Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Las Vegas Tidbits

It is estimated that each person in America eats about 200 pounds of GMO foods per year.
All vaccines are GE in a lab. They don’t grow anywhere in Nature. They are all manmade behind close doors, in secret rooms using secret combinations. Never believe that any vaccine is safe and effective.
 Any science that says they are safe and effective are funded by the corporation or by some pharmaceutical company who have their own agenda and that is to sell their vaccines. And remember that at one time in history doctors said smoking cigarettes created healthy lungs!! And at one time science proved thalidomide given to pregnant women were safe. It was soon taken off the market when it was discovered that pregnant women taking Thalidomide gave birth to babies without limbs!

Cholesterol prevents depression. Low cholesterol under 160 mg is associated with increased risk of depression. What can we do to raise cholesterol? Take Super Omega 3 or Flax Seed Oil or Lecithin, Liver makes cholesterol so take LIV-C every day. And cleanse the heavy metals  and chemicals from your body.
I recommend the new UltraBiome DTX twice a day.
Statin drugs block the enzymes in your liver that are responsible for making cholesterol. They strip your brain and nerves from essential fats. There are 900 studies proving the adverse effects of statin drugs:
Chronic fatigue
Liver dysfunction
Thyroid dysfunction
Insulin resistance

From the Las Vegas convention
A new NA president Eddie Silcock
Goal is to have 50,000 new members by Dec of 2019
I encourage each person on this call to find 5 people to invite to the Dr Jay event.
You will then be eligible to receive a free Essential Oils kit from Natures Sunshine

Eddie made some profound announcements:
Nature’s Sunshine is now ISO certified, the only herb company in the whole world with ISO certification.
ISO is an independent auditing company that comes in to audit all manufacturing procedures and products and their quality testing.
Nature Sunshine has a USDA organic certified certificate.
Kosher certified

Nature’s Sunshine have formulated a new logo, new labels, new recyclable containers.
In December of 2019 Canada will receive their new website, new look, user friendly and easy to get the word out. It is our goal to create a lifestyle of health and wealth for those who have a passion to get the word out. Nature Sunshine has a history of fearless driven leaders who care about the health of this nation. But we need to teach them, we need to break firm strong hold dogma that some authority out there will give you health. You need to learn how to cure your own cancer, learn how to strengthen your own heart, you need to know what it is that nourishes your entire body. No one out there teaches you health. You are only taught to eat junk, take drugs and inject vaccines! How did we ever get to this point in our lives that no longer take heed to the Laws of nature, no longer eat foods from Mother Earth ,take prescription drugs ( they are prescription because they are dangerous)  and we have all given our own power of healing to white coat authorities?  We have all forgotten that our bodies are created to heal. But just like your Mercedes that sits in your driveway you are obligated to fuel it and you are obligated to fuel your body. And moreover you are responsible for changing the oil in that Mercedes and you are also responsible for cleaning the blood of all those heavy metals you are exposed to every day. All it takes is a conscious effort to cleanse. That is why I am so excited about the new Rejuvenail and UltraBiome products. They are designed to cleanse your heavy metals, raise your BT and restore a healthy intestinal system for you.