capsules of Capsules
CoQ10 2
Repeat the capsicum and water 15 minutes later.
Repeat the Capsicum and water 15 minutes later.
Drink water with a tablespoon of Chlorophyll throughout the day.
Donna did the protocol on Wednesday night.
Donna did the protocol three times on Thursday
On Friday morning Donna woke up and the pain was almost all gone. However, she did the protocol once more on Friday morning. Then off to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound. To the doctor’s amazement there was no deep vein thrombosis, there was no blood clot, there was no swelling. Everything was totally fine! Donna was ecstatic! Her big reason for being so thankful was that she was scheduled to go on a cruise in about 2 weeks. Yahoo! She would not have to cancel her cruise. Donna’s words:
I feel elated!
I feel free!
My depression is gone!
It feels like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders.
She is now sharing her miracle story with her family , her children and her friends. She wants the world  to know that they also can be free. On an interesting side note the doctor was genuinely interested in the protocol she followed.
I love the words of Dr. Jay “If you lose your health, you lose everything.” and “May you never know the disease you prevent.”
Donna did not know if her painful leg was caused by a blood clot. But none of this matter. A diagnosis is not needed to do the simple Emergency Protocol.  Donna may have prevented a blood clot from happening. This is freedom!
Diabetes and Depression
It has been reported to me by Elaine whose Mother was suffering from diabetes that her insulin units have dropped from 43 units a day to 10 units a day, 3 anti-depressants were reduced to 1 and the blood pressure medications have been reduced. Elaine had her Mother eliminate grains and sugars and take Chi Mineral Toni, Chlorophyll and Cat’s Claw and over a period of about 8 months the results have been significant.
Emergency Protocol Used for a Punctured Thoracic Cavity
One person working hard to overcome stage 4 lung cancer had a bad experience when a biopsy needle punctured her thoracic cavity. The thoracic cavity is explained as follows:
The essential organs contained within the thoracic cavity are the lungs, the heart, part of the esophagus, the trachea, the thymus gland and the thoracic duct. There are lymph nodes within the thoracic cavity, as well as numerous blood vessels and nerves.
The thoracic cavity filled with fluid and breathing was labored. This was very frightening and to Emergency she went. Fluids were drained and she was given a pain drug. This person was not able to sleep because of the severe pain and breathing difficulty. This is when she called Donna Roth. In a situation where there is extreme pain, suspicions of a blood clot, heart attack or stroke the answer is to resort to the Emergency protocol as taught in TAFYH.
8 MC
2 CoQ10
Capsicum in water
Repeat 3 times a day She was happy to receive this advise and agreed to follow the protocol. . She also took 5 Hawthorn at least 3 times a day. After following the protocol for 2 days, great results were experienced. G woke up and realized that she only woke up once all night long. The pain had subsided, and she was breathing again. Her comments, I have my life back. G’s energy is back and she is working to overcome cancer. I love G’s determination, her vision, her absolute knowing that herbs are created for healing purposes.

Gall Bladder Stones Dissolved by Rachel
Last week Rachel reported how she worked with one person who was told that she had gallstones in her gall bladder and that surgery was necessary. This person then called upon
Rachel for her instructions on how to dissolve gallstones. The 3 day liver cleanse with 6 LIV-C , 6 Hydrangea and 9 Lecithin was taken, Then on the 4th day the gallbladder instructions were specifically followed. The 5th day and the 6 th day was a revelation to this person as she passed 100’s of dissolved gallstones. Wow to this great accomplishment! Rachel is a TAFYH grad.

Bee reported that she did the gallbladder flush the second time round and passed 40 dissolved gall stones. Her quote,” I never thought I would be so excited about passing gallstones!”

Weakened Heart Muscle Strengthened by Louise
Louise’s husband suffered a stroke about 2 years ago. He was told he had a weak heart muscle and was taking medication for his heart. The doctor told her husband that he would have to have a pacemaker put in. Louise however, started giving him smoothies with Chi Tonic, B12 Collatrim Plus, Magnesium, Flax Hull Lignans, Arginine Plus. Parsley and Celery from her garden.
Louise said her husband did not even know all the good things she was putting into his Smoothies. She also gave him CoQ10. Now it is a year later so you must know that Louise faithfully prepared those smoothies for her husband every day for one year. Just last week her husband came home with a big smile on his face, He had just returned from seeing his doctor and the doctor told him his heart muscle was very strong. He would not need a pacemaker. The doctor was shocked that there was such a big difference. But every test, the ultrasound, the ECG proved the heart was in great shape and that everything was perfect.

Extreme Stress and Anxiety Attack.
One person was experiencing extreme stress to the point of anxiety attack. This is the protocol she followed:
STR-C 4 all at one time
Zerenity 3 all at one time. She was desperate  and wanted immediate relief without using drugs. To her absolute delight it worked. Within 15 minutes she was feeling a whole lot better.

Zerenity is on special this month. Buy 4 for the price of 3 or 10% off for one.
Contains the patented Zembrin® botanical ingredient • Helps quickly ease nervousness and promotes feelings of relaxation and calm. • Non-drowsy. • NSP’s formula contains supporting nutrients not commonly found in other formulas. • Offers safe, non-habit-forming relief.

We all know someone with Stress? Do you know a parent pulling their hair out right this second?! Do you know a child that suffers daily with Panic disorders? Got a friend with PTSD? Hyperactivity? Asperger’s? ADD? OCD?  What about the Recovering Addict who is stressed from detoxing? Don't forget that hyper dog that needs calming! We deal daily with stresses. Quote Dr. Kathy Deane

Zerenity is based on 12 years of Research & Development
Most people are aware of the concept of selective serotonin re up take inhibition (SSRI) . For those of you who are not know, SSRI means the re-absorption (re-uptake) of the neurotransmitter serotonin is blocked and it is therefore forced   into the synaptic cleft.  Serotonin is the hormone that boosts mood.

The herb in Zerenity, Sceletium tortuosum, acts to release the blocked serotonin. Sceletium is also a PDE4 enzyme inhibitor. Certain enzymes constrict blood flow in the brain. The PDE4 enzyme inhibitor allows for easier vasodilation and blood flow which increases oxygen flow in the brain and body
The high serotonin re-uptake release combined with PDE4 inhibition allows one to experience a nice combination of stimulation and relaxation. At least three rigorous randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials have examined the effects of Zembrin® on the brain's responses to anxiety-provoking stimuli.  One study was published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.  In this study it was  found that a single dose of 25 mg Zembrin® had significant effects on the brain and its response to anxiety, primarily by being a PDE4 inhibitor.

True to form, NSP was not satisfied with simply putting Zembrin® in a capsule and selling it like most companies do. Instead they saw an opportunity for improvement with a synergistic combination with other substances. And they delivered--with a combination of Zembrin®, L-theanine, Magnesium, Zinc, and Thiamine.
The NSP Product has a inhibition of PDE4 that is 57% higher than everyone else's Zembrin® products--that simply use Zembrin® alone and NSP has a patent pending to  ensure that this formula will stay EXCLUSIVE to NSP .  Zembrin® has self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status in the US.

This fast-acting, non-drowsy formula that helps relieve nervousness, worry and tension associated with daily living, features Sceletium tortuosuma time-honored South African herb and key nutrients that replenish your body’s stress-coping reserves.   Zerenity targets feelings of anxiousness from multiple pathways. Designed to quickly calm your mind, this proprietary blend of natural ingredients helps boost your mood and reduce fatigue.  So what are the 5 ingredients? 
The 5 Key Ingredients are:
1.         Zembrin (Sceletium tortuosum extract)- harvested in South Africa and used by locals for centuries, this herb supports the nervous system as it facilitates feelings of calm and supports a positive mood. This standardized patented extract represents the full, unaltered phytochemical profile of the plant.
2.         L-Theanine -this unique amino acid increases the brains alpha wave activity, which seems to reduce occasional anxiety and encourage feelings of relaxation and calm without drowsiness. Studies have associated taking L-Theanine with improvements in both mental alertness and stress response.
3.         Thiamin -Deficiency of this important nutrient has been associated with decreased levels of GABA, a key Central Nervous System metabolite tied to many mood and anxiety disorders.
4.         Magnesium -Studies have shown that a diet deficient in magnesium can lead to increased anxiety and depression.
5.         Zinc -Supplementation with zinc has been shown to be significantly effective in reducing levels of both anger and depression.
Do You Want To
1.         Helps quickly ease anxiousness without drowsiness.
2.         Promotes a feeling of confidence and security?
3.         Improve your mood while helping to reduce fatigue?
4.         Have a safe, non-habit-forming relief?
Do You want to have a product that is 57% more potent than other products like it  AND has a 89% return success rate?